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Hello, I am 21, Own a pet rat called Hershey and i am an artist. I am great at giving advice but i do have my times when i want to talk to real people instead of differnt google sites.

  • Grandulfs goes from grey to white. So how does brown fit in?

    Only watched the movies not had the gift to be able to read the books. I’ve been told a lot about the silmarillion. But is one some how assents to another power/plain then is brown higher, lower or in its own line???

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  • If you can fish a reef shark then can you fish a Great White? How you you fish for such an animal. Just curious.?

    Watching fishing for monster and I’ve seen all the shark films I can get my hands on. So is it possible to fish for a Great White Shark or are they just to big and strong to do such a thing?

    1 AnswerFish3 months ago
  • Baking with silicon? Any good?

    So I love baking cake and a friend recommended I get silicon cases instead of using metal. Ive never used this style of baking before, is there a trick to cooking with silicon? Do u have to turn up the oven a little bit more? Any advice as more companies now making silicone instead of old school metal.

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  • Anyone know a good book making site?

    I like to right my own children stories and want to out them make them into proper books. Nothing ti send to producers but something I cam shear with my family and children. Someone recommend doing it over sites which make the books for you I dont know any or any good ones.

    Can anyone recommend one to me please.

    Books & Authors5 years ago
  • What do you call someone who belives in many religions?

    I know of someone who dose not take any religion serious but takes snippets of them lightly, also celebrates events of different religions. Such as the solstice of Wiccan, Jack in the green of pagan. Christmas of Christian, vegan of Buddhist and selfworship of Satanism, ect ect.

    They go by them like guide lines and never go to church or things like that.

    I thought if theres such things as Googlism (look it up theres a church of Google), Jedi Catholic (yes you can look it up) and a name for those who belive in none, Atheist. Then there must be one who belives in many.

    Any help be appreciated.

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  • What DONT you feed a ferret.?

    Im thinking if getting a ferret but I cant find anybody giving a upfront list if food that can seriously harm or kill your ferret.

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  • How to make Slow cooker bread?

    heard that you can make home bread from a slow cooker. How it would be such a great thing for xmas.

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  • Slow cooker shredded beef/pork?

    I have a slow cooker and dont know how to make this dish. Anyone got some tips?

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  • Can you use your skylanders figurines on different consoles?

    I own a wii, my bf owns a xbox slim. we both have skylanders but can I use my figures on his xbox and the other way?

    1 AnswerOther - Games & Recreation7 years ago
  • how to make the perfect flapjack?

    Just cant get it right. it evar a mush or burnt how can u make the perfect flapjacks

    4 AnswersCooking & Recipes7 years ago
  • perfect cookies soft and warm?

    dont want to cheat and got loads of family big family party coming up when weathers nice n hot. need help!!

    3 AnswersCooking & Recipes7 years ago
  • the perfect brownies?

    Im love to bake but not done it in ages. my books are out of date (1930-50 passed down from nans)

    help please

    7 AnswersCooking & Recipes7 years ago
  • how to fatten up my rat?

    i have a 1 year old hooded pet rat called hershey. he turned 1 two weeks ago, i noticed he was getting a bit thin, he eats all his food and once a week has a few bit of tomato/cucumber or even rice crispys. i weighed him and he weighs 200g's. i read up that rats she be between 400 -800g and now super worried.

    he never had any problems before. and he is the only rat due to his brothers and sisters didnt interact with him because he did his own thing. and was told by the breeder he was way more independent then the others a d proferd to be doing his ow thing. i have him out all day more then 4 hours and he just sits on my lap or shoulder. he has toys but dosnt play with them. he very solitude but attached strong to me.

    please help me im so paranoid

    4 AnswersRodents7 years ago
  • what's the best type of folding bike?

    me and my partner are looking to get a folding bike as we dont want a massive normal bike taking space up in the flat. we be using it on and off road. whats the best brand.

    3 AnswersCycling7 years ago
  • mother think she perfect.?

    okey gonna try sums this whole thing. 

    so basicly. rick my bf mother badgerd him all his life to get a life. she kept getting breast cancer and kind of used that as an exscuss to be controlling and mean. Rick dosent have anything todo with his dad as rick beat him out of his life after his farther beated his mother up for the last time. Rick has a younger brother and for the last 5 years they were both told there farther is a monster and wad never aloud back.

