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  • Using BT Vision with a 'Sky' satellite dish,?

    Up until recently we've had sky tv with the box installed in the lounge.

    While we were waiting for our sky subscription to finish i ordered BT Vision and connected it to our bedroom tv as there is an aerial connection there.

    Now the sky's subscription finished we wanted to bring the V-box downstairs but we have no aerial there, just the cable from the sky dish with an 'F' connector on the end. I went to our local maplins and bought an adaptor from co-ax to 'F' connector and went to all the hassle of bring the entire V-box setup downstairs.

    After switching it on and starting the setup i found that while scanning for tv and radio channels it was picking absoultely nothing up!!! Why is this happening? I always assumed a dish serves the same purpose as an aerial?? Can anyone shine some light on this for me please?

    Thanks in advance.

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  • Are there any Subaru experts on Y/A? (UK)?

    Just wondering if there are any Subaru experts on yahoo answers? I've got a '97 Legacy GT-B twin turbo and have got a burning oil problem. Both rocker cover gaskets have been replaced and I still have the problem although it's not quite as bad. I've taken it back to the garage that replaced the gaskets and they think it's a perished 'O' ring above the oil cooler but as this is at a low point on the engine i can't see what the oil can be dripping on in order for it to burn. Any help would be very useful thanks....(genuine/sensible answers only please!)

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  • Can anyone explain this???!!!?

    I want to become a member on a car forum but for some reason my computer will not allow me to access the site. It is becoming VERY annoying! It just comes up saying "The page cannot be displayed." I'm not exactly a computer expert but i'm sure i've tried almost everything to make it work and i've just had no luck. It's not a problem with my modem or anything as i can connect both my brothers laptop and my wi-fi enabled mobile phone to the internet and both these devices can access this site. Please help, why can i not access it???!!!

    By the way the site is Thanks in advance for your help...

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  • Subaru Legacy GT-B...............?

    I've just bought it, driven it about 160 miles home it feels GREAT and seems quite quick. Just wondering if anyone else has one and what do you think of it?? Any common faults or problems?? Thanks in advance for an help....

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  • Why is our Dobermann so small??!!?

    We've got two Dobermanns, one is an 18 month b*tch and the other is a ten month old dog. The b*tch is about average size, most of the other b*tches i've seen are about the same, maybe a little bit bigger. The dog on the other hand seems very small to me. He's quite chunky but just doesn't seem to be anywhere near the same height as the other dogs i've seen. I know he's still quite young but i've seen other Dobermann dogs that are younger than him and they tower over him. Does anyone know any reasons why this could be??!! Any sensible help would be appreciated, thanks.

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  • What chance do I have??!!?

    I had an 'Intention of Proscecution' given 2 me approx 3 weeks ago when a policeman knocked on my door. Supposedly i was caught by a speed camera doin 40mph in a 30 zone in my previous companies work van. However I have no recollection of this event ever taking place!! The police told me that when they contacted my previous employer after their vehicle being caught they have sent evidence saying that i was working around the area at the time. Does this PROVE me QUILTY?! I've been sent the picture taken by the police vehicle and it is impossible to see the van drivers face, as the sun is reflecting off the windscreen. Does this PROVE me QUILTY?! I sent them a letter saying that as i have no recollection of the event i will not give my licence details as i dont see why i should have an endorsement put on my licence for an offence i honestly dont remember committing. Ive now had correspondance saying that i will be somoned to court. Do they have enough evidence 2 convict me??!!

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  • Are there any companies/mechanics that specalise in Kph to Mph conversions on Japanese cars in North Wales??

    Any help would be much appreciated, as would any ideas of price. Cheers

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