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  • Why is skim milk one of the ingredients in Land O Lakes Heavy Whipping Cream?

    I saw one of the ingredients was skim milk and was very disappointed. Isn't heavy whipping cream simply cream with preservatives? Since when are brands adding skim milk to what should just be cream? 

    Thanks in advance.

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  • All Jewish branches: What are your views on the plan of Hasidic Jews in Israel for The High Holy Days?

    I think it is ridiculous and they are just endangering people unnecessarily. There are thousands going on buses, thousands showering, thousands doing ritual baths, thousands eating and drinking, and thousands praying, all in close proximity to one another. It seems these people dont give a hoot about the coronavirus or people dying. They are hurting themselves and other people.

    I think the other sad thing is that only men will go on these so called room and board prayer retreats, and many won't see the women in their family in a couple of weeks. How is that enjoying The Holy Days with your family? It's just so sad and makes no sense. It breaks my heart.

    I am a Refirm Jew and have complete Jewish ancestry, so I am Jewish for any haters that my question ny Jewishness. 

    Shalom and an early Lahanah Tovah to all.

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  • Reform, Conservative, and Reconstructionist Jews: What is your view on The Torah being divine, The Oral Torah, and The Talmud?

    I am a proud Reform Jew with complete, 100 percent Jewish ancestry. I know a lot of Reform Jews, even some principles of Reform Judaism, state the Torah was not given by God and not divine. I don't believe that, though. I believe if you're going to practice something, it should be from something with divine words, from God, so we can be sure we are practicing the complete truth.

    As far as The Oral Torah is concerned, I believe it is divine because there are many things we need from it, such as kashrus slaughter and Jewish holiday and Shabbos information.

    However, in my humble opinion, I don't view written books of The Oral Torah as divine, such as The Talmud, I only view the Oral Version of The Oral Torah as divine. Thus, I believe there are divine ideas and facts in The Talmud, but not everything in it is true or divine, nor, as many Jews put it, do we have to listen or follow every rabbi.

    I think Kabbalah is fascinating and has divine facts and information, but again, just like Midrash and Talmud, I don't view it as divine as a whole or complete sense since it was written by men, and also in later years.

    As far as Torah commentary is concerned, I think it is necessary sometimes to understand what Torah is saying, but I don't believe only one commentator is acceptable. I also don't believe the words of commentators are divine, after all, they are simply words of men with Torah references. Thus, some things they say are not going to be true, even Rashi. Shalom

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  • Reform Jews: Where is a good source online where I can study and learn Torah from a Reform rabbi?

    As a Reform Jew, I want to study Torah and learn Torah from someone Reform. I don't want to study with anyone from places like Chabad or Partners in Torah because the rabbis there have one common goal: to make me orthodox. I don't want orthodoxy shoved down my throat, and I want to study with a rabbi as Jew that shares common beliefs with me. I think studying with a Reform rabbi would be most spiritual and beneficial to me because I share a lot of the same morals and faith principles as Reform rabbis.

    I really mean personal, one on one study often, at least weekly. I don't mean those personal zoom or other video sessions with many people. A real study session, just me and the rabbi, where I can ask questions and get answers right away while studying and discussing what we study.

    For Orthodox Jews who want to just spread judgement and hate or criticize Reform Jewish beliefs, this question Is Not for you. Again, I only am interested in Reform rabbis teaching me Torah.

    Thanks in advance. Shalom.

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  • All religions welcome to answer: What is your view on Orthodox Jews not heeding to warnings to not pray in public and gather to worship?

    I can sort of understand now praying in public since restrictions are being uplifted and covid cases are going down. But people are ignoring mask orders when gathering to pray. I should also note the orthodox Jewish people were the last to close public worship at the beginning of the pandemic and didn't heed to warnings they knew of.

    Many orthodox Jews say, God will protect us from evil and answer our prayers. But what many orthodox dont realize is that God is not going to want to protect someone as much when they are jeopardizing the safety and lives of others.

    To me it's silly how some people are just blaintently ignoring important warnings. It's even more sad in my opinion that many think public prayer is the only option during dangerous times.

    Thoughts? Opinions? Input? Thanks in advance.

    To clear up confusion btw, I am a Reform Jew with complete Jewish ancestry. I in no way judge or hate anyone, I say this all out of love and some curiosity. Thank you.

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  • Why does it seem like I need to make my coffee a lot stronger to taste right?

    Even with whole bean coffee ground fresh, I find this is the case. It often recommends like a heaping tablespoon per cup or so, and I often add like 6 or 7 super heaping tablespoons, as much as the big sized personal spoon will hold.

    I have heard that modern day coffee makers don't heat up the water hot enough, causing a weak cup of coffee. Could this be the reason since I use a standard Mr Coffee coffeemaker? Or am I doing something else wrong? I have a clean coffeemaker that I just got, so that cant be the problem. Maybe I just like really strong coffee.

    Thanks in advance.

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  • Orthodox Jews: Why are so many, not all, Orthodox people inflexible in observance?

