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  • Guy I met online canceled first date and hasn't rescheduled or messaged?

    I met this guy online and we really hit it off messaging. He was very flirty and seemed into me. He canceled our first date for a seemingly valid reason, but he did not reschedule. When I tried to, he said it would probably have to be after I got back from a trip. Since then, I haven't heard from him. Should I reach out or forget about him?

    2 AnswersSingles & Dating2 months ago
  • How much alcohol can a petite woman handle?

    I am 5'2" and weigh about 108 pounds. How much alcohol can I consume and not be drunk? No one in my family drinks, so I can't ask them. Like how many glasses of wine or cups of beer are going to make me likely feel drunk? I want to know my limits for when I am out with friends. Thanks!

    11 AnswersBeer, Wine & Spirits2 months ago
  • Glucose tolerance test results?

    I am not a diabetic, but I have been having symptoms of hypoglycemia. I had a 3 hour glucose tolerance test to see if that would give any answers. Here are the results:

    glucose, fasting: 75 mg/dL

    glucose, 1 hour: 51 mg/dL

    glucose 2 hour: 57 mg/dL

    glucose 3 hour: 44 mg/dL

    My doctor takes a while to call and discuss results, and I am anxious to get an interpretation. Any thoughts?

    1 AnswerDiabetes2 years ago
  • How to care for dyed blonde hair?

    So I'm naturally a dark brunette and recently got my hair dyed blonde. How can I take care of it and prevent it from losing its color. Also, how do I protect it when I go swimming? Thanks!!!

    5 AnswersHair3 years ago
  • How can I support and help my friend with OCD?

    My friend has severe OCD. Germs freak her out, and she has gotten to the point where she barely touches anything. She washes her hands so much that they dry up and bleed. She cries over little things that overwhelm her, like if someone sneezes. She seems miserable. She goes to therapy once a week and is on medication, but I don't think it is working. How can I be a good friend for her and support her during this hard time? She also has general anxiety and mild social anxiety. Thanks for any and all advice

    1 AnswerMental Health4 years ago
  • I just got my cartilage pierced and have some questions?

    So today I went to a piercing salon and got my cartilage pierced. Here are some questions I have:

    1) I have really long hair and when I was taking a shower, it kept getting tangled around the earring and pulling on it. Do y'all have any tips/advice on how to prevent this, or is it just a matter of being careful.

    2) Once my piercing is healed and I can change the earring, is there a certain type of earring I have to wear in it, or does anything work?

    3) How long will it be till I can wear my hair down and it won't hurt every time hair pulls on the earring post.


    2 AnswersOther - Skin & Body5 years ago
  • Do your parents use social media?

    I am taking an informal survey and need to know if your mom, dad, or guardian have social media. If they do, please say what kind they use(like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, etc...)


    5 AnswersPolls & Surveys5 years ago