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  • How come I keep dreaming of the same person? ?

    I did actually met this person a year ago and this person was flirting with me and we both left each other with un finished business. So now I keep having dreams of this person almost every single night. I am now even feeling this person’s energy when I wake up and when I am awake. 

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  • How come this girl teases me all the time at work? ?

    I have known this girl for so long and we are used to each other since we have known each other for over four years. Every time I try and talk to her she would be annoying and say stuff like mind your buisness or whenever I am working and doing something that my boss likes me doing she always has a comment to say every-time I am working and I always respond back with a funny saying since it is fun to mess with her. All the other boys and girls that work there she doesn't do that to them and she is not a shy person at all so she spends her time picking on me. She's actually one of my favorite person to work with at the store her and I get along really well except for the fact she likes to pick on me and sometimes call me a dummy or something like that. 

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  • How come this girl got all weird? ?

    Her and I did fun things together all the time and super fun and had all of our private beaches, went to concerts, bars ect. Then one year she started yelling at me, hitting me, started to ignore me, made excuses to not hang out with me and they were stupid excuses since I knew she didn’t want to hang out with me. She would start yelling on the top of her lungs while I was driving. She was really fun the first two years then she went down hill. I am graduating, have a full time job and successful. She doesn’t have those things and she doesn’t have a support system in her life.  She got rid of all her other friends as well not just me. She stopped talking to everybody. 

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  • How come every guy and girl that hits on me are scared to get my number? ?

    I have been getting hit on from all the guys at work and even girls outside of work that ill meet up with. A girl made eye connection with me last year wanted to hook up  but was to scared to admit it and guy a few days ago who is insanely attractive. 

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  • Do gay women hit on any girl? ?

    A few girls tried to hit on me like they wanted to hook up and had a eye connection but they do not know anything about me. They never met me until that moment. I know I am into men but I would like a little fun with any one. What did she know about me to make her want to hit on me 

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  • What should I do to get this person attention?

    This person was flirting with me last year and this person walked away but a few months later this person tweeted about our situation multiple times on how this person made a mistake. This person is shy when it comes to being with people especially when it comes to wanting a relationship or hook up. We are currently not speaking since this person has a lot of followers. I have tried tweeting to this person but nothing is working. What can I do? I really like this person and may have real feelings. Do you know what I can do or say to get this persons attention 

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  • Should everyone be getting paid the same at a part time job? ?

    My manager came up to me today since my boss is on vacation that everyone is getting paid the same and our hourly pay is going down $12 an hour the boy next me told me and him that. We I do not think it is fair that I am getting paid just as much as they are. I know my boss know I am hard worker and has given me a couple of raises before covid and a ton of tip money and no one else. Why would my manager come up to this kid and I. I mostly work on the floor and I am always doing something and the others are always on the phone and talking. I don't think it is right what do you think

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  • What do you think is going on with this? What is she trying to say?

    This women and I had an intense connection last year and we were starring into each others eyes for a couple of minutes and then we disappeared from each other. This women posted on her social media about our connection saying why do people keep disappearing from her and how attractive I am and then in her recent interview this is what the person said on another one of her interviews: I also have this feeling inside of me when I am attracted to a woman where I'm a little scared to hit on her because I don't want to be too aggressive or too scary or to make her feel the way that men make me feel when I'm hit on unsolicited, you know? I'm just looking for a genuine connection. I'm looking for genuine love. I'm looking for genuine respect.

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  • How come this girl has to be with her family every time she's with her boyfriend? ?

    This girl and her boyfriend have been dating for over three years now and they are really good together actually but the girls parents and the whole family have to be with her whenever she wants to be around her boyfriend. It seems like the girl can't come up with any fun ideas to do and her family has to put together all the social gatherings. The girl is like 23 and the guy is 24 and graduating college. The girl and the boyfriend don't do social groups or go at bar by themselves they have to be with the family or siblings. I'm seeing people on snapchat with there group of friends having a blast with no parents and living it up. How come the couple has to be with her family all the time and not be by themselves or with the boys family. 

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  • How come this person looks so happy on social media and not in real life? ?

    Every time this person keeps on posting something of her on her instagram she is always extremely happy and then people tell me when they are with her that she looks very sad and always in her phone not looking happy. She is a part of club and looks very sad and she doesn't participate in the activities and she's president of it. So how come she keeps saying she's going to live her life to the fullest and looks extremely happy in social media but in person she looks really sad and her clothes look like there from a $5 dollar store. She's 24 too. 

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  • How come this person had a problem with me? ?

    I stopped being friends with this one girl because she got really weird. We did really fun stuff together the first year I was with her then she got weird. She started hitting me, wanting no part of me like doing fun stuff. She did kept asking me to hang out but then kept on canceling on me that day. She didn’t even introduce me to her friends. I  have a part time and it’s also full time during busy hours and I do really well in school and I’m graduating soon. Her and her friends keep getting fired and failing and haven’t graduated yet. Her parents hated me and both of her parents got fired from there jobs as well. How come she had a problem with me? She is 24 years old and still trying to get her associates degree. 

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  • How come every boy at work wants my number? ?

