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  • 99 Mustang 3.8L ignition coil connector splice to 02 Mustang 3.8L help?

    I'm wanting to put a coil meant for a 99 Mustang on my 02 Mustang. I already have the 99 coil and ignition harness connector but I'm unsure of how to wire it. Is the wiring from left to right the same?? Or better yet can someone point me to wiring diagrams for both connectors??

    2 AnswersFord2 months ago
  • What is the wiring diagram for a 2000 Buick Century 3.1 EGR connector?

    I have a 2000 Buick Century with a 3.1 motor that has had the wires pulled out of the EGR connector. Im trying to wire it back up but not sure where my wires go. The wire colors are Gray, Gray/Black, Black, Brown, and what appears to be white. I need to know how the go into the connector from left to right. If someone has a 2000 GM with a 3.1 and cold look at the connector on their EGR valve that would be extremely helpful.

    2 AnswersMaintenance & Repairs6 months ago
  • Dig Dug Dedicated Arcade Machine Value?

    Dedicated upright Dig Dug arcade machine that was never on route, I'm only the second owner. Coin counter reads 788 plays. In great condition, works perfect, no monitor burn, picture is crisp and nice. All lights and controls work as they should. Cabinet side artwork is completely intact, and no big gouges or scratches, very solid cabinet, 8 out 10. Coin door, utility door, and marquee braces have been repainted and new locks. Looking for value. Exidy price guide lists around $750 but I've seen them selling for more. 

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  • Neighbor mowing on my property adverse possesion?

    Years ago, our former neighbor put a fence on a property next to ours. He purposely moved the survey stake, we watched him do it, and built his fence right down the property line. A few years later we bought the property, and another person bought the property that the original owner built the fence on. My grandfather (who actually owns the property, I live on it now and I'm due to inherit it), has told him on two separate occasions that the fence is pretty much on three foot of our property and that we'd like it to be removed. I've recently noticed him trying to mow on my side against his fence about a quarter of the way down. I've tried to speak with them two times about it, but they will not answer the door. To make it clear, I mow that section myself when I mow, so hes mowing in between my mowing sessions. I've recently put up a makeshift partition about one inch off his fence to prevent his mower coming into the yard and updated my no trespassing signs with one on the make shift partition facing him. I will be building a flower bed in that spot to further keep him from entering the yard without hassle. Should I take anymore steps to keep him from doing what hes doing?? My understanding of advert possesion in Illinois would be that mowing doesnt count and that because we've let him know his fence is on us in the last 20 years on multiple occasions it does not apply in this case. Am I correct?

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  • Snapper Riding lawnmowers pullstarter won t pull. Is it seized or a flywheel problem?

    I started my Snapper up yesterday for the third time this year and started to mow. I mowed about three minutes and it died. I started it back up again, hoped on, mowed about another minute or so and it died again. Got it started one more time and went to get on it and I heard a clank and it died. I tried to start it one more time and the pull start would not even pull. I checked the oil and it looked a little low and was very black. I removed spark plug, filppee it on it s back, drained remaining oil and removed spark plug and sprayed PB blaster into the spark plug hole. Flywheel still will not turn this morning. In the past I ve had a problem with the pull start rope not returning to the flywheel and having to do it manually. My question is is this a flywheel problem or a seized motor issue. Also, if it is seized anything else I can do to unsieze it??

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  • Illinois Tax Question?

    The state asked for another copy of my W2"s and the last paystubs from my employeers to verify my identity and complete my 2017 tax return (I mailed it about two weeks ago, dont do me for being late, Illinois does not impose late fees or penalties if your OWED taxes and not having to pay in). Anyways, I sent in the documents they required,however I FORGOT to put my page 2 from the letter I recieved asking about verification when I sent it all in. My question is will they be able to process my information even tho I goofed up my instructions and forgot to include page 2? Tried calling multiple times with no answer.

    2 AnswersUnited States2 years ago
  • How to splice Jamma video wires to Wells Gardner 13K4801 CRT monitor?

    My JAMMA harness has a 5 wire connector for video ( Red, Blue, Green, Ground, Sync) and their are 9 wires going into the CRT (Red, Blue, Green, two Grounds, and both + and - horizontal and vertical sync). Obviously my connectors are incompatible, and I'm going to have to splice the wires together, I'm just not sure how. Logic says that the color input wires will match up, but do I splice both grounds to the JAMMA Video Ground and the horizontal and vertical negative sync to the JAMMA sync wire? Or am I completely wrong? Someone please help!

    1 AnswerMonitors2 years ago
  • How to convert a PS1 (original "fat) version) to run on a battery pack instead of AC wall outlet.?

    I m completely modding a Playstation, new paint job, power led relocation, plastic filling original led location amd other parts of the console to make it look smoother and sleeker, mod chip, internal memory card and memory card input delete, wireless controllers, etc.. BUT I m also building a screen attachment similar to the one that was made for PSOne. I have all the wiring and mods figured out, plus how to battery power the 5inch monitor, but I m at a loss for how to battery power the console itself. Been googling for hours and haven t came up with anything. Any information would be greatly appreciated, or better yet links to forum discussions on the subject or a product would be superb.

    1 AnswerPlayStation2 years ago
  • How rare and what's the value of a Konami Bottom of the Ninth arcade machine?

    It's original an Atari cabinet that was converted to Bottom of the Ninth in 1989. Everything from the conversion is intact, working, and I'm great condition. The cabinet is a little rough, some scratches ando chips, decals have a fewill bubbles Marque is in amazing condition. Also have the Orion wiring schematic and original user manual.

