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  • Why don't we stop using the N word entirely?

    Recently, I have seen a lot of people saying how white people cannot use the N word as it is racist, and I am not denying this it is 100% racist. However, I feel that the word has been used by every person, not just white or black, more recently than ever. It has become extremely prevalent in the music industry. But my thing is because of that people are beginning to use the word so much more now and its wrong for people to say it. My thing is instead of saying "White people please do not say this word, it is racist," we switch the narrative and start saying, "Lets move away from this word completely." Not using that word will also help end tensions between people. 

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  • Looking for ways to help alleviate this problem?

    I haven't been diagnosed with any problems like anxiety or depression, because on average I don't feel this way. However, every once in a while I also have days where I feel depressed and days where I get anxious for no reason that I can think of. Like recently, I have been feeling uneasy about something but I can't put my finger on it. At first I thought it was from going away to college and feeling like I am forgetting to do something or get something but I have checked what I need to do and get and it is all done. Does anyone know ways to get rid of these feelings without the help of a doctor, because I really do feel fine on a normal basis and don't think I need to seek professional help and counseling.

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  • In your opinion is there a difference between a democrat and a liberal?

    I was having a discussion with a group of people and for the most part all of us said yes. We believed that there is a difference between democrats and liberals, and that was just how extreme they were about the changes and how rapid they expect them to happen. We also said that one of the biggest differences is all liberals hate Trump mainly for the reason that CNN and other liberals tell them to, not actually because of their own rational thought. And that democrats can hate him but at least they think more on their own and can be reasoned with. Wanted some more opinions. Also libtards you can tear me apart all you want, unlike you I won't try and cancel someone just because they say something I find "offensive" and don't like. 

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  • Is it rude to not like my one side of my family?

    Long story short I never really see my mom's side of the family often at most twice a year if any times. And when I do see them I feel really uncomfortable because sometimes I might even meet someone for the first time, keep in mind I am not 18. Also the people I have meet I either think are very awkward people or I have nothing in common with. I found myself to be very bored when I am around them and cannot wait to go home. Sometimes when I know that we are going to see them I try and schedule something else during those times or tell my parents I don't want to go. All I'm wondering is, is it rude to think this way or do other people have the same view point as me with their family?

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  • Did Yahoo take away the ability to comment on answers?

    If just came back to using this site after about 2 months. I have noticed there are no longer comments allowed to be made on answers. Did they take this out because of the arguing? 

    9 AnswersYahoo Answers2 weeks ago
  • I am moving to college in a few weeks and I am wondering what is the best way to transport clothes, maybe a suitcase or trashbags?

    I have been given so many different suggestions but am unsure of what I should bring. Wanted some opinions from other people.

    7 AnswersPacking & Preparation2 weeks ago
  • If a person falsely accuses someone of a crime such as rape should the accuser face punishment?

    A couple friends and I were talking about this because one of my friends saw a video of a man being freed from prison after a women lied about him raping her. He then looked up what happened afterwards and the man sued the woman but besides that nothing happened. Should men or women who falsely accuse someone of a crime at that level be charged with some sort of crime and be punished? Our answer was yes but only if the person claims it was somebody and then eventually be proved that the accuser was lying. Because there are times when the wrong person is arrested because of a messed up investigation. wanted some more opinions.

    11 AnswersLaw & Ethics1 month ago
  • Good ideas for a dish to bring to a potluck?

    So far there is a person making grilled chicken and shrimp, mac and cheese, and pasta salad. I've been looking for a dish that will compliment those other dished well and haven't been able to find one. Need suggestions and fast the potluck is in 3 days!

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  • I broke my 7 iron and need a replacement any suggestions for a good well priced 7 iron?

    Before the coronavirus and closures of golf courses due to it I broke my 7 iron. Now that golfing is back I am trying to get a new one. Any suggestions on a brand and model. Also not looking for anything to expensive as I am still new to golf and don't want to put in to much money just for it to get ruined due to my lack of skill.