    I am older than all of them and dress how the bosses want me to dress for the job like Nike shoes, jeans and a work shirt and do a little makeup some of the other girls don’t follow the rules. You be surprised in what they wear to the job.  How come they are so interested in me and what I am doing? I kinda keep telling them no I don’t date anyone I work with but they still ask and all of the boys are black and I’m white. Not being racist but just giving out detail. I’m 24 years old. There three years younger. 

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  • How come this person chooses to act this way? ?

    I decided to end the friendship with this person due to her extreme dangerous behavior and we don’t have the same career path and now she doesn’t seem to be doing anything with her life. She has recently quit her second job for no reason, she’s not hanging out with any friends, she’s lashing out at groups of people in rooms, she’s not participating in club activities and she’s a part of a club and not participating in it. She’s signing up for a sport called squash. I know she has a mental illness but how come she’s not wanting to be productive in her days. She’s also having other people do her homework for her that’s why she’s passing all of her classes and she’s not even trying. She’s 24 years old and not seem to wanting to care for herself and get help. She’s been telling everyone and even strangers how bad of a person I am. Do you know why she chooses to act this way? 

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  • How come this friend got me sick all the time? ?

    I have realized when ever I was with her all the time I was sick every other week and calling out work. I was so sick in September for two weeks. I have now stopped really hanging out with her in October and haven’t seen her since. I haven’t been sick once. She does have a mental illness and smells gross a lot. Her breath stinks really bad too and I think she farted in public once. Can a person really make you sick all the time by hang ing out with them. 

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  • How come people do not want to be around this person? ?

    I used to hang out with this person and I have realized she is too much drama for me and very negative and she always looks sad in her club at school. My mother calls her an irrational person and a lot of people at her school are starting to see that about her. So I have been saying no to her now and haven't hung out with her in weeks and she apparently has been trying to hang out with other people and they are coming up with excuses to not hang out with her except for one girl she apparently found. One girl messaged her on social media saying she is going through a break up and can meet with her eventually but she has to wait for that friend. She is also going talking to this other guy again that she thought was ugly and now she is trying to make plans with him all over again and he's saying no. How come people do not want to seem to hang out with her? 

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  • Do you think my friend is a friend stealer or user or both? ?

    So I recently told my friend I do not want to hang out with her really anymore since she is trouble. I have introduced some of my friends to her but not all of them and now she’s asking my friends that are in a group chat to drive her places. I choose the normal friends who have cars and a life and she chooses friends that keep getting fired from jobs and always complains how broke they are. For some reason everyone gushes over her and obsessed with her in the group chat and only focus on her but those people do not realize that she is trouble. Why is she doing this? 

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  • why does my friend want my attention ?

    I told my friend I do not want to hang out with her anymore since she is dangerous and I only want to meet in my town or at home where its safe since she is dangerous. So she did not like that idea so she decided to not text me for three weeks and now she's texting me again about going far places and driving her. She doesn't take no for an answer. it always has to be her side and I have been telling her that she needs serious help but she's not admitting it. Now she's texting my friends in the group chat that we are both in and tbh I do not really hang out with that group since I have a busy schedule but I can still see the text messages from all of them. Why is she texting my friends with red hearts and love emojis in the group chat where I can see it and I know that's not how she acts in real life. 

    Friends10 months ago
  • Why is my friend acting like this?

    so I decided to not really hang out with my friend anymore because she is trouble and dangerous and that she could get me into a terrible situation so I decided to not hang out with her anymore. She doesn't take no for an answer so she hasn't texted me in three weeks until I agreed with her that it was my fault that she was acting dangerous to me. So I told her I want to stay local with her and meet somewhere safe in my town but she said no. Now she's texting my friends in the group chat that I am in with them and so is she. Tbh I rarely hang out with that group. Why is she texting them on the group chat where I can see how she's acting? Why is she doing that? I could care less what that friend does I only have one day off and the way she treats me is the reason I could care less but she's still trying do stuff 

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  • Why is my friend still trying to reach out to me?

    I stopped talking to my friend because she is very negative and drained me and had a serious health problem and not getting help and not admitting she has a problem and she has been copy me at everything I do. So I stood up to her one day and said I am done driving you places and do not want to do it anymore. I blocked a lot of her social and number accounts and she is still trying to find her way to me. She won't even say I miss you she will attack me like calling me ugly or loser and more. Why is she wasting her time messaging me after I have told her many times no? 

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  • My friend keeps on bothering me? ?

    So I am not really allowed to hang out with this friend anymore because she was constantly hitting me and wouldn't stop and I called my mother and she heard it because I called my mother because this was the worst it ever gotten. She was putting her hands on me and was very aggressive and couldn't control herself; it looked like she had so much anger and was taking it out on me. It was nothing I have ever seen before. So I had told her over text message that I can't see her anymore and now she is still bugging me over text message and now snapchat saying it was my fault meanwhile she put her hands on me while I was driving. There is no reason for someone to put there hands on you. How come my friend doesn't understand that I do not want to see her anymore and she wants to go far places? She is still nonstop with the text messages about wanting to hang out and it nonstop. 

    Friends11 months ago