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  • Step Mom doesnt want me to have a baby girl?

    Question being asked by friend:

    I have a boy. Me and husband might try to conceive soon and my step mom keeps hoping the next baby is a boy. She is very vocal about it. Even when no one asks her lol. I personally want a girl so I can just have two kids, a boy and a girl. I dont know if shes jealous or not. I have a sister and any time my step mom gets into a quarrel with me or my sister shes like "I thank god I dont have any girls, never liked one never wanted one of my own." She has two boys with my dad. I love them dearly. My friend tells me she doesnt want me to have a girl because she doesnt have a girl of her own either. She also says thats why she makes those comments about not wanting a girl but deep down she wanted one..and now that she doesnt have one she hopes I dont have one can I cope with her? She also acts like I AM the one jealous of others having baby girls when in fact Im so happy when I hear any of my friends or family having baby girls!

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  • My unapologetic mother blames me for everything!?

    My boyfriend’s mom passed away yesterday and because I was really close with my boyfriends mom I’m actually struck by this. She passed so unexpectedly so I decided to share my grief with my mom. She comes out saying “would you stop talking about her!!” As someone who was sad she just pushed aside my emotions making me feel stupid. I called her out and said she needs to learn how to talk to people. She turned the whole thing on me saying I took HER out of context. Talking to her is like going around in circles. She NEVER admits her mistake. As I was talking she decided to block her ears by calling and closing her other ear with her hand to ignore me. I got furious and snatched her phone out of her hand and while doing that I was grabbing on to her arm and sort of scratched her. She just gave me a glare and stomped into her room. She does this all the time and I am the one who has to apologize all the time. I am sick of her ways. My bf’s mom died and my mom made it all about herself saying “oh my kids better pray for me when I die, I expect you guys to respect me.” She always makes me feel like I am always the one at fault in arguments because people like her know how to turn the whole situation around. Now shes sitting in her room still ignoring me and I dont know what to do. I can’t deal with my dad either. i dont drink smoke or do drugs but he goes around talking bad about me and accusing me of crap so I dont want anything to do with him...Im stuck with two a hole parents.

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  • Mom cant stand my bff. Is my friend fake?

    My BFF of 10 years has been acting weird. Basically my bffs are sister. I travelled an hour to see my bffs and when i reached the nice sister wanted to hangout with me but the weird bff told me they were leaving when i just arrived at the party after a long drive. I was telling my bffs an incident about how someone thought i looked like my weird bff and she replied with “um no way are they blind like do i look like im 100lbs overweight” Then we went to eat ice cream and she said “im sure the guy at the counter recognizes you how could he forget the fat girl” her sister told her to shut up. Then we went to the library to study and the sister asked me how my married life was going. I kind of explained my situation and the other bff rolled her eyes at me..and just started texting completely ignoring me then she eventually said “old news whats new”. The weird bff tells me i need to stop acting weird in restaurants or people will spit in our food. Even when i was being normal, i dropped her home and she said “you know my bday is coming up im expecting balloons and a surprise” her dad treated her and her sis like garbage so they needed space away from him and i took them in and let them stay at my place for 2 days, She texts me daily about all her boy problems and i always hear her out I dont talk about my problems to her anymore. Is she fake? My mom cant stand her but i cant give up a 10 year relationship that easily. Plus im really close with the sister who i love and cant leave

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  • Friends dont buy me gifts?

    Me and my BFFs of 10 years have lived apart after high school grad. We reunited during uni. Now we’re grown up have careers but im married and have a kid. We go out very often on weekends to hangout. Every time i travel for vacay or abroad i always bring my BFF gifts like antiques, clothes, jewellery, purses etc. I always gift them stuff on their bdays but they never gift me anything on my bday. Im not complaining but my friends bday is coming up and my husband said not to buy her a gift because they never gift me when its my bday. I said it wasnt a big deal but he said its not fair that i get them something but they never gift me anything. I didnt think much of it but my husband isnt ok with me buying a gift because they dont do the same for me. He thinks im spoiling them. Is it wrong for me to buy a gift for them if they dont?

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    My ex and I ended things on good terms but we ended up having a falling out due to some issue. We're both married. My ex's wife started following me on Instagram which I found weird. She was never really looking at my stories or liking pictures up until now. A few days ago my ex requested to follow me on Instagram which I found really odd. His wife added me before him and I wasn't sure how she knew me unless he told her. Anyways, after thinking I decided to accept his request and I saw that he was looking at my stories for three days but then deleted me from Instagram after. After this happened his wife started looking at my stories and all which she never did before. I'm just curious like what was he trying to do and is his wife in on all this? Im confused.

