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  • Is she lying about not liking him?

    My baby's father ex girlfriend keep posting online how she's been miserable with my baby's father, he keeps bothering her and she felt like she was going to kill herself being around him. She even mentions she deleted all of his pictures with their son. But not too long ago, she went out with him with THEIR son. Though, She did mention she likes attention from allot of men. It still doesn't make any sense to me. Then she mentions that she REPORTED him and I to the police plenty of times because he kept calling her phone and her mom threatening to kill them. (Which is true because the Private investigator called his phone saying she WANTED to press charges on him for harassing her. Is she lying about not liking him? She sound like she's unstable. 😑

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  • Why is he back talking to her?

    My baby's father is once again back communicating with his 1st baby's mother ABOUT the BABY and STILL including her taken pictures with him and THEIR son. I don't get it! He says he only want to be bothered with THEIR CHILD, BUT he's including HER in everything! 😤I'm so mad I don't know what to do. Then she'll say thing's like, "Why are u MAD when you chose him knowing he had a new born" trying to make me feel bad or something. She said she doesn't like him anymore and THAT she'll help us if we NEED help with our Kids. Which i DON'T need HER help! I'm just trying to figure OUT why is he still talking to her? 😡

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  • Is this my karma?

    My baby's father 1 year old SON is literally messing up my whole house. He LITERALLY poured out my daughter whole cans of milk and laughed about it. So, I sat him in the corner to clean it up.  I really don't know what to do. I'm going CRAZY! Ever since I TOLD his mom, "You're not getting your son back, he's been running away from me in stores, he doesn't want to play with me in the morning AND He says "mama" allot too as if he's going back to her. Is this my karma for telling his MOM she's not getting him back? I only had him for A MONTH (she had him for 18 months) and he's ALREADY driving ME CRAZY! 🤦

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  • Should I move on and forget about it?

    My boyfriend ex girlfriend keep posting online, "He's weak for letting a man talk about her son" and I'm weak for taken him back after knowing HE slept with her while I was pregnant BOTH this pregnancy and the last pregnancy. Then she message him saying, " You know we slept TOGETHER and now she's (me) watching her son". Like I don't know that ALREADY, I REALLY don't care. She keep telling me I'm stupid for being with him knowing he's cheating and that she felt bad for me so she stopped having sex with him while he's living in my House". I'm so depressed it's like I want to take her son back to her but i don't want him, my boyfriend going to her house to see him. Plus, she's NOT letting him inside her house anyways because she said, "you have a pregnant girlfriend. LEAVE me alone". So I'm gonna just raise HER SON and my 2 KIDS! Should I move on with my MAN and forget about what he did? I really want to but I might still fight her for sleeping with my MAN! 🤷

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  • Why does he keep bothering her?

    My baby's father keep texting his ex and HER mom saying, "why can't I come in your house" while I'm pregnant. He's also asking her mom, "who is she having sex with". Like dude, why does her business concern YOU when YOU left her for me? Every since I've been with him, he's been talking about HER every day for a whole year. Then SHE got online talking ABOUT, "I hope you get your man. Why does he keep bothering me". Which made me talk about her too calling her a stalker! Lol but anyway, I'm starting to THINK he's obsessed with her. Plus he told me NOT to let her see their kid anymore. That's my man so I'm doing what HE says! 🤷I asked why was he bothering her and HE said, " because I just don't like her". It's clear she's been out with other men EVEN HER MOM told him she moved on. Yet, he keep bothering them. He said he ONLY wanted THEIR SON but it seems he's worried about who she's with instead of the kids (my pregnancy, our 5 month old and his 1 year old with her) 

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  • Am I wrong or no?

    My baby's father and I are having another baby and he's texting his ex (which is his son mom) calling her names and also he texted her mom too calling her names. He knows I don't like his baby's mom so I told all of my friend's She's a stalker, is receiving Disability for her anxiety and HE recorded her waking their son from the market with bags of groceries. Lol she looks so homeless and PATHETIC! She SAID she isn't contacting him anymore about THEIR son anymore(he's with us) because she almost had a stroke thinking about him and said she doesn't TRUST ME around HER kid knowing I'm TALKING about her on Facebook. 🙄My baby's father knows I'm talking about her facebook. ...he doesn't like her neither! 🤷Am I wrong or no? I mean she did say she hoped my 5 month daughter die all because my baby's father kept playing on her family phone. 

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  • Should I just leave her alone?

    My baby's father texted my mom asking her who am I sleeping with like she knows my business. So she called me saying, "get your man before I cut you off for good" like she always threatening to cut me off if he's contacting her when she's the one who gave him HER NUMBER to talk about our kid. Smh I just don't understand! Should I just leave her alone? 

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  • Am I making myself look stupid?

    Right after I gave birth to my daughter, My baby's father left me in the house all this summer just to be with his ex girlfriend and their SON. I literally had to ask my family to baby sit her while I was at work! I wasn't even healed yet. My baby's father on the other hand, was hanging out with his ex, offering HER MOM money and food and also offering her money and food. (I seen it in his phone) then his ex will around and tell him to leave her alone because he's with me. 🤔now it's cold outside and I'm pregnant again watching THEIR SON. I also have OUR 5 month. I had HIM for almost a month!  Am I making myself look stupid for him? Smh he did tell me he wanted a woman who'll take care of him and his son.

