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  • Is a new 2DS still worth having in 2020?

    Sadly I used to have a 3DS a long time ago and I have fun playing Pokemon X fire Emerald Awakening and other 3DS games sadly all my 3DS games got stolen around 2018 so I decided to trade it in my 3DS to get Super Smash Brothers ultimate now Nintendo discontinued the 3ds and 2ds a Walmart thing is to be the only place that has a new 2DS with Mario Kart 7 for around a $100 should I get it and play some 3DS games I missed out or am I better saving my money is sticking to my Nintendo switch?

  • Should I buy a 4K TV?

    I've been wondering about that for a while I have a LG 1080p TV it's a couple years old now but still works good I have a Xbox One S it can stream and do 4K discs it can't really do 4K gaming just upscale it but not true 4K if I do get a 4K TV I might get it Xbox One X and also I'm wondering about a 4K TV for the next conversation like the PS5 I don't know if my 1080p TV will still work on those so should I get a 4K TV or stick with my 1080p TV for a little bit longer

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  • Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Vegas (Playstation 3) Do people still play this online?

    I was thinking about picking this up but I hear that the most fun of the game comes from the multiplayer.About how many matches are there at any given time?

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