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  • Husband having emotional affair?

    My husband and cousin text way too much. I have spoken to my husband about this and told him to keep it minimal but I caught him calling her pretty over text and saying she has a pretty voice and looks like a celebrity. I confronted him and he took the matter to his family to which his family insulted me for being “suspicious”. He continues to talk to her and send her his selfies. He doesnt let me touch his phone at all. Hell breaks loose if I do. I told him he wasnt allowed to touch my phone either and he said he couldnt care less. He keeps telling me that my cousin is cute pretty etc. I told him to cut it out and he says he has no feelings for her but then why would he say all this. Also, my cousin blocked me for 2 months from facebook, whatsapp, insta etc. I didnt know why at first but I then remembered that there was something about my cousin that I told him. I am curious if that was the reason why she blocked me. Did he tell her that I spoke about her to him? Also, could they be having an emotional affair? I have seen some text messages and majority of the chats my husband deletes.

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  • I offended my husband? Should I care?

    My husband always calls me fat, joking or not. Im not really fat..I just had a baby and gained a bit weight..and I am working to lose it but the baby weight is coming off slower than I thought..anyways...he would call me fat, ugly, cow, etc al the I said I needed to go shopping to buy new clothes..he says “oh yea you only fit in 3xl” (I dont btw) Today I felt like that was it and told him that i may be xl...youre is a small size and Im not talking about you shirt.. he got so offended and walked out and didnt talk to me after and now hes constantly ignoring me..he always calls me fat and i either brush it off or laugh it off but now i thought it was enough..when i try to work out or diet he keeps discouraging me and says youll never be able to do it..but one comment i made offended him so much..hes ignoring me should i bother talking to him or let him be? Hes insulted me all this time..

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  • Husband sending selfies to cousin?

    My husband and cousin text each other on whatsapp. I am open minded and I dont nag about my husband having female friends. Infact he has more female friends than male friends. Anyways, I started noticing that my husband texts my cousin a little too often. I went through his texts while he was in the shower and saw that he was sending her selfies of himself. No, not nudes but just regular selfies. It seemed okay until I kinda read through the texts (btw all his previous chats were deleted and it was noticable that he had started a new chat with her. He has deleted her messages in the past too. I have discussed this matter with him before. In the texts, he has said that her voice is pretty she looks like some actress and recently their convo seems like she is playing hard to get by brozoning him but he keeps insisting that he isnt a brother..but shes enjoying the convo..doesnt seem like shes genuinely friendzoning him..idk how to explain myself but the convo seemed a little flirtatious..ive brought this up before and he made a huge fuss out of me asking..what should I do? And is he up to something?

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  • Husband mentions my cousin a lot in our conversations?

    Ive introduced my husband to all of my family including my cousins. He is generally a friendly guy but hes a lot chatty with one of my cousins. They exchanged numbers and talk a lot. He has also deleted whatsapp chats after I told him to keep it minimal. He also thinks im jealous of my cousin (which I most definitely am not, we had a falling out in the past but we are cool now) They both talk way too much over texts and my husband deletes her chats. When I confronted him he went balistic and said “Its your fault youre so suspicious all the time. We are like bro and sis” Im like “If youre bro and sis then why delete the chats?” I honestly never had an issue or ever made a fuss of my husband talking to women. He has a lot more female friends then male friends. He constantly brings her up in conversations, in a teasing manner, trying to make me jeaous (idk why) and he keeps saying shes so beautiful shes so cute though, why you jealous of her shes your favourite cousin isnt she? Why does he keep doing this its irritating. A friend of mine said it doesnt sound right, Im not sure what to think of this tbh. Is he interested in her?

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  • Mother in Law controlling my husband?

    Hi, I know my husbands a mamas boy..and he sends her money back home to support her. Shes a widow and lives with my brother in law his wife and kids. I never raised an issue when it came to my husband financially supporting his mother..but the problem is I have been living in a long distance marriage with my husband for the past 4 years now. We meet on and off. I try to financially support me and my son but when it comes to money I have to ask my husband to support me by sending some money. Whenever I ask i get “i dont have any i just sent some back home ill send by the end of the month ill see” and even when he does its no more than $200-$300. Recently I found out my mother in law is going for pilgrimage which costs around $2000. My mother in law says she saved it (i didnt even ask her she just blurted it out) but its hard to believe she would save $2000 since she has a lot of expenses on her. My husband sends her money every month. Im curious..did he fund my mother in laws trip? Im here suffering in my parent’s basement surviving on $600 a month with a child..and I am beyond curious and upset if my husband has forgotten us and is spending more on his mom..unnecessarily...thoughts?

