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Hiya... I live in beautiful & magical North Wales but I am not Welsh. I am a professional Hypnotist and writer. I love and respect all nature, and i do believe that even insects respond to a little love and respect. I am living proof that phobias can be cured. It is possible that you can comfortably accept the very thing that once paralyzed you with fear. As a child i was so afraid of spiders i wouldn't sleep in my bedroom if there was one on the bedroom wall. Nowadays, i can happily let a spider roam my bedroom. Have you ever looked, i mean really looked at a spider's web? A masterpiece and a shame to dust it away. So, yes there are one or two webs at my home. Watch out, all ye flies!

  • How long for herbal medicine to heal chronic skin conditions?

    Chronic skin conditions such as rashes, acne, rosacea, eczema, etc which have been present for a number of years.

    By herbal medicine, I'm referring to herbal tinctures or tablets that target the liver and skin, such as, Burdock, Dandelion, Milk Thistle, Nettle Leaf, Blue Flag, etc


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  • Am I Estrogen Dominant?

    I have been having hormonal hell for at least the last three years. My worse time is when I am ovulating. During ovulation i suffer badly with pelvic stiffness (not painful just feels stiff and achey around lower abdomen and lower back) digestive problems, heart palpitations and breathlessness, crashing fatigue (no energy for even the slightest thing) and nausea.

    could i have too much estrogen or not enough? I can ovulate more than once a month. S ometimes i menstruate once every six weeks or every two weeks. My cycle is going crazy lately. My diet is balanced very healthy, i exercise four times a week and i have a good balanced lifestyle but apparently not good balanced hormones!

    How can i get to know which hormone is out of balance and causing my symptoms? My Doctor won't test me. He says because the hormones change throughout the day the results would be inaccurate. So no clues and no support there!

    Thanks :-)

    Which hormones cause ovulation to occur?

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  • Probiotics - My Three Questions?

    1. What is an adequate CFU (colony forming units) that is sufficient to maintain good digestive health and treat suspected SIBO (Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth)?

    2. How many capsules to take per day if the Probiotic is between 4 and 10 billion cfu? Is it necessary to take above 4 billion cfu once a day, or is that level inadequate for these purposes?

    3. When is the best time of day to take the Probiotic:- in the morning, evening, before, with or after food (if before or after food then how long a gap should be left between taking the capsule and food)?

    Many thanks :-)

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  • Is this a supernatural experience?

    I know this may be defined as Sleep Paralysis but i wonder if the experience i have had several times over the last couple of years might be something supernatural.

    On all occasions, it is the same process and the same 'entity' (a dark human-shaped male entity with human arms and hands and head but no facial features visible). I seem to be asleep but i turn to look at the side of my bed and it is then that I see there is someone there beside me. This 'entity' climbs on top of me and with his hands presses me down into the bed so hard that i think i might actually go through the mattress. I am moving in my bed as i am fighting with all my might against this force, but i don't know if my eyes are open or closed but i can see this 'entity' and at the same time see my room.

    It happens about every six months and last night it happened again. I could hear the entity muttering and groaning the way a man does when he is aroused. At this point i tried to fight him off with such force i didn't know my own strength. The more i pushed him away the more he pushed me into the mattress. I had my right hand pushing against his shoulder and my left hand pushing at his groin. (No, i didn't feel any genitals but just felt a kind of bulge as if under a thick cloak) The struggle went on for what seemed minutes. I couldn't shout out at first but finally i won the struggle and the moment i managed to free myself from his grip, i was able to shout out. And of all the things to say, i said "Piss Off!" Lol. Afterwards, i lay there trying to recover from the fright and trying to resist the urge to fall back to sleep because i sensed he was trying to lull me back to sleep. But i was too tired to get out of bed and had to fight the desire to go back to sleep.

    I feel fine at the moment, no stress and am happier than i have been in ages. I try to avoid anything negative, (books, movies, people) and concentrate on positive things in life, though i am a sensitive person easily affected by negative stuff.

    Do you think these experiences are something as scientifically accepted as Sleep Paralysis or might it be a visitation from a spiritual source?

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  • What is the root cause of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)?

    Psychologists say it is an anxiety disorder. But is it that simple? Anxiety symptoms usually occur at a particular time for a particular reason and symptoms (commonly panic attacks, palpitation, fear) subside when the situation is resolved, whereas OCD symptoms are different (checking, counting, hygiene) and present and prolonged even without an apparent anxiety arising. I mean, what triggers the behaviour symptoms of OCD that occur either together or alternatively to the panic symptoms of general anxiety?