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  • Looking for a good pair of casual shoes that are comfortable and good for walking?

    Hey so I'm going to college in a couple month and am looking for a new pair of shoes. My budget is between $100 and $200. I've had adidas nmds r1s and nike air270s in the past and really like both. But I wanted to look for something new. I'm on here looking for suggestions for something that is stylish, comfortable, and durable. Any suggestions. Brand doesn't matter either.

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  • Are regular or low lebrons better?

    I've been looking to get a pair of lebron 17s. I can't decide between regular or low style need some opinions.

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  • Are the Dame 6s a good shoe?

    I like the way they look and after reading some mixed reviews I wanted some outside opinions. Should I get a pair of dame 6s or look for a different shoe?

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  • Why is it that all of the sudden it is bad if a person is a centralist of a republican?

    I don't understand why extreme liberals think that if you don't fully support the democratic party it means that you are a racist and a bad person. Like has America become so caught up in other things that we forgot what the first amendment is. Why is it that people think that just because you think differently about anything it automatically makes you wrong? I am personally a centralist on certain subjects I agree with democrats and others I agree with republicans. Like I agree that we need to save the environment because there are serious issues, and another thing is I support the second amendment I don't believe in disarming people. But even then agreeing with the republicans somehow makes me a bad person to some people. I just don't understand why and it truly upsets me that people cannot just agree to disagree anymore they need to push and push until the world sees only one way the extreme liberal way.

    1 AnswerPolitics1 month ago
  • Why do people get upset when I say I don't support the LGBTQ community?

    Whenever I talk with some of my friends they get upset when I say that I do not support the LGBTQ community. I grew up as a catholic and was taught that it is wrong to be homosexual. Also I have always found it somewhat weird that people are attracted to the same sex. Don't get me wrong I have a couple gay friends and I do not hold anything against them cause they are different. While I cannot understand their choices it has never hurt out friendship. But what I don't understand is why people get mad when I give my reasons that I have been taught otherwise for so long, that I find it weird and not normal, and lastly I find it wrong. Why won't people accept my opinion like I'm not trying to argue about it.

  • Any good game suggestions?

    I just got a new gaming computer and was thinking about games I will play any suggestions?

    2 AnswersVideo & Online Games2 months ago
  • What is the biggest joke of a major in college?

    A couple friends and I were talking and one of us said gender studies, a couple of us said fine arts, and one kid said philosophy. Now I understand that people believe that all majors should be taken seriously but some things are just a waste of a major. I wanted to hear some of your guys opinions on this.

    6 AnswersHigher Education (University +)2 months ago
  • What is the most worthless college degree?

    A couple friends and I were talking about college degrees and which one is the most worthless in America. My one friend said gender studies, another said music, and fine arts was said by a couple. I just wanted some more opinions on this topic. Also sorry if anyone is any of the majors listed obviously no offense.

    5 AnswersHigher Education (University +)2 months ago
  • Why do people want to disband the police force?

    I understand with everything that has transpired as of late. And let me begin by saying I completely agree there needs to be change. Systematic racism and racism as a whole must come to an end it is disgusting. What I do not agree with is disbanding the police force. I do not see how that will bring any positive change. I see so many people advocating to get rid of the police but then who will be there to protect the people. Without a police force who will investigate crimes who will arrest legit criminals who could possibly effect the lives of so many. I don't think it is a rational thought to want to disband the police force. Can someone please explain to me the point of doing this?

    5 AnswersLaw Enforcement & Police2 months ago
  • Why is marijuana still illegal?

    I understand that it has been labeled as a drug for the longest time. While smoking is never good smoking weed is somewhat better than smoking cigarettes, as there could possibly be less damaging additives. Also weed has shown to have health benefits for people with both mental and physical disabilities. So why do people still think that it should be illegal?

    8 AnswersLaw & Ethics2 months ago