    2 AnswersVideo & Online Games3 years ago
  • N64 motherboard fried?

    I recently disassembled a N64. It worked before the dissassembly, but I had to mess with it. I took it completely apart, painted the case, disassembled the motherboard, and sodered a green led in place of the red. Yesterday, i reassmbled the motherboard, installed it in the bottom of the case, turned on the motherboard and tried to get it to play a game and see if the led worked. The led did in fact work, but I couldnt get it to play a game. I went to work and came back to it today. I cleaned a cartridge and Jumper Pak with alcohol, put them in, amd when I turned it on, the led wouldnt work and I get a popping noise from the tv, no picture. Is the motherboard fried or is it something else?? Tested the cartridge and Jumper Pak, as well as the cables with multiple N64's I own and they work just fine. Before, when trying to get it to turn on, I got no picture and could hear the sound pop once, which is normal for a 64 that needs cleaned imo. So anyone have anything I can look at or had a similar problem amd know for sure if it can be fixed or if its fried??

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  • From Illinois caught in Indiana with no car insurance. What will be the penalty?

    I'm from Illinois and was just recently caught in Indiana with no auto insurance. The very next day, I got insurance, got my cat out of impound, and I'm continuing to keep insurance on my car. I wasn't in a accident, just a routine traffic stop. The laws in Indiana differ greatly from Illinois law regarding insurance. I've never had a insurance ticket before. What will they do in court? Hopefully so don't lose my license. What should I DO? Should I wait till court or get a hold of the circuit clerk immediately?

    3 AnswersLaw & Ethics3 years ago
  • My friend is scaring me with his recent behavior, what should I do??? *urgent*?

    Me and "Will" have been friends since kindergarden, and are now into our second year of highschool. We've always been close and have been thru many things together. When I was molested by a babysitter when I was 13, he ws there to be my crying shoulder and recommend I report her. And when his cousin Lisa died, did the same for him. But for the past three months or so, he's changed and is scaring me. At first it was little awkward things he wuld say or do, like rub his crotch when he saw a small animal, or the comments he would make about the way animal vaginas are built. He's always been a good student, but now his grades are slipping. Whats worse is he seems to have no sense of hygiene. He looks greasy and unkempt, as well as wearing the same clothes for days at a time. If this wasn't bad enough, I was over at his house and we were searching the web. While I was on the computer with him, he went to a beastiaity site, and clicked on one of the videos. I told him I was uncomfortable with the material, but he brushed it off and said it was just for shits and grins. The video started playing and he started rubbing himself, then started to pull himself out and tug on it. He then pulled out a gun from under his chair as he tugged himself and told me I'd suck him if I wanted to see my mom later. I blew him till he cummer and left. What should I do?

    6 AnswersFriends4 years ago
  • I was wrongfully terminated from my job due to false claims of male on male sexual harrasment. Can I sue?

    A asexual guy at work claimed that I had repeatedly hit on him and made advances. I did no such thing. I m straight. The nature of his sexuality came up, however it was initiated by him. We both made some jokes concerning this. He reported me about a week after the initial conversation. I have no idea why he chose to do this, I always went out of my way to be nice to him, considering everyone was mean to him due to his obviously unorthodox sexuality. I got a surprise call from my temp agency saying I had been laid off, they nm said a reason wasn t stated. I only learned of sexual harrasment after I investigated by asking people that work there. Now there are rumors that I am homosexual going around my former workplace. Do I have any legal rights or any recourse I can take against the temp. Agency or the company I worked for?

    3 AnswersLaw & Ethics4 years ago
  • Is this a conflict of interest?

    I am currently going to court over something I was charged with five months ago. Although I'm innocent, I took a plea deal and pleaded guilty only because they reduced everything to small peanuts. However, the states attorney is being a real ***. Like he has a vendetta or personal grudge against me. He keeps postponing court dates to confer with the alleged "victim" for restitution the past three court dates. The "victim" in question has no losses and is out no money for the alleged "crime". He cuts me off in mid sentence and refuses to let me talk. He also refused to look over my evidence or take my statement seriously. He is formerly the alleged "victims" attorney, as well as was my attorney as a juvenile. Also, the "victim" in question is a confidential informant, working for the courthouse and the police. I feel like I am not getting a fair deal here. Is this considered conflict of interest on his part? And would a change of venue be possible due to the counties obvious ties to the "victim"?

    1 AnswerLaw & Ethics4 years ago
  • Superboy Prime and The Sentry v.s. Goku and Naruto. Who would win and why?

    Battleground: Battleworld (the location of the Secret Wars miniseries)

    1 AnswerComics & Animation7 years ago
  • My teacher touched my breasts.?

    I'm a 16 year old male softmore, and started going to "Mr. Gerard's" Biology class after Christmas break. Since the begining of the semester, I noticed he looks my way alot, and sometimes he winks at me and/or licks his pouty lips. I'm almost positive that a couple of times he even touched himself while looking my direction. Today after class he asked me to stay behind. As soon as everyone left he grabbed me by my breasts and tried to pull me close. I take Respridol and have good sized man boobs, so theres alot to grab. I paniced and rubbed his crotch for about 5 seconds while he gripped my **** like a retard grips an ice cream cone. After five seconds his crotch got wet thru his pants and he moaned. I took this as my opprotunity and ran. I'm scared and worried and don';t find him attractive. What should I do? Any suggestions. I'm not gay and don't like the attention he gives me.

    4 AnswersTeaching8 years ago