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  • Should I accept his friend request?

    An old friend of mine added me on facebook a few days ago. We had a falling out and lost contact for almost three years. He suddenly sent me a friend request which was surprising. His wife added me on facebook and I was ok with her but I had issues with him. Not too long ago he got married to which he did not invite me to. A mutual friend asked him why he was not going to invite me and he said because we had a falling out and have issues (which is true). According to our mutual friend, he told aome family members about our issues ans falling out which pissed me off like no tomorrow. I dont know but his wife probably knows too (Im guessing). Anyways, 5 days ago he sends a friend request. His wedding was three months ago, avoided me and didnt want to invite me and all of a sudden he sends a friend request. 1) After him telling others about our personal issues should I confront him for his behaviour? 2) Should I accept his friend request? 3) Should I cut ties with him completely and never associate or have any contact or bother to reconcile with my friend? Btw why would he be sending me a friend request when he didnt even want me at his wedding?

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  • What is his deal?!?

    Me and my now ex friend (who once had a crush on me) lost contact for 2 years after having a big argument which he told his other friends about..I decided to complete cut ties with him for messing things up even further. He recently got married 3 months ago didnt invite me (which Im totally not surprised about). He all of a sudden sends me a request to follow on facebook and i just kept it hanging. He was a private account then goes public. I delete his request and notice he sent me another request. I left him hanging again. I’m not gonna lie I did stalk his page but didnt like any post (even by mistake cause I checked lol). I then go to see he privated his account. But the request is still there. Is he stalking me? And if so..why all of a sudden after going around telling people our personal fights, not inviting me to his recent wedding and not being in touch for 2 years? Im not expecting a on point answer from anyone just a guess of why he might be suddenly adding me and doing all this especially when he should be busy with his newly married life.

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  • Request to follow on Instagram by Ex Friend?

    What does it mean when an ex friend (who use to like me) but is now married sends you a friend request after a big argument that led to no contact in 2 years? And this ex friend does not even invite you to their wedding but decides to send a request 3 months after their wedding? Ps: We both are married to our spouses.

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  • Ex friend re-adding you on social media??

    What does it mean when an ex friend (who had a crush on you at one point) sends you an instagram request to follow after fighting and not being in touch for two years and when the ex friend is married? I moved on have a kid and living my life. We had a fight and lost contact since. He got married three months ago and didnt even invite me which i dont care about. Not surprised but Im suprised he sent me a request to follow on insta all of a sudden. WHY?

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  • He sent me a request on instagram??

    I was friends with my friends cousin. We got pretty close (as friends) but he ended up liking me and wanted to go out with me. I never saw him in that way. I only considered him a friend. Anways, I started dating someone else and we ended up getting engaged. He was upset about that but dealt with it. Knowing I was engaged, he went after my was strange but I obviously he was just a friend to me so I was ok with him and my sister dating. Idk what happened between the two but my sister ended things with him really badly (WHICH I DID NOT KNOW ABOUT). I came to know after my wedding and after I was pregant that they had some sister shouted nonsense at me like “HE NEVER LIKED YOU HE ALWAYS LIKED ME AND ALWAYS WILL. I KNOW YOU STILL LIKE HIM AND TALK TO HIM.” Im like “Yea I text him rarely just to say Hi but thats it hes just a friend nothing more Im married and have a baby on the way.” For some reason my sister hated me talking to him. Anways..I contacted the guy and asked him what happened between him and my sister he kept saying my sister was crazy and was making up stories. We ended up arguing and cutting all contacts. Block delete etc..this was 2 years ago and he yesterday sent me a request on insta..HES MARRIED NOW, DID NOT INVITE ME TO HIS WEDDING WHICH WAS THREE MONTHS AGO AND SUDDENLY SEND ME A REQUEST..WHY?!

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  • Is this not favouritism?