    I don't mean this in an offensive way, and I am saying this out of love. You have orthodox shuls not heeding to warnings, being the last to close in the beginning of covid and the first ones to open more recently. All while orthodox Jews say it is halachicly acceptable to pray at home. You have orthodox who give kashrus food for holidays to less observant Jews, the secular Jews buy treif food during the holiday, then that person or rabbi wants their money back. This happened with me and one orthodox rabbi. You have little accomations for people with disabilities, such as ramps around shuls and going up the bima, and often dont call disabled individuals or people noticeably different up to the bima. You have ridiculous rules where if a boy and a girl date, they are kicked out of school. That may be against halacha, but depriving someone of a Jewish education for that is foolish and makes no sense. Not to mention women are very often discouraged from going to shul on a consistent basis, including shabbos. Dont even get me started how there are fixed psalms and korbanos in prayer, no reason why things such as this can be shortened or changed sometimes to save time or to feel different spiritually. Or how a true Jew that is secular cant live with orthodox people unless they already keep kosher. This is harsh and cruel, to deny a fellow Jew a home even when they commit to kashrus is wrong and goes against loving and lending a hand to our fellow Jew, and the stranger. Shalom.

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  • Have you ever seen a movie and wished it was real? If so, what movie and why, and which character would you be if you could be one and why?

    I saw all three Back to The Future movies. The first one I loved. It had such a good plot with such good morals that it made me wish it was real, and I could live it in a way. I guess part of it was that I dwell on the past, combined with that I never found true love in high school and still haven't. What better thing to do than to go back in time, change the past, and find true love in high school? I would be George Mcfly in the movie because I think reliving the past and finding true love is just so touching and heartwarming.

    To sum things up, I think the movie made me question my existence and purpose and made me ask myself, would my life be different or better if my childhood went better? You all should also know I was picked on a lot and I felt depressed at home growing up. Mental illness took over my life in my teen years, so I never really lived a so called normal childhood. To go back in time, relive the past, and find my high school girlfriend would be a dream come true.

    So, again, what movie and character resonates with you all. There is a quote by the Doc character in one of the movies, I forgot which one. He says something along the lines of that you can make the future anything you want to, and it hasn't been written yet. I think that's a good lesson to be learned. Focusing on the future is better than dwelling on the past. Focusing on being better people and improving ourselves is too. I think we can learn that from a lot of movies.

    Best wishes.

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  • Why do people say whole bean coffee will be fresher and taste better than ground coffee?

    I think it depends more on the type of coffee. I recently got whole bean Starbucks Veranda blend coffee. It tasted horrible after grinding the beans. I then brewed Folgers ground classic roast in the same coffee maker, the new Mr. Coffee I got, with the same amount if grounds and the same amount of water. The folgers was ten times better and tasted great, and richer. And there's no way it is the roast because I like many light roasts, like in Folgers or Maxwell House.

    I feel like the quality of beans and where they're sourced from is what people should focus on. I have never had bad diner coffee, or bad hotel coffee, and most of these places I've been to use preground coffee. I figure if it's cheaper, go for it. I'd rather buy quality ground coffee for a reasonable price than expensive whole bean coffee that has cheaply grown beans. Not to mention they give you less for your money with whole bean coffee usually at most places.

    Opinions? Thoughts? Comments? Input would be greatly appreciated. All the best.

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  • Orthodox Jews: Why is there so much judgement among those different than the majority in your communities?

    It's just wrong. You have a slightly different colored head covering, you're dressed a little different, you speak Hebrew a different or not at all, and nobody wants to talk to you. Not to mention that most orthodox Jews wont even talk to a reform Jew just for having different beliefs of practice. It's sickening. I thought we were supposed to love one another, and love our fellow Jew. What happened to this vital commandment, love our neighbor as ourselves? You might do something simple like break the Sabbath according to orthodox standards, or not go to shul, or tell an orthodox person or people you dont keep kosher, and people dont talk to you, and worse, they dont want anything to do with you. Anybody that is orthodox in an orthodox community denying these things chooses not to see the things for how they are. I have witnessed these things and personally experienced these things as a reform Jew. I got two things to say. One. People have the right to practice how they choose and however makes them closer to God. Two. Stop this hatred. The hatred and judgements need to stop now. The sooner us Jews can unite in peace, the sooner the redemption will occur. God bless and keep you all, and the deepest love to my orthodox brothers and sisters.

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  • Jews: Where is the commentary of The Shulchan Aruch that says Eliyahu Hanevi will drink the fifth cup of wine if the house is holy?

    There is a commentary of The Shulchan Aruch that confirms the Geula cup is drunk by Elijah. Where is the commentary that says Elijah only drinks it in a holy household with holy people? Every year I have had a seder with my family, we are sure Eliyahu drunk the wine. This is definitely a sign of an imminent redemption. We must do Teshuva now. Shalom.

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  • Jews: I just believe in the Written Torah? Can I still practice Judaism?

    I agree in general with most of how the orthodox keep shabbos and the holy days. I believe in kosher slaughter and the Hebrew Hillel Fixed Calendar of the rabbis and things about converts, sacrifices, and vowels, however I believe these things were never lost or almost lost. I have disagreements of putting on Tefillin and saying blessings and prayers for many, but I still try to keep shabbos and the holy days. Can I still be an observant Jew and just believe in the Written Torah? Thanks. Shalom.

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  • Why do African American men like to say to people, dont talk to your mother that way, and dont disrespect your mother?

    This is not meant to offend anyone, I am just looking for a cultural answer. One thing I dont like is when I am having a respectful disagreement with my mother and an African American man says to me, dont talk to your mother that way. It is none of a stranger's business for this and additionally most of the time I am respectful when I have heard this said to me.

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  • Are shoe scales accurate?

    I'm wondering if shoe scales are accurate in general and your experience with shoe scales. The reason I ask is because I wear like 2 sizes bigger than what I measure out to. Thanks.

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