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Hi ppl! I just made a Kik a little bit ago,so if anyone (especially contacts) wanna chat my username is Unlucky_M,and I'll reply to u asap (unless u weird me out lol) I've started to live by a simple saying,it goes like this- "Everything will be alright in the end,so if it isn't alright,it isn't yet the end." ♛-Email me if you want,I'm a really chill person and I like to get to know people,but sometimes I might get alittle blunt lol. ♛-Im 17,but have a pretty old soul ♛- Born March 23,1996 ♛- Just to clear something up,my current pic ISN'T of me lol,but one of my favorite musicans,and HIS name is Joey ♛-I listein to just about every kind of music,so we could talk about anything from Bob Marley to 2pac to Frank Sinatra (I used to be Mojo Jojo ,but I've grown up a little since :) ) Take Care. ♥Hakuna Matata♥

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