    I moved in with my mother and brother after my husband left me and my son for not being able to afford us financially. I have a medical condition and trying to get treatment. I moved in however I do my best not to burden them. I share the rent, pay for my groceries, pay for gas everytime I use my mothers car, do chores, cook and clearn when I can. I only ask my mom to babysit my son when really necessary which is rare (only when I have doc appointments). I recently put my son in daycare so I dont burden my mom and brother with babysitting. Even then my mom and brother complain nonstop about me not controlling my son. Hes only two. They put a gate everywhere so my son is stuck in the living most of the time. I brought him once to the room with me and he went running into my brothers room. My brother made a huge fuss out of it. My mom told me to control my son. I said it happened once and not on purpose hes only 2. Funny because my brother turns on the blender at 3am when everyone is sleeping but my mom doesnt say a word to him. She constantly complains to me about what me and my son do but my brother gets away with everything. I ask for a favour and she makes a face but when my brother does she rushes to do jt. Note that my brother isnt little hes a 24 year old grown man who works. I had surgery today but my mom couldnt care for me or my son but did my brothers laundry, cooked him food and cleaned his room while I had to care for myself and son. Is this not favouritism?

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  • My mom doesnt help me in times of need?

    My husband left me and my son for not being able to afford us financially. I was diagnosed with a condition and he just cant look after me or my son. I moved in with my mom and I pay half the rent, buy my own groceries, do all my chores and even cook for her so I dont burden her. But lately I had a minor (but painful) surgery and needed help caring for my child. She watched him for 4 hrs and picked me up from the hospital. I was so drowsy I needed to sleep. I was hoping she would come to watch my kid but she went straight to her room. I had to ask her to watch him and she agreed. While I was sleeping I heard nonstop yelling from her and my brother at my son. I managed to sleep for 2 hrs. Also I hadnt eaten for 24 hrs and thought she wouldve gotten me at least a container of apple juice for me to drink but instead she said I was waiting for you to wake up. I told her I was starving and was hoping for at least warm canned soup. She always looks after my brothers needs (food, laundry, cleaning, cooking etc) but cant even bother to get me a box of juice. I told her I was in pain and if she could put my child to sleep she smacked his back and shouted at him “GO TO SLEEP”. I was so infuriated and grabbed my child from her and told her to forget it. I told her off and said babysitter can do better than that. She got offended went to her room locked it and you can hear her tv so loud while shes sipping coffee. Im in severe pain. Is she not being selfish or am I overreacting?

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  • Cousin blocked me from whatsapp?

    So my cousin blocked me from whatsapp (Idk why). She strangely and all of sudden blocked me from whatsapp but still has me on instagram, snapchat and facebook. I dont recall doing anything to offend her. We live in two separate countries. We keep in touch occasionally. Just a hi how are you and thats about it. She suddenly blocked me but still has my husband on whatsapp. Also she barely talks to me compared to my husband. She is more in contact with my husband than me. Whats going on? Why block me JUST from whatsapp and also she has my husband on whatsapp but not me?

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  • Does this friend like me?

    My friend thinks so but I doubt it. He does do different things to make me think otherwise but Im still in doubt. When we go out to eat as a group of friends he would sit across from me and if not he’ll lean towards me during convos. He often looks straight into my eyes and raises his brows when talking to me. I noticed him looking at me in the car rear mirror a few times. He always makes plans with all our friends and wants me to be there and if I cant make it he would cancel the plan or postpone it. Hes often said “youre an ideal wife”. There was a time where he would just plain out ignore me or act a bit mean towards me. But now he does all this so I am confused. I think hes trying to just be friendly but my friend keeps saying he likes me which makes me wonder.

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  • Husband texting Cousin?

    My husband and I have been married for 4 years. Its been an ok 4 years but not the best. We were invited to a family dinner where my husband met my cousin. They exchanged numbers but I didnt make it a big deal because he was exchanging numbers with pretty much all my cousins. After this, I noticed my husband was constantly texting her day and night. I know this because I glanced over and saw her name. A few nights later I went through his phone and noticed he was telling her how she has a beautiful voice and how she is pretty and that she resembles some celebrity. I also noticed that he was sending her selfies of himself. Their conversations sounded a lot like she was playing hard to get and he was trying to get her attention. She kept saying “brother” but he didnt want to be called “brother”. I also started noticing their instagram stories are almost the same. They would post the exact same quotes the same husband would try to say things try to make me jealous of my cousin...things like what if she comes to the uk (where we live), i’ll be sad when she gets married, shes actually pretty, im surprised shes still single etc, he also lies to me if hes spoken to her or not and i usually see them online on whatsapp at the same time..ive never had any issue with my husband talking to women and tbh he has more female friends than male friends..but this doesnt seem right..can someone please tell me whats going on?

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