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  • What options do I have for financing a start-up business that was previously in business for over 16 years?

    Here is the scoop... I have been working for an auto repair shop for roughly 10 years and for the last five or so I have been the Assistant Manager as well as a Technician. My position consisted of selling of jobs, assisting in repairs and maintenance, and all the daily management procedures. I have been in the industry for over 16 years. The company I was working closed the door due to the owner wanting to retire, so I am very interested in reopening the doors and continuing to provide quality service to our existing as well as new potential customers. However, due to new ownership the bank I spoke to is treating it like a brand new business and therefore telling me they can't help me due to the lack of collateral. Originally they told me the new equipment I would install would be used as collateral. I don't understand why they didn't tell me this from the beginning before I spent all my free time putting together a business plan.

    Basically my question is, what are my options to get my business up and running? As for what I can bring to the table, my love and passion for cars along with my extreme care for my customers and my combined years of knowledge between myself and my team. So if there is anybody who can give me some ideas, they would be greatly appreciated. One thing I was debating was trying to work out a deal with the landlord of the property. Any thoughts? If you need details on anything just ask.

    Thanks a million to everybody in advance!!

    p.s. I do already have my LLC set up with my name if that makes any difference.

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  • How can I still get my vacation pay that I have earned if I quit before I get it?

    Basicaly, I have worked for a company for over 3 years and it is getting me nowhere. No raises, no advancement, nothing for my hard work. So I had to get a part time job as well to suppliment my income. However, I was offered the opportunity to become full time at my second job so I would like to take it because it will be a much better choice in many ways. Better pay overall; including overtime, profit sharing, regular raises, and advancement opportunities. The only downfall is I have vacation time coming to me and do not want to lose it. As of the first of the year it was available for me to take but I have time set this summer. The time off is not the issue being that my new employer is very flexible (another perk). The problem is getting the pay. The company tried telling another person who quick that they were not able to have it once they quit, but that person said he looked into it and found that they had to give to him because he earned it and followed proper procedure when giving his notice.

    So like I said if someone could help me not only understand this process but also figure out how to get what I deserve, that would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance!!! :):):)

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  • If a mortgage is in two peoples names, does it matter who actually makes the payments?

    My brother and I have a mortgage together. I have the monthly payments coming out of my account because I have direct deposit. We both check our credit occasionally to make sure everything is ok and noticed mine seems to be doing pretty good score wise but yet his does not. My question is, does it really matter who makes the payment even though the loan is in both our names? Or is there another reason why my credit score is moving up faster than his. We have owned (well been paying on) the house for over two years now. He has a credit card that he pays on regularly and has had for almost two years. I have one card that I have had for over three years and another I just got less than six months ago. I pay on them all the time too. He pays all the utilities (including cell phone, G&E, water, internet, etc.) even though the internet and cell are in my name. Can someone help us understand how this all works? If you need more details let me know.

    Thanks!!! :)

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  • Why would there be ways to save money only if you owe alot on either a home or credit cards?

    For example, I constantly see or hear ads offering to reduce interest or just plain cut the payments down for people who owe "at least" $125,000 or more on a home or if they have credit card debt of "at least" $100,000 or something like that. Now if "at least" some of the ideas are legit, then what about the people who owe $70,000 on a home or $900 on a credit card or whatever the case might be? Where are the deals for them? Why give deals to people who obviously were spending outside their means and new it and give nothing to the people who are just trying to survive a normal life with no extremes?

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  • Why do girls dress sexy and then get mad when guys check them out?

    I see it all the time. A girl will have tight pants on or a short skirt or shorts and a tight or low cut shirt, and be lookin all good and sexy and stuff, then when a guy looks at them like...'damn look at her,' she gets all pissy like the guy did something wrong. If you dress nice someone is going to notice. If you don't want all the attention, don't wear the attention gettin clothes...right?

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  • How do I understand her signs and what they mean, as far as to understand how she feels about me (in general)?

    I know some people may have asked this type of question before, maybe even myself, but what I am trying to figure out is...does she have any feelings for me?

    Let me start by saying I am 31 years old. So this has nothing to do with least I don't think it does.

