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I am a 38 yr old proud mama of a 4 yr. old son and a 12 yr. old daughter. My kids are my everything! I blow out my next candles on May 26th. I have 5 cats named Thunder, mittens, rascal, maggie and oreo . I live in Florida but I am orginally from Boston and I am proud to still have my Boston accent. I have 2 navel piercings, just to be unique and I don't like liars and people who are fake..Be REAL!!! My mother died suddenly at age 64 years old in jan of 2006 and just 5 days later, I gave birth to my son and then I had to recover quickly from the birth to attend my mother's funeral. My son was a blessing at the most difficult time in my life but he is also a constant reminder of how long my mother has been gone. My dad is alive and i cherish the time i spend with him so much more cause you just never know. My kids keep me busy but I will always find time for yahoo answers. It is so addicting and i enjoy answering questions to the best of my ability. Have a wonderful day!

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