    Rick meet me 8 months ago and i stay at his nearly everyday and payed my way tryed offering help but being denied it multipul time. at first me and his mum got on then she started to become seriously jelous of mine and ricks happyness and how his younger brother took to me very easly.

    4 months ago on the 15th of dec we told her we had plans of moving out in the new year and she hit the roof kicking him out. claming he was no son of hers and telling the police after ringing 999 that we attacked her, she also threatend to kill my pet rat and tried to get rick done for assult. he spent that night in a jail cell as she was checked over in hospital.

    4 months to this day and she has sent some horrid messegers over facebook to him making up more lies. rick was let out of the police with no evidence of force injuries and the hospital said she was in the clear. we found out she let the monster of a farther back into his younger brothers life only to let him screw round with his head making him sceared of rick.

    Rick yesterday 25th april meet up with his mum to see if she say sorry and patch it up. knowing she would denie every bit of what she say to rick if we confronted her about it we secretly recorded the convosation.In the whole 1:30 minutes of the talk she not once asked how are you son, talk about a way for him n his younger brother to meet and not once said sorry or thank you. She dominated the conversation about her, how she felt, how she hurt, and it was like she couldnt care what so ever of how rick was. She pick on my 3 year brother, lied about the night and said the police were wrong and so is the hospital.She denied so much and hated the fact when rick would put her right and back up me, my family and what was really done/said that night.Now rick is at a loss and not sure what to do. he knows he now has the full right to tell her to go away forever as he gave her an offer to say sorry and she meterphoricly spat on his hand.He just wants to see his brother whos 15 and has no idea what to do as he angry at his mother who now made it clear. she bealives she perfect and did no wrong.

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  • I have such dramatic mood swings.?

    Just before my period a few days prier I get mood swings that go from fits of crying to angry and I've even punched my SG3. My bf getting annoyed at me cause I'm loosing my temper over little things then just break down in tears. Its never been this bad even after having a loving romantic meal, no stress, watching fav film and still I lose. I dont know what to do.

    Me and my bf 7 months annivesry tomo and just want to find a nice cafe or restaurant and I'm flipping out over small things.

    any advice is helpful.

    sorry for spelling

    2 AnswersPsychology8 years ago
  • Is there anyone out there? ASD?

    Im 21, I am Asperges and live in the south east of the UK. There's no club's for young people with ASD, the only club for ASD is with people over 40. I feel so alone though I have an amazing boyfriend its just that tiny ASD part he don't get and it be nice to meet young people with it so they understand how panic attack and dealing with it at a young age.

    Is there anyone out my age with it?

    1 AnswerMental Health8 years ago
  • Trying to pick a dog.?

    me and my partner are trying to pick a nice small dog. we like to be able to pick up and sit on our laps. though i love toy/teacup dog my partner profers a littlw bigger. we've both been raised up with Jack Russels Terriers and though loving the breed they are waay to hypo and i have a 4 year old baby brother who understands how to treat dogs but we would be worried with a hypo dog round him.

    we like yorkies and cockers. but internet and research say house training is more harder as there stubbon dogs. we would get from a puppy age.

    we have had exsperience with a chihuahua which we resuced before which was hards due to the fact he hatted being by him self. he edventually went to a lady of a mannor and is better fed the queen.

    any advice or suggestions will be appeeciated.

    sorry for the spelling.

    10 AnswersDogs8 years ago
  • How to make fried chicken?

    ok me n bf are lossing weight but living few doors down to a fried chicken place make it hard. so i want to know how to make mine own which is healthy-er. seen so many ways to but which one works. i got a gas oven and olive oil. fresh boneless chicken and a pot of bread crums.

    any advice would be appreciated.

    sorry for the spelling.

    6 AnswersCooking & Recipes8 years ago
  • How to sync a wii fit bored?

    i just got wii fit n wii fit bored. it preown n has no manuel. ive tried pressing the red button on the bored then on the wii many times for n hour now n it not worked. ive tried holding the buttons not worked. any idea's.

    sorry for spelling

    3 AnswersNintendo Wii8 years ago