    The detail...If I am talking to a girl and she laughs and smiles and we seem to have a good conversation, what signs should I look for to let me know if she likes me or if she is just having a good conversation? So many girls give mixed signals and are hard to read. That makes it confusing and that's why a lot of guys are too afraid to ask. Like me. My main problem (besides being too damn shy) is that when I think a girl likes me, I try to let her know and find that she either does not like me that way, or she has a boyfriend, or she is not looking to date at that time. So then my question to that is, why flirt, why act interested? And again maybe I am just reading them wrong and they are not acting interested. But that is why I am asking you, because I am not sure and am tired of making a fool of myself and waisting mine and her time. I know people say love will find you and just be patient but again I need help with recognizing the signs so I don't pass it up without realizing it.

    Thank you all in advance and please let me know if you need more detail or anything.

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  • How can I find my uncle who has been missing for almost 30 years?

    I was very small when my dad's only brother disappeared. He was born in Puerto Rico, then the family moved to Chicago, IL when he was a kid, then to Racine, WI where he grew up and got married and had at least two kids. I am not exactly sure when he went missing except the fact that he had a 2 year old son at the time who I am told is pretty close to my age (I am 31 years old now) and a daughter a few years older. I know there is a huge possibility that he is dead and I am willing to accept that. I would just like to know something. Where did he go? Why did he go? Something. When I search for his name, I find some possibilities that seem to match what I do know of him as far as name and possible location but in order to get more detail as far as DOB, current location, and whether or not he is still alive they want too much money. I don't have that kind of money to find out its not even who I was looking for. If I had a better way to find out more info before I spent all that money and had more reason to believe it was actually him it would be more worth it to pay something. Any help or info would be greatly appreciated.

    Oh and a little info on the situation:

    The last time he was seen, he was going around asking for money and I guess the next day or something he was gone. Also for some reason, still to this day, his family never bothered to look for him or at least never made it known that they did, if they did. I don't know if they are hiding something (for or against him) or not but something doesn't add up. My mom contacted a private detective about 10 or 15 years ago or so but he wanted over $2000 to help which she obviously does not have and neither do I. Otherwise I wouldn't be here right now.

    Again thank you all for reading this and trying to help.

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  • Why do I get emails saying I have matches to my saved searches when I don't have any saved searches at all?

    I keep getting emails from Yahoo Answers saying I have matches to my saved searches but yet I have no saved searches and the topics they are on are nothing I have ever searched for. I tried contacting Yahoo Answers but there doesn't seem to be any actual way to contact them. Can someone please help me with this? It just started happening within the last few weeks or so. Thanks!!!

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  • What are the pros and cons to becoming a Math or Tech Ed (Woodworking) teacher? And how would I go about it?

    Hi, I am considering becoming either a Math teacher or a Tech Ed teacher for wood construction. I love both subjects and love working with people and helping them feel better about themselves so I thought, just maybe, I could get into teaching one or the other. I think to be someone who can help a student realize that they can accomplish what they put there mind to would be great. I always hated when I had a teacher who was more of a dictator and did not help when needed. So I'd like a chance to change that. What I am not sure about is whether I would prefer the math or construction class. Also what grade level. Can someone let me know what would be a better choice and why? Obviously money is not the only thing important but it is important. Also what sort of benefits package would I have to look forward to? What kind of cost would I be expecting to pile up and time frame start to finish. I have never taken any classes or anything yet. This is still at the very beginning stages of the consideration process. So any and all info would be greatly appreciated.

    To sum it up:

    -- Math or Wood Construction teacher? Why?

    -- What grade level? Why?

    -- What steps to take?

    -- And overall good/bad things for me to keep in mind?

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  • How can I tell if a girl likes me and if she likes me for me?

