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  • How do I get my female neighbor to come over for a date?

    I really like my neighbor and I’m 22 years old. We have been neighbors for years and I talk to her every time I see her and she’s beautiful. I think about her all the time and want her to come over to have a breakfast date. 

    How do I tell her I like her and get her to come try out my breakfast? I’m a great cook and want her to come over but she says that she’s busy but would like to when she has the time 

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  • I really like my friend but she only dates Jewish guys ?

    I met my friend in one of my classes this semester in college and we hung out before and I really like her but then she really disappointed me when she told me that she only dates Jewish guys. I don’t mind the religious differences but how do I get her to like me and look past the religious differences 

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  • How do I get an older woman I know to like me back?

    I’m falling for an older woman that I met online and we have been talking for a year. She’s single and is everything that I have ever wanted.

    I told her that I liked her but she said that I’m too young for her. I’m 22 and she’s 40 and we continue to talk as friends but I can’t help falling for her. I’m just asking for some advice on how I can make her see me as something more

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  • Ladies would you respect a man who has his mother talk to you for him?

    I don’t think anyone can relate but I’m 21 years old, horribly ugly and I get rejected by practically every girl that I have ever crushed on and the worst part is that I later continue to see that same girl end up dating another guy.

    I have been rejected so many times that I feel as if I have hit rock bottom with my love life and I now avoid women like the plague.

    But I wanted to know if you would respect a man who has his mother set him up with girls. I don’t ask her to but she wants me to start dating and I feel so broken that I don’t know if I’ll ever be good enough for any attractive woman.

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  • Why does helping a friend cheat on a test give them a higher grade than you?

    So I don’t know if you have been told this or maybe I heard it wrong but I was told not to help friends cheat on exams or assignments because then it will give them a higher grade than you. But is this true?

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  • Would you date a guy who has gray hair in his twenties?

    I'm 21 and I have a genetic trait that I get from my grandfather who got gray hair in his twenties and by the time he was in his thirties, he had a head full of white hair. My question to any woman my age, will you date a guy like me who has gray hair? I'm in college, I work out on the weekends and I work part time.

    I'm very bad with women and they just don't have an interest in me but I'm starting to think it's because of my salt and pepper look.

    4 AnswersSingles & Dating2 years ago