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I have a B.A. in Art, and have been a furniture builder, carpenter, and cabinetmaker since 1988. I completed a four year furniture builder apprenticeship in Honolulu, built and installed museum exhibits for 8 years and worked part time for 6 at Home Depot when they still hired people that had experience in their fields. I was the Technical Director for a theater company that required me to solve a lot of unusual problems with minimal budget and maximum safety. I'm a manufacturer trained tool repairman, enjoy challenges, creating what seems impossible, and believe the maxim, "You can have it fast, perfect, or cheap. But you only get to pick two". I try to never guess at my answers and only respond if I'm certain of my response, based on personal experience, research, or both.

  • How do you make websites appear blue and become clickable?

    I've answered over 500 questions (some of them correctly!) and have never asked one until I finally got tired of being the dumb one who can't figure out how to highlight a website. I know it's probably easy. I have a Mac, if that makes a difference. It'll be my first chance to award the 10 points.

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