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  • there is a song that samples "Elena Kats-Chernin" from the lloyds advert - what is the song please?

    Its not the full original version, just a sample.


    2 AnswersOther - Music1 decade ago
  • Email diversion help!?

    I have used yahoo mail for years, but I now want to change to hotmail, without changing my Email address.

    Can anyone tell me how to autiomatically forward all emails from a Yahoo account to a hotmail one??

    2 AnswersOther - Computers1 decade ago
  • emplyment law.....?


    This a UK employment law question…..

    Does a UK employer have a legal obligation to provide transport home for staff from, for example, a Christmas party which is held away from work property, not in work time, and is where attendance is voluntary?


    14 AnswersLaw & Legal1 decade ago
  • D600 problem - apparently a known fault?

    Ive had my D600 about 18 months and never had a problem with it untill last week. The battery life is virtually nil, i can have it on charge all day at work (9hours), take it off charge at 4.10 and by 7 it is dead.

    I have read online that this is a known software fault whereby the phone fails to read the power level accuratly and so shuts down. Ive tried other batteries and nothing works.

    Im sending it back to claim against the warranty, but would like to know if anyone else has had the same problem.

    2 AnswersMobile Phones & Plans1 decade ago
  • Who sang "Desperado"?

    It was covered by Westlife, but I`d love to know who sang it originally please.

    17 AnswersOther - Music1 decade ago
  • Anyone placed an order with Tesco online today?

    Everytime I hit checkout it tells me my basket is empty - It bloody isnt, i just spent half an hour filling it!!

    Tried 3 times without success.

    Anyone else managed it?

    1 AnswerInternet1 decade ago
  • Do different drinks have different effects on you?

    For example, Lager makes me dance like a mad `un

    Vodka makes me violent- and i always pick on the biggest fella I can find!

    Alcopops make me sick.

    Wine gives me a corking hangover - but nothing else.

    14 AnswersBeer, Wine & Spirits1 decade ago
  • Do you think there should be a block/ignore function?

    Some ppl get their kicks reporting peopld (CherylB for example) and she is likely to get someone`s account stopped for no reason.

    I`d prefer to be able to block her from seeing, and answering my questions.

    What do you thinks?

    P.S I`m just using her as an example- what do u think to the idea in general.

    6 AnswersYahoo Answers1 decade ago
  • slimming world?

    i`m going for the first time tonight, my mate is coming too so we can support each other but we are both cacking ourselves!

    If you have been can you tell me what to expect.

    Dont bother with stupid answers, I will report you!

    5 AnswersDiet & Fitness1 decade ago
  • Ladies... Smear test - do you go willingly??

    I had my routine smear today, to me, its a non-event. It has to be done, its not painful, i have nothing to be embarrased or ashamed about. the nurse said afterwards that she wished everyone was as calm about it as me.

    How do you feel about your routine smear? Do you go at all? Do you feel embarrased?

    27 AnswersWomen's Health1 decade ago
  • Help with microsoft outlook 2007?

    On the old outlook i had it set to "hide" when minimised so an icon sat in the toolbar by the clock, similar to MSN or the like.

    I cannot find this option on the new Outlook2007 - anyone else have it or know how i can configure it?


    2 AnswersSoftware1 decade ago
  • How to light a BBQ.?

    lighting the bbq is normally the fellas job, but hes gone out and i`m hank marvin! by the time he gets home, lights it, cooks the food i`ll have wasted away so i`m gonna light it now - but i dont know how!

    Its it as simple as chucking the coal on and then a firelighter?

    9 AnswersOther - Food & Drink1 decade ago
  • Where can I learn geography?

    Im 24 and my geography is appauling. I want to learn about it for my own benefit, not bothered about a qualification or anything, just want to get clued up on it.

    Whats the best way?

    3 AnswersOther - Education1 decade ago
  • Will Visa be liable for damages after today`s episode?

    Incase you dont know, Visa`s entire systems have been down for most of the day meaning that Visa cards are being declined without reason. I work for an internet company, we have lost about £5,000 in sales today as we only accept Visa and Mastercard.

    Do you think companies will attempt to claim their loses back from Visa?

    5 AnswersLaw & Ethics1 decade ago
  • Data Protection Laws regarding payslips?

    My payslip has my name, address and National Insurance number printed on the front of it.

    These are either handed to us or left in the canteen for us to find for ourselves.

    I am sure that under the DPA, this should not be allowed?

    I`m normally pretty clued up on this sort of thing, but I`m not sure on this one. Anyone with a good knowledge of the DPA have any ideas?

    3 AnswersLaw & Ethics1 decade ago
  • This is a very long shot, but I`m looking for a band....?

    They arent signed, I think that they are just a pub and club act. They are called Sliver and I believe that they are from Doncaster. 3 piece band - 1 female lead vocals, a male keyboard player and a male drummer.

    Just seen them at my local and they were really good - all cover versions and stuff but they were very very good. Does anyone know wher I can find them online? I`ve tried Myspace and trawled through Google!!!

    If anyone can help at all I`d be grateful!

    5 AnswersMusic1 decade ago
  • On the Answers homepage?

    The list of Questions is the "popular" list, I have to click on the tab for the "recent" list.

    It always used to be "recent" by default, now its changed. How can I get it back??

    2 AnswersYahoo Answers1 decade ago
  • Daytime TV is crap!!!?

    I`m so bored, i think i`d rather be at work!

    Ive done my housework, done the Laundry, packed for my weekend away, bored of Answers, bored bored bored!

    Someone entertain me??


    2 AnswersPolls & Surveys1 decade ago
  • Does the Renault Clio come with Automatic gears?

    On some cars you get a manual version and a auto, i`m looking for an auto Renault clio.


    5 AnswersRenault1 decade ago
  • Do Virgin Trains have a wireless facility?

    So I can connect to the net on my laptop?

    10 AnswersRail1 decade ago