    What do you think it is that triggers the behaviour of obsessive thoughts and compulsions?


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  • Training To Become A Catholic Priest?

    Can a Man Who Is Training To Become A Roman Catholic Priest Have a Girlfriend?

    I know some Clerics are allowed marriage and children, but I don't think a Roman Catholic Priest is allowed to marry. But while they are going through the years of training, are they allowed to have relationships or are they expected to be celibate from the start?

    Thank you :-)

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  • How Many Episodes of a Screenplay for a TV Series do Film Agents want to see?

    I'm writing a Screenplay for TV Series. It will possibly end up being around 18 thirty minute episodes in total. I know according to most Agents' Submissions Policy that they want to see a CV and Synopsis in the first instance, and maybe a Brief Outline of all episodes. Do they usually want to read more than ONE FULL episode? If so, is it usually two, three or more? I would like to know in advance so as to present my best work within the early episodes. Unless Agents don't necessarily require episodes to be consecutive and they will read randomly

    I have written novels before but this is my first attempt at Screenplays so i don't have a clue about Submissions, and when i look on Agents websites to view their Submissions Policy, they give very little specific requirements.

    Thanks.for your help :-)

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  • what was the average weekly wage in England in the 1920s?

    I am writing a novel set between the years 1912 and 1929.

    Please tell me what is the average weekly wage paid to:

    a) a shop assistant and hotel maid between the years 1912 and 1929.

    b) a Lawyer

    c) a Doctor


    The average rent payable on a two bedroom terraced house in England from 1912 onward.

    ALSO how the currency is broken down, i.e shillings, sixpence and pounds and their value.


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  • Odometer Readings ~ Which reading is authentic?

    I recently purchased a 2007 Corsa Club with an odometer reading of 15,215 miles. When i asked the Trader to discount the high price, he told me he couldn't do that because the price reflected the low mileage of the vehicle. I guess 15000 miles is lower than average for a 3 year old car.

    The car has a Service History which shows over the last three years the mileage which corresponds near enough with the Odometer reading. However,yesterday i took a look at the MOT certificate (done August 2010) which shows a huge discrepancy with a recorded mileage of 50,200 miles!!!

    Which mileage do i take as accurate, and why do you think there is such a discrepancy between the reading on the Odometer and the one recorded on the MOT cert.??

    Is there any way i can tell if the Odometer has been tampered with? The car looks like a 3 year old car, good interior, although the tyres might look more worn that expected.

    Shall i return to the Trader and complain. But what will he do? When the car was transferred over to me, the sales document i signed mentioned something about the Trader not being responsible for the accuracy of the mileage. I asked him to verify the mileage but he said he is not obliged to do so.

    It's weird that a 3 year old car should have a mileage over 50,000. especially at the price i paid for it.

    Do i trust the Service History Printouts and the Odometer reading or the MOT Certificate reading?

    Thanks for your help :-)

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  • Do you drive a Vauxhall Corsa Club 1.4 automatic?

    I have been driving a Corsa GLS 1995 for over six years (little old faithful has lived on two farms and been totally ruined underneath due to the farm tracks... bless her!!)

    Now it's time for a change, but i fancy sticking with the Corsa. I have seen a 2007 Corsa Club 1.4 automatic and will be test driving it on Tuesday, but to back me up, i would appreciate hearing from other motorists who drive this car.

    Many thanks :-)

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  • Which Car? Japanese of British?

    I am due to change my Vauxhall Corsa. It sadly failed it's MOT last week and is due to go to the Great Scrap Car Heap in the Sky!. ;-(

    My first car was a Toyota and since then i have always driven a Vauxhall?

    I don't know whether to try a Toyota Yaris or Daihatsu Sirion. I have seen these two cars at my local Auto Sales Garage.

    Any experiences with either these two, or maybe i should stick with the Vauxhall Corsa?

    Thanks for your help. :-)

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  • WRITING A NOVEL what is the best method of backing up my work on my PC?

    I doubt a USB of 8GB would suffice for a 60, to 80,000 word novel. I am writing my book on my desktop which has sufficient hard drive, but even with anti-virus, my PC has gone down and i have lost everything on it. I want a good back up in case this happens again.

    I am saving my work to disc but it is 'read-only' and so i am unable to edit the work.(something i constantly do) so i want some back up system that allows me to edit my work as i go along as well as storing it safely. Are the portable hard drives liable to virus attacks just like desktops and laptops?

