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  • How is American cuisine different from British cuisine? ?

    I love the food of America, but I've never eaten any of the food that comes from British cuisine. I feel it's always good to try something new to eat.

    Me and my bro have eaten different types of food in our native New York City, but British food never sticks out, but there's lots of restaurants in great Britain that cook American food. Strange.

    4 AnswersEthnic Cuisine4 months ago
  • Where can I find a real Chinese restaurant in Chinatown Manhattan? ?

    I'm not talkin about Americanized Chinese knock-off food, I'm talking about real traditional Chinese food.

    I keep searching and I keep getting the same BS I even went online and all they do is give me Americanized versions of Chinese food.

    I need someone who can direct me, someone who knows about Chinese food very very well, and can zero in on which restaurants to go to and which to avoid.

    1 AnswerEthnic Cuisine10 months ago
  • Has anyone seen the rap battle yesterday between Arsenal vs Cassidy? ?

    I didn't get a chance to see it because it was on pay-per-view and I didn't have any money.

    I seen Cassidy against Goodz, but I didn't see the rap battle between arsenal and Cassidy yesterday.

    Some people say Cassidy one some people say Cassidy. I'm trying to look on YouTube to see if anyone posted any of the rap battles between these, but it's not there yet.

    Whoever saw it please give in town to what happened. 

    Rap and Hip-Hop10 months ago
  • How do I decline or accept a commitment from a girl who is younger than me and wants to go out with me?

    I miss him young girl while ago. We met on Facebook at first, and then we met in person with her mom.

    Every time she sees me she winks at me, or she'll steal a kiss and run. She is very pretty and outgoing.

    There is only one problem, she's 19 going on 20, and I'm 34 years old.

    I asked her why couldn't she pick a guy her own age, she says because they're immature and stupid.

    There are times where I can't even sit down and talk to her, without a hundred eyes looking at me.

    By law she is of age, but everyone tries to make her and seem like she's younger than that.

    I just want to be her friend, but she doesn't want to be my friend anymore, she wants to be my girlfriend, and she said that I have four days to make a decision.

    What should I do in a situation like this, tell her to move on, or go with the flow?

    2 AnswersSingles & Dating10 months ago
  • How do I deal with certain complicated people at the workplace, especially if they're new?

    There is this new guy who just came into the barbershop. he used to own a barbershop years ago, but he doesn't own a barbershop anymore, now he works in one with the rest of us. He has a side job apart from barbering oh, so I don't see him as often.

    But while he's here, he's been doing everything he can to irk and dander the crap out of me. For example, two weeks ago I was getting a haircut from one of the other barbers,I told the other Barber to cut some of my hair off the sides and leave the top alone, this new guy tells me oh it looks like you're not growing your hair or anyting and your receding so you might as well cut off the rest.

    He asked me, how can you be receiving any hair if you don't have any children? I told him that it's hereditary that's the reason why my hair is receding, but I'm not bald.

    Another time he asked me how old am I told him I was 34, he says that he's 37 and that I look older than him, I'm like 255 lbs this guy is like 160lbs, if I had thinned out I would look younger. Then he calls me a Marxist the last time I was making a conversation with someone else.

    I'm thinking that he feels like he's at home and that he can just talk to whomever he wants, always and all ways.

    I've been working at the shop for almost 3 years, and I've never had any major issues with anybody until he came along.

    This man is married and he has seven children. I don't know what it is but there must be something in the air.

    Should I crack him one or what?

    2 AnswersHair12 months ago