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  • My wife can be a right messy bastard! Someone help.?

    If I've told her once I've told her 1000 times, nothing seems to be working. I clean I cook you name it I do it. If I leave the cleaning to show her how messy it gets then it's more I've gotta do a day or 2 later. When I leave for work its tidy I get home and there is washing up to do, cloths on the floor, beds not been made, bin full, make up everywhere. I could go on all day. Someone help because this I can't stand this anymore.

    9 AnswersMarriage & Divorce7 years ago
  • renault clio starting problem.?

    I have a 51 plate renault clio 1.2 16v D4F petrol engine, and it won't start. There is no power getting to the starter motor. Its NOT the battery and its NOT the starter motor itself. as both have been replaced. when the key is turned in the ignition everything is normal except it does not activate the starter motor.i have tested everything by attaching a cable from the starter motor straight to the battery and it starts 1st time. so it is definitely not getting the power. i have checked the fuses and cleaned the crank shaft sensor, what ever it is, its in the ignition process before the starter motor. I've taken the guarding off from around the steering column to see if there is any loose wires but there are none... i know clios have these problems all the time so someone must have the answer PLEASE HELP ME!!! Thank you for reading.

    1 AnswerRenault8 years ago
  • Adrenaline levels during tattooing.?

    Im 28 and I recently sat two 3 hour tattoo sessions to start my sleeve, after both my body was pretty bummed out. I have another session of 6 hours booked to finish, but I'm thinking my adrenaline will take a massive hit and I will feel even more drained and tired after. Is there any foods and drink I can have to help replace the adrenaline my body has used?

    1 AnswerBiology9 years ago