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  • Can I take these to aide in high blood pressure + blood sugar? (Serious responses only, please read all info)?

    I've been taking 10mg of Vanadyl Sulfate all this year so far, all of 2019, half of 2018. The other half of 2018 and all of 2017 I took pill that was a mix of Cinnamon/Vanadyl/Chromium. In 2016 when I was first told I had Diabetes 2, I took this same type of pill PLUS the standard Metformin. (Not sure on the mg but the pills were very tiny, at least 5mg or even smaller, if possible) When I was taking JUST the Metformin, my blood sugar was regularly very low. The dosage then made smaller, and it was still very low regularly. At one point, I was doing both Metformin and the Vanadyl, my blood sugar was in the 40's, and not once rose above 80, if that. Since then, we haven't been able to get the medication any longer, so I started taking just the Vanadyl Sulfate and Garlic pills for high blood pressure. All of this 1 a day, with the exception of the Vandyl Sulfate I would do 2 if I felt I needed to. (Not very often at all) Since then, my blood pressure has not once rose above 130, but is very normally anywhere between 90-120

    Now, the garlic pills are quite small. I HAD been taking (1 a day) 5000 mg and noticed quite a difference in my blood pressure, when I did. However, we've only been able to get ahold of the (2 a day) 500-1000mg, so I was taking 1000-2000mg a day. That's not doing muchSo I went to Amazon to search some things and with all this information, what I'd like to know is.. (more in additional details) 

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  • Why did you choose to get married?

    I just answered a similar question, which got me wondering what married people would actually say. 

    I married because I wanted to be married for as long as I can remember. I'm one of those people. It was important to me to share my life with someone. 

    Also, we agree, we got married because we're telling each other (not the world) ' you're the only one for me, I'll never want anyone else'. Marriage is a big deal, it's work and worth it. "Corny" as that might be ;) 

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