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  • How can we overcome the One Drop Rule so we can finally have our own Mixed-Race identity?

    The biggest hurdles of us who are actually and truly mixed-race (both parents are of a different ethnicity), how can we ever forge our own collective identity, if every time someone of mixed-race heritage (black/white) appears in the media, they are claimed by black people as being black, or are discussed by white people as being black. As a mixed person I have yet to meet one single other mixed person who is fully like one side or the other, so why are we all being forced into one racial category; but what I truly really want to know is, ***how can we forge our own identity that is neither black or white, if blacks people keep claiming us in the media, and white people keep seeing us as black?

    While the people in my life, both black people and white people all see me as "mixed", I've read many times that most whites in America actually see people that are mixed with black, as black, even though that has not been my personal experience as an adult (are times changing?).

    Finally, this is not an attack on all black people, just as this is not an attack on all white people. There are black and white people who give us the space and respect to be ourselves, while also show respect by acknowledging the mixed-race heritage of other people.

    In the meantime, what is the solution for the ones who don't, and how can we still move forward having our own mixed-race identity, despite the ODR behaviour of others, if this is possible?

    Thank you.

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