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  • Not sure about my Dentist visit.?

    I went to the dentist this morning. I had x-rays taken last time I was there but none today. I left my appointment 6 months ago with a clear diagnosis (I've never had a cavity.) This time, after the hygienist finished, the dentist popped his head in for about 2-3 minutes, touched a few teeth with his probe, and told me that I had two cavities- small but needing to be drilled and filled, but not needing anesthesia because they were so small.

    Besides the fact that his manner was off-putting, I'm questioning if he could identify these cavities without getting new x-rays done well enough to know that: 1) there is a cavity and 2) it's small enough to be repaired quickly and easily without anesthetic. If he was so sure there was a cavity, how could he be so sure that it's a minor cavity.

    I would like a dentist or hygienists response please, no "you should trust your dentist because he's a dentist." I don't trust anyone, especially in this economy. I've spent time with the hygienist but so little time with the dentist that I don't actually even know his name.

    Also, If I wait 6 months and go to a different dentist for my cleaning, how much worse can a cavity that is so minor that it doesn't require anesthesia get?

    Thanks in advance to anyone who can provide some helpful information for me. I am happy to pay (or my insurance company is anyway) but I don't want unnecessary work done.

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  • fantasy football - who to cut?

    I have a 12 man league with 5 bench spots. To get through my week 4 byes in one piece, I will either have to cut Ahmad Bradshaw or Donald Brown from my team. Both seem to be on their way up, but I'm thinking of cutting Bradshaw as he will be a #2 all year, while Brown looks like he may supplant Addai as the Colts starter as the year goes on. Thoughts?

    FWIW, my roster:

    QB A Rodgers, GB

    WR1 Marques Colston NO

    WR2 DeSean Jackson PHI

    WR3 Brandon Marshall

    RB1 Ladanian Tomlinson/ Darren Sproles SD

    RB2 Ryan Grant, GB

    TE Tony Gonzales

    BN Schaub(HOU), Sims-Walker(JAC), Bradshaw and Brown, the Sd RB not starting of Sproles/Tomlinson.

    I have to keep Sims-Walker for this week to cover DeSean Jackson's Bye, but I need a tight end to cover for Tony Gonzales for the week. The real trick is next week, as all 5 bench spots will be taken up with byes.


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  • Fantasy Football - Trade for Marshall?

    12 team league, very solid at all positions except WR, and we start 3.

    My team

    QB A. Rodgers

    M. Schaub

    RB L. Tomlinson

    Ryan Grant

    Donlad Brown

    Felix Jones

    D. Sproles

    A. Bradshaw

    TE Tony Gonzalez

    WR Marques Colston

    Desean Jackson

    Tory Holt

    Josh Brown

    I have someone in my league that wants to get rid of Brandon Marshall, I am thinking of offering Tory Holt and Felix Jones. I need to unload one player regardless as I will need to pick up a kicker before week one finishes.

    Is Holt/Jones for Marshall a good trade for me if I can swing it? Or should I just hope for the best with Holt. My thought is that Marshall, while inconsistent, can produce much bigger numbers when he's playing. I was thinking of offering Holt/Bradshaw initially to see if he would bite on that, but I think it's too weak. Thoughts?

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