    It seems as if most of the girls I have met ever either only want a guy with big money or flashy things and/or someone who drinks or smokes or... I used to drive a nice car and the ladies seemed to notice me. Now that I haven't driven it in a while, they don't even acknowledge me hardly. Also because I don't drink or smoke, people act as if I am some sort of strange person or something. When I do find someone who seems to notice me they either smoke or drink or has a bunch of kids or something. Now don't get me wrong I am open to some of that. If she drinks occasionally on a social basis, I can work with that. Just not going out all the time to party. Especially if I am never invited. If she either has a small child or has one on the way, I can work with that too. The main reason I prefer no kids to start with is because I don't want to be the next father to walk out on them if it don't work out. It's not the kids fault, so why put them through that. But like I said I am willing to give it a whirl. I have in the past and it was ok until me and her did not get along. Luckily the kids were only a year old so they really don't remember. Another reason is because I would like to have my own kids someday and if they already have kids sometimes they don't want anymore. That wouldn't be fair to me. Not trying to sound selfish but I think I should be allowed the same chance as they had to have my own. But one thing I am not even close to being as open to is smoking. Yuck! I can't stand smoking and it seems almost every girl I come across smokes. Not all but a huge number of them. If they keep it away from me and whatever children may or may not be in the picture and are willing to actually quit not just talk about it, then maybe I'd give her my attention. People say it is so hard to quit and that they have tried but yet I know so many who have just up and quit after many years and no problems. My grandpa quit about a year ago around his 85th birthday and he was smoking most of his life. He just one day decided he didn't want to do it anymore and just quit. Now he just pops a piece of hard candy instead. No worries there, he hasn't had teeth as long as I could remember. lol So anyway sorry for blabbering but any help would be appreciated. Thank you!! Have a great day.

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  • How do I ask a girl out without really knowing much about her yet? Like if she has a boyfriend or is married?

    Ok first of all let me say it has been way too long since I have been in a relationship of any kind. And I haven't had much luck since. But there is this girl who works for a place that my work does business with. She is only there once in a while because she has a full-time job besides. I think she is funny and cute and I would like to get to know her more but the only time I see her is the few times she is working and when I have to go into the place. When we talk she seems to be into the conversation and then I have to leave to get back to work. I want to ask for her phone number or something but don't know how to go about it being that I barely know her. How do I know if she is just being nice talking to me or she is possibly interested? When I call over there we talk too but would it be right to ask her over the phone? On that note, would it be weird to call her other job unannounced? I'm not sure if that would go over well. The last time I got a girls number we hit it off pretty good then when a guy I worked with saw us talking he jumped in the mix and she stopped talking to me like all of a sudden I wasn't good enough. The really messed up part about that situation was neither of them really liked each other. He just couldn't see someone "getting the girl" if he didn't. He was that kind of guy. And she was too shy too tell him no. Because later me and her became friends again and would talk and if she wouldn't have gotten pregnant they would not be together, is what she told me. So anyway, can someone help me with this please?

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  • What is the law on shaving hours in Wisconsin?

    Ok I have two examples: Let's say someone works over 40 hours in a week but the company only pays them for 40 and changes their time clock to show that they only worked 40. Is that legal and if not what can be done about it? Second example is pretty much the same idea just 36 hour limit instead of 40. They work more than 36 and sometimes more than 40 but yet only get paid for 36. How can a company get away with this?

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  • Why is my mortgage payment going up? The value of my house dropped but the taxes went up. Why?

    Ok what I'm trying to figure out is why when the value of my home dropped $6,000 my taxes went up just about $100. I have only owned the house since the middle of August 2009. In the statement I received, it says something about an escrow shortage and projected/allowable low point. What does all this mean? What can i do about this? and is there a way to get my taxes back down to where they should be? Or lower for that matter? I bought the house for $90k when it had an assessed value of $120k and appraised value of $100k. Now it was assessed at $114k What are my options? And if you need more info of if I am missing details you need to help answer properly put that in your answer and I will update. Thanks for your help.

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  • Do I replace my bathtub, refinish it, or put a liner over it? Also do I just put new tiles or shower walls?

