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  • How strict/closely monitored is Spirit Airlines about credit card holders being present during check-in?

    so me and my friend (we are both 15) want to fly out to California for spring break. but theres one problem, you have to be 18 years old to LEGALLY buy a plane ticket. but i read on ( that most airlines aren't strict about the credit card holder being present at check in. we're flying Spirit airlines, and does anybody know how closely monitored they are about that kind of stuff?

    and if you have any other helpful information about this, that would be so great.

    Thank you! :)

    2 AnswersOther - Destinations9 years ago
  • My computer isn't detecting my Samsung Rogue when I plug it in...?

    so i want to import a video from my phone to my computer so i can put it on facebook..but i can't send it because it's too long. but when i plug the USB cord into the USB port, there's no pop-up or any sign that the phone is even plugged in..except for that it's charging. how do i make it work??

    2 AnswersOther - Computers9 years ago
  • I know this is a weird question, but how do i break my tailbone?

    before you judge, LET ME EXPLAIN.

    so today in class, this ***** who thinks we're best friends, came up to me, and kicked my ***. literally. it hurt sooo bad, and i totally cussed her out, but all she said was "well that's not my problem" she pisses me off so much. and when she kicked me, she was wearing ugg boots, so it freaking hurt.

    so, since she is heartless and a *****, i want to make her feel bad. so what is a painless, easy way i can break my tailbone?

    4 AnswersPain & Pain Management9 years ago
  • Female Bob Marley/Reggae/Jamaica/Rasta Wear Halloween Costume?

    so for halloween, im going to a party, and i wanted a really creative costume idea. so i thought "hey, why dont i be bob marley, but in a girl version" now, before you start bashing me as some pot smoking hemp worshipper, im not being the king of reggae because i like weed, i just freaking love bob marley.

    moving on. so i was thinking like, lots of bronzer (of course) super long eyelashes (fake, unfortunately) and to top it all off, a dreadlock wig.

    for the outfits, here are my ideas: <----this, with a red solid tank top, and a leather brown braided belt.

    -or- <--this dress.

    so, what are your opinions? any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated and earn that magical 10 points ;) oh, and i need help with accessories too! (accessories: necklaces & earrings. i already have a supercute jamaican bag from the 90s.;))

    thanks!! :)

    4 AnswersHalloween9 years ago
  • Whats the best foundation out of...?

    im buying new makeup for school today, and whats the best drugstore foundation?

    thanks, (:

    8 AnswersMakeup9 years ago
  • Can I dye my hair tips with...?

    I was wondering if I could dye my hair tips like this:

    ...with kool-aid? I actually only wanted to do one strand of hair..but yeah. Also, can i bleach it with peroxide, or will my hair get ruined?

    thankss! (:

    1 AnswerHair9 years ago
  • How do I tell my mom that I need help?

    I need to like, see a counselor or something, im very depressed all the time, and if you read my previous questions, life isnt going too well for me. me and my mom arent close at all, and i barely talk to her. she doesnt seem to care about my problems at all, so how do I tell her i need to see someone? shes actually taken me to someone before, but i was pissed at the world, and i pushed her away & never returned. (which i know was a good opportunity to get help that i missed)

    how do I tell her? or even better, is there someone out there, on yahoo! answers, that is willing to help me that I can email or something?


    5 AnswersMental Health9 years ago
  • Is there any way I can get my best friends parents to let us hang out again?

    me and my best friend in the entire world arent allowed to hang out, because her parents think im a bad influence. (note: i have never done anything "bad" in my entire life, and my best friend has other friends that are way worse & way more "bad" than I am.)

    ive tried almost everything. Ive written a letter, and my mom has called her. the letter her parents never responded to, and the call between her mom & my mom went terribly. it ended with both moms screaming at eachother, and hanging up on eachother.

    i miss my best friend more than anything, school ends in 9 days, and i wont be able to see her for the entire summer.

    please, please help. im desperate, and im willing to try almost everything. this isnt a joke question, so please dont give me a joke answer.

    3 AnswersFriends10 years ago
  • Is there any way I can get away from my mom?

    my mom and I fight constantly. its been happening for about 4 years now, and its starting to really affect things like my friendships & grades. the fights start about something really stupid, and they get worse and worse, sometimes to the point where I just leave and dont come back for hours. sometimes its just verbal fights, but then other times they'll get physical. my mom was trying to pin me down, and out of self-defense i (as my idiot dad describes it) "dug my nails into her." for one, i dont even have long nails. they go to the tips of my fingers. and then my dad threatened to file a police report. thats another thing, my dad ONLY takes her side. every. single. time. then when shes mad at me, she makes me do her dirty work, with me facing cruel punishments if i dont.

    bottom line, me and mom cant stand eachother.

    i need out. is there any way we can get divorced or something? or can i leave?

    moving out isnt an option, im underaged.

