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    Is my fishing hook too big for small/medium fishes? Please read the details below and answer ASAP.?

    This will be my first time fishing and I recently purchased J-shaped hooks in bulk. I used a good deal of time in selecting the size as I wanted a decent size that could go with maximum variety and sizes of fish (kind of versatile). Now when I am watching fishing/angling videos, I am noticing that they are using small hooks for big fishes. Whereas the places where I am planning to catch fish are small mountain streams and have got medium to small fishes only (almost all the fishes are the size of small mullets and herrings with an average weight of 100 to 200 grams), whereas my hook has a long shaft and is a total of 1 inch long (2.5 centimetres) from the eye to the curve at the bottom and is 1 centimeter broad. Now I'm feeling a bit paranoid. Is the shaft too long? If Yes, is it counter-productive for catching fishes. Please help me out.

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