    Hi and thank you for reading this. I bought a house recently and the bathroom was set up for taking baths not showers. Well as time has been going on and I have been taking showers the tiles on the walls around the tub have been falling off few at a time and exposing the wall underneath. They are plastic tiles which I don't care for anyway and was planning to remove. But I wasn't expecting it to happen this way. The tub is old and pink but otherwise in ok shape. I'm trying to decide whether to replace it or redo it or recover it or...? What would be the better way to go and why? Also if I did replace it what style tub should I go with? Some say steel and others say fiberglass. Another thing I was wondering is about the walls around the tub. Like I said it has plastic tiles now. What I was thinking about going with was a three piece shower wall setup. I was told that I should just put new tiles up but I don't want the same thing to happen again. What would you suggest. Also keep in mind I would like to do whatever would help add value to the house if possible. I also have a very limited budget of around $1000 all inclusive (tub, walls, faucet setup, drain, caulk, glue, some tools, and whatever else i may need). I know that is not much but it's what I got to work with. Thanks again and hope someone can help me out.

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  • Can someone help me get my escrow back from my former Landlord?

    Ok here's the deal. My brother and I rented a house for almost 4 1/2 years and when we signed the original lease it was a one year lease. After the first year the rent was to go up 5% and we were going to be on a month-to-month basis. Now that we decided to move because we bought a house, we are told we are not getting our escrow back because we owe back rent. According to the Landlord, the rent was supposed to go up 5% each year and he forgot to collect throughout our time being there. Also the year we moved in we had some plumbing issues and were told not to contact him (the Landlord) to call the maintenance guy only. So we did and he would never return our calls or show up for going on a week. So after multiple calls leaving messages saying we will hire a plumber, we had no choice but to get our plumbing working properly and decided to call a plumber (mind you it was the day before Thanksgiving) and were able to get one place to call us back. Unfortunately they were coming from about an hour or so away. They fixed the problem and we had to pay right then and there. So we put the receipt with the difference of the rent together and gave that to the Landlord. He says because he never authorized us to get it done he will not pay for it. So he is adding that to the total of what he says we owe. I feel that because nobody would fix it or at least call us back we are not responsible. Especially due to the fact that the reason we had the issue is because when the maintenance guy fixed a different problem with the plumbing he knocked some rust loose inside the pipes. We learned this from the Plumbers who fixed the new problem. My other comment/question is that the Landlord offered to sell us the house right before we told him we were leaving. And we did not move for another month and a half. So why did he not bother to mention this to us until we were gone for a month (2 1/2 months after we told him we were leaving)? What are my options? I don't want to get screwed from a Landlord again because I don't have all right tools. Thank you.

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  • What is the best and/or the quickest way to amend my taxes for the first time buyer $8000 home purchase credit?

    Hi my brother and I just bought our very first house last month and we were wondering what all of our options were with thew $8000 tax credit for first time buyers. We were told we could amend our 2008 taxes to claim it and they would send us each a check for $4000. First of all is this true and if so, what is best the way to go about this? Also how long does it take to get and is there a way to get it quicker? Not that we're being greedy or anything along those lines. It's just that we would like it as soon as possible so we can do some needed repairs and upgrades so we can move in sooner than later. Any help would be greatly appreciated. The more specific details the better. Also if you need more specifics from me to better answer, put that in your answer so I can add it. Thanks to everybody who participates in this community.

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  • Is it possible to have property taxes lowered when buying a foreclosed house?

    I am in the process of buying a house for the first time and I have been looking at some foreclosed houses to keep my cost down. Some of the houses I do have interest in, but the taxes seem a little high for the price range. My guess is that the taxes were based on the market value at the time it was assessed. But now that the market is low and it is being sold for much less, I was told that I could have it reassessed based on what I pay for it and have the taxes lowered. Is this true and if so how would I go about having that done?

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  • How do I add my avatar from my yahoo profile as my pic on here?

    Or anywhere else I want to add it for that matter?

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  • Is it legal for the seller to ask for more than one highest offer at once on a house without a counter offer?

    Extra detail - also is it legal for the seller's agent to act as if he is working for the buyer until offer is made, then inform buyer he is working for the seller? The day the original offer was given to seller, the agent contacted me to tell me they had three offers and wanted me to give my best offer so they could decide between the three. I never received a counter offer. Then when supposed to meet with agent, he called and said i could just give him my offer over the phone and he only needed a signature from one buyer rather than both. Can someone help me please? We really like the house and don't want to miss out but don't want to be scammed or ripped off. Thank you!

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