    6 AnswersFamily10 years ago
  • Fun things to do for 2 14 Year Old Girls?

    soo, my friend is coming over this weekend, and we have nothing to do. we live in a super small town.

    any ideass?

    3 AnswersFriends10 years ago
  • Please help me? :( What happened?

    so theres this guy noah, we used to talk and flirt ALL the time, well it wasnt that long, the whole "talky flirty thing" lasted about a week. and then i started liking him, and i told my stupid slut of a friend, and she went up to noah, and asked him if he liked me. he said no. then, the next week

    (this week) he wont talk to me. everything that we ever had is completely gone. when he rarely talks to me, its something rude.

    what happened? :( does he not want to talk to me because he thinks i like him? or is he just being a normal guy and leading me on and then just kinda leaving me confused? how do i get him to atleast want to talk to me again?

    please help me, because this is the one guy i actually felt like i had a chance with. :(

    2 AnswersOther - Family & Relationships10 years ago
  • Does anyone even like the song "Friday"?

    is there anyone out there who actually likes it, in a non-sarcastic way?

    10 AnswersOther - Music10 years ago
  • Need opinions? Hair dye/cut options?

    So, I'm getting my hair done tomorrow, and I want something noticeably different, but not drastic like a pixie or a bob.

    here's a description of me:

    right now, my hair is just a dull, plain brown color.

    it's about medium-long length, at my chest.

    i have side bangs, probably at level with my nose.

    my face is in between a circle & heart shape.

    i have deep brown eyes.

    any suggestions?

    if you want to see a picture, go to my polyvore profile: & see my profile picc.

    thankss. (:

    5 AnswersHair10 years ago
  • How do I get to my saved drafts on Polyvore?!?

    so i was making an outfit thingy, and my computer was going slow, so to avoid losing my hours worth of work i clicked "Save Draft" like 4 times. and now my computers working fine, and I want to continue working on my thing. so, how do i get to it again? i already just went to the regular creator thing and it's not there. pleasse helllp! :)

    1 AnswerOther - Computers10 years ago
  • Does anyone else do this?

    when I smell a certain perfume or something like that, i like reminisce back to a time where I like could smell that. for example, i have this body mist that i got for my birthday in 2009, so when i smell it, i remember summer 2009. & when i drink sweet tea, i think myrtle beach, because thats where i drank sweet tea all the time.

    is this abnormal or does anyone else do it too?

    10 AnswersPsychology10 years ago
  • Is this normal to do this..?

    i constantly fall for "bad boys" guys who cheat, do drugs, go to juevy, stuff like that. for some reason im attracted to them? is this just my type, a phase, or is it just completely out of the ordinary?

    4 AnswersPsychology10 years ago
  • Modern Day "Reformers"/Inspiring Celebrities?

    So i'm doing a history project on reformers from the civil war, and we need to come up with a modern day reformer.

    I'm basically looking for a celebrity who has done something useful for a cause. for example, how ashton kutcher founded the DNA foundation. people like that. say justin bieber, i will be so mad.

    thanks! (:

    1 AnswerCelebrities10 years ago
  • Funny/Original Names for 2 Goldfish?

    So I'm giving my best friend 2 goldfish. One's white & one's orange. what are some funny/original/cute names for them?

    If you have any names involving two best friends (example: Spongebob & Patrick) that'd be great! (:

    10 AnswersFish10 years ago
  • Funny/Original Names for 2 Goldfish?

    So I'm giving my best friend 2 goldfish. One's white & one's orange. what are some funny/original/cute names for them?

    If you have any names involving two best friends (example: Spongebob & Patrick) that'd be great! (:

    14 AnswersFish10 years ago
  • Really weird dreams about Pedo Bear?

    that scary as crap cartoon bear, pedo bear, yeah, i keep having these super scary dreams about him where like im with my friends, he pops out of the closet, i scream, but im the only one who thinks hes scary, so my friends are like ahh shut the hell up its a bear. ive been having these for like 4 nights straight now.

    how do i make pedo bear get out of my dreams? ://

    3 AnswersDream Interpretation10 years ago