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  • Is she wrong for trying to take him to court?

    My baby's father ex girlfriend called him all this morning saying, "I'm taking you to court for my son, because you took him from me" she sent the voice recording of her talking with the police and her WORKER! But he says THAT, "I don't care. She can take me to court". Not knowing THAT he's not paying child support or anything else. The only thing she's mad about is me saying, "I'm not taking this little boy (her son) to Wal-Mart with me ever again". Then my friend comment on it saying, "Put his little *** where the waters go at the bottom". She seen it and comment on it as well saying, "It sounds like my son is being abused". Which we were both JUST playing. Lol is she wrong for trying to get her son back? It's NOT like we're doing something to HER kid! We all love HIM! 😊

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  • Is he wrong for not saying anything?

    Every time I post something about my boyfriend ex girlfriend or HER SON on my Facebook, she comment on it. Like earlier, I wrote a status complaining about her son running away from me inside the stores. my friend comment on it saying, I should put HER son down at the bottom of the buggy when I put the waters at. Now she's saying to my boyfriend that he's weak for NOT checking my friend for talking about their son. Is he wrong for not checking him? I mean I'm pretty sure HE was playing around. 🙄

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  • She's mad. Should I keep telling him to ignore her?

    My baby's father ex is mad because we won't tell her about her son or what he's doing. He's with us, so we feel like we don't have to tell her anything. I know it's her son and all but I don't care! He definitely don't care. Now she's saying that god don't like ugly, we're going to rot in hell for kidnapping her son. Should I keep telling him to ignore her? I guess she's stressed out from worrying since she keep making video's saying, "I feel like I'm about to die without my baby" 😆

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  • She's thinking we're touching on her son. What is her problem?

    My baby's father ex keep texting him saying she think we're molesting her son and he's bold for not calling her or showing her pictures of their son. This girl have some issues. Because no one is touching on her son. Every time he's around us, he's always smiling. The only thing we did was throw her son stroller away and kept his clothes she bought at our house. Now she's saying we're PERVERTS and she doesn't trust me because I don't like her. (Which I don't like her) but I wouldn't take it out on her kid. What is her problem?

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  • Does THIS mean he still like her?

    When a guy talks badly about his ex, what does that mean? Does that means he still like her? Because my baby's father have been talking badly about his ex since last year (June) and the crazy part is, she keep making video's telling us to leave her alone and to stop worrying about her since I got who I wanted to be with/and keep getting pregnant by him knowing he's cheating. actually, I have told my whole family about her and we truly don't like HER!! 🤣

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  • What does this mean?

    When a guy talks badly about his ex, what does that mean? Does that means he still like her? Because my baby's father have been talking badly about his ex since last year (June) and the crazy part is, she keep making video's telling us to leave her alone and to stop worrying about her since I got who I wanted to be with/and keep getting pregnant by him knowing he's cheating. actually, I have told my whole family about her and we truly don't like HER!! 🤣

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  • My family wants to beat her up. Should I let them?

    My family want to beat my baby's father 1st baby mother *** because she talked about my baby and said she hope she dies. Then she turned around and said she was just going through post pardon depression and my baby's father KEEP messing with her while she's taken care of their son. But my family doesn't care about any of that! THEY still WANT to beat her ***. She thought she was doing something thinking we would turn our my baby's father... No, we turned on HER! N0w she's like, "so y'all mad at me because of your bad decisions in men"? You know he treats you like **** and YOU taken your frustrations out on ME like I picked him for you?! She also said, "you're probably a nice girl. But I told her to shut the **** up. she just don't know we're waiting for her to slip up. We're just waiting to catch her ***! My baby's father is good and our kids. . . we JUST don't LIKE his baby's mom. 🤷

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  • What could they be thinking about me?

    I've been watching my man 1 year old for almost 2 weeks now. he cheated on me with his baby's mother while I was pregnant. HE just slept with her again while I'm PREGNANT WITH this baby too. 😭Like what could he be thinking about me? Does he think I'm dumb for watching his 1 year old knowing he cheated on me with his 1st baby mother? I left my ex just to end up with a cheater! Smh

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  • Will he hate me?

    If my boyfriends SON found out I was telling his mom she wasn't seeing him anymore, talking about her on facebook to my family, and trying to fight her.. will he hate me? 🤔

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  • Is he playing me?

    I've been with my boyfriend for a year now and I'm just trying to figure out why his ex keep popping up in our conversations EVERY DAY! It seems like since I've been with him, I find myself talking about his ex more than him. Because that's ALL who he talks about. 🤔She told me they slept together but claims she doesn't want him. Then she showed me a video of HIM with another WOMAN kissing on her chest (they wasn't together anymore) but WE WERE! Now he has me watching HIS EX KID! While she's out having fun with other posting videos of MEN Kissing on her... I'm at home with 2 kid's PLUS I'm PREGNANT! It seems like he's giving HER a break but i have to suffer!?? He wasn't even with me during the summer. I had to ask my family to baby sit our new BORN while I went to BOTH of my jobs. Smh I'm pissed off! Is he playing me?

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