    Many thanks :-)

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  • How Many Words Make The Average Novel?

    I am writing a novel and not sure how many words to aim for. I don't expect my book will be as big as say, "Harry Potter", maybe around the same size as "Twilight", or smaller. What are publishers generally looking for as regards wordcount?

    Thanks :-)

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  • What does this mean.... "Less is More"?

    I have an idea, but can you please expand the meaning.

    Thank you :-)

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  • What to do next with our two baby rats?

    We decided to keep rats as pets and i must say they make wonderful little pets.

    But initially we were advised that having only one rat would make a better pet. Then later we were advised to the contrary and urged to get another rat-friend for him as rats like to live in pairs or groups and get lonely and depressed living as a single rat.

    We have had the first rat 5 weeks now and the second rat 3 weeks. We currently keep them in separate cages as the first, second and third 'introductions' have gone badly and resulted in some fighting.

    Each time the introductions have been made on neutral territory in the bath tub.

    We are not happy with the way things are developing or should say not developing between these two rats.

    Should we persist and keep putting them together for short periods in the bath tub and hope that the fighting stops OR is it time to think about finding another home for the younger rat. It seems the older rat is happy to make a friend but the younger one is very shy.

    At the moment i just cannot see these two sharing the same cage and we are not happy about keeping them in separate cages forever.


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  • What has caused my shower to breakdown?

    The last time the shower was being used it suddenly cut water flow and when i tried the start/stop button still nothing. The pull-cord fitting in the ceiling that powers the shower on/off was not lit up even when on the 'on' position.

    I called Mira who insures for my shower in the event of breakdown, and they said they would not come out to fix it as it sounds like a household electrical problem and not a problem with the shower unit.

    At the time the shower broke down, no other electric was affected. all the lights and other appliances on the same curcuit were fine. I later consulted a local electrician who didn't seem to know whether it was a fuse in the box or in the shower.???? He asked me to find out where the problem is and then to tell him?! I was rather hoping he would be able to tell me! what is a person to do when she can't get anyone out to fix her shower??? Please don't say have a bath instead. I like my shower! PLEASE HELP!

    What has caused the shower to stop working?

    Much appreciated.

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  • How do you introduce a baby rat to another young rat?

    We have a young rat (about 8-10 weeks old) and we want to find him a rat-friend. Will our rat easily accept another rat into his environment or will he feel threatened by it and try to kill it?

    The reason we started out with a single rat is because we were told by our local pet store that it is better to have only one rat as they will bond better with humans and make a better companion than if there were more rats around. The pet store owner had only one rat left from a litter and told us that he had been on his own in the store since before christmas. I didn't think pet stores would neither allow a rat to be alone nor even sell only one rat unless you have proof that you already own one!!

    I need advice whether we would be doing the right thing by introducing another rat, or is it too late and he would be better spending his life as the only rat. And is that really so bad for him? We are devoted to him and give him hours of love and attention every single day.


    We want what's best for our little rat and are wondering if it's too late to find him a rat friend.

    2 AnswersRodents1 decade ago
  • Is it easy to look after pet mice?

    Is it fun and rewarding to own pet mice or are they not very tame?

    What is their lifespan?

    Thank you.

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  • Baby Rat ... 6-8 weeks Old. Must he live with other rats?

    We have a new adddition to our family. A young Fancy Rat (black & white body with brown face) who was the last of the litter in our local pet store. I have read almost everywhere that rats must be together with at least another rat and they should not be alone. I queried this with the pet store owner and she said that is not necessarily true and rats make better friends with humans if they are the only rat. Plus she said that the baby rat we were buying has been on its own in the pet store since before christmas and so he is used to being alone now.

    I don't know which is true as i have come across many contradictory opinions on keeping pet rats.

    Also, i didn't expect our little rat to be so shy and nervous, as i believe they are very friendly and sociable creatures. Maybe it's just early days for him and he will gain confidence in us and his new home soon.

    Any pet rat advice and FACTS would be appreciated.


    Happy New Year 2010 !!!

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  • Feng Shui Question please?

    This is about images that are claimed to be good feng shui.

    1. What are the most favourable images(photos or paintings) and ornaments to have around the house according to the practice of Feng Shui?

    2. Why is it bad practice to display pictures or ornaments of dieties and angels in the bedroom?

    Much appreciation. Thank you.

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