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  • Low carb diet???? ...?

    Hi I was looking to diet and lose a bit of weight I'm 10st 7 and 5 ft 8 at the mo and am looking to drop past the 10 st mark to get me to my pre pregnancy weight.

    I was thinking of cutting carbs and exercising. I was gonna cut bread, pasta, rice, sugar and potatoes?

    should that work? One thing I'm confused about is fruit and veg is high in carbs are they ok to eat? I know I sound dumb but I don't know anything about stuff like this


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  • Is there a song about....?

    A man being in love with a girl while he's with someone else? But from the girl he loves point of view?

    Saying something like 'are you thinking of me while you're with her?' Sort of thing?


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  • My boyfriend wants to go away at the end of my pregnancy?

    My boyfriend has a ticket to a festival which is at the other end of the country (roughly takes about 7/8 hours to get there by car) and its next weekend. Obviously if it was any other time then I wouldnt care if he went and would be like yeah! have a good time... But at the time I will be 36 weeks pregnant. I know that is ok and I still have 4 weeks til my due date from that time but my issue is i had a scare this weekend that I had gone into premature labour... and have been leaking fluid which the midwives are keeping an eye on theyre not too worried about (without going into detail).

    My point is after this weekend I think he is being selfish and risking it too much to go so far away, its not as if its an hour down the road its 8, as well as him being drinking and in loud music. If anything was to happen it be unlikely id be able to contact him straight away. He'd be drunk and the chances of him getting back in time are slim... Obviously he is my birthing partner and I dont want anyone else there. Ive tried telling him about how much I dont want him to go but he wont listen.

    Does anyone think i'm being irrational and worried over nothing? or is he just being selfish and needs to be there for me and his baby?

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  • lager shandy in pregnancy?

    hi, im 30 weeks pregnant and haven't drunk any alcohol through my entire pregnancy, but it was my nans 70th today and i had a few lager shandies. Overall i had the equivalent of one 284ml stella bottle mixed with about 1.5ltrs of lemonade over the space of about 6/7 hours and ate loads too. The unit equivalent is about 1.4 units. Will everything be ok? ive known people to carry on drinking wine and everything in pregnancy but i could never do that... it didnt cross my mind that i was actually drinking alcohol really as it was over such a long period of time and it was so diluted.

    will everything be ok?? i wont have done any damage to my child would i?

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  • where can i watch true blood season 5 episode 2 online?

    i've seen episode 1. i want to watch 2 'authority always wins' or something...

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  • What to avoid after wisdom tooth extraction?

    My OH had one of his wisdom teeth extracted yesterday due to infection. It has bled quite a bit and only stopped bleeding about lunch time today.

    Hes was just wondering what he should avoid and how long for seeing as in the bleeding has only been stopped for a few hours? Hes dying for a cup of tea but can only drink it piping hot!lol

    How long shall he avoid -

    Hot drinks (i heard 24/48 hrs?)

    Carbonated drinks (3/4 days?)

    Alcohol (3/4 days?)

    Eating solid food (24/48 hours?)

    When can he brush his teeth? (24 hours after?)

    Avoid strenuous exercise (3/4 days?)

    He doesnt smoke.. And what else should he do to prevent bleeding out again? His dentist didnt tell him much!

    Thanks guys x

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  • bridal breakfast on the morning of the wedding ideas?

    my mum is getting married in November and on the morning of the wedding when the rest of the bridesmaids come over and the mother of the bride (my nan) come over to get ready together we were thinking of having a little breakfast buffet with like champagne and croissants etc

    does anyone have any ideas what we could do and have? or a link to a website with idea??

    (im not on about the 'wedding breakfast the meal of the wedding')

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  • Pessary during the day?

    I am 18 weeks pregnant and have thrush. I forgot to put my pessary in before i went to sleep. Can i put it in now? This morning? It says on the box to do it at night. Will it not work if i do it now?

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  • May be a bit TMI but I need a bit of advice.?

    Hi, this may be a bit tmi but id like to know if its normal as i dont wanna waste my doctors/midwifes time if theyll just shoo me away with 'its totally normal'.

    Im 4 1/2 months pregnant with my first and every time i have sex with

    my OH after there is a thick white discharge ... I dont remember having this before and its quite off putting for my OH and embarrassing for me. Theres not smell or itching and i dont think it is thrush. Id really like to know if any of you have had it? Is it normal? How can i stop it if i can??? Also sometimes it burns a bit when i wee after sex not all time tho. And no its not a UTI or and STI i had all blood work and infection check at midwife appt and all was clear.

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  • is it safe for my boyfriend to go away at 37 weeks?

    my boyfriend and his friend really want to go to this festival in stratford around the time im 37 weeks pregnant. (he hasnt bought the ticket yet) ... ive said to him im not fussed whether he goes or not but really im actually worried i could go into labour and he nots going to be there and be drunk in a field miles and miles away.

    we live in bournemouth and the festival is just past birmingham. At the start i really didnt have a problem with it but now im thinking oh my god! what if i go into labour and he cant get back down here etc etc..

    would you say it was safe for him to go ?? :/

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  • Alcohol and pregnancy?

    It was my best friends birthday last night... And i had 1 alcopop ie. a VK it was 4% and 1.1 unit, i know that by now it will have past through my body. I am really kicking myself and feeling guilty and unable to sleep now as i am worried i may have harmed my unborn baby... Ive read and heard its ok to have a drink every now and again but after further internet research ive found it to be saying avoid alcohol in first 3 months... I am currently 2 months pregnant. I dont intend to drink at all again in this pregnancy. And i am already beating myself up enough for drinking it so please dont be leaving abusive messages like 'you shouldnt be having a child if ur drinking' and 'you are so dumb and irresponsible' i just want to know WILL this ONE drink harm my baby at all. I am in a panic :( this is my first pregnancy and i am only 20 so i am completely new to this please help put my mind at rest... I have my first midwife appt tomorrow so i will be telling and asking her too. But any advice or previous experience would be greatly appreciated thanks

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  • i dont know how to cope?

    i found out i was pregnant little over a week ago since then my boyfriend has left me... pretty sh*tty right? now he says he just cant be dealing with a relationship at the moment and we've broken up before and ive left him to it and hes come crawling back. but its not that easy this time.

    im terrified im gunna be left on my own with a baby. Im quite young and this wasnt planned but i never had it down that he would leave me. i try talking to him about it but hes just messing me around constantly and acting childish. I understand hes probably scared, but so am i.

    im so stressed about it i keep getting angry and crying and i dont think i have ever been this stressed in my life.

    surely the stress isnt good for the baby? has anyone else experienced this, their partner leaving them after pregnancy? can stress cause miscarriage? i will never forgive him if i lose my baby of the way hes acted.

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  • Could this be pregnancy?

    I came off birth control (pill) 2 maybe 3 months ago and me and my boyfriend havent been trying nor have we been preventing. Happy accident you could call it! Now since i came off my period seemed quick falling quickly into pattern of 28 days. Now this month my cycle has now gone up to 32 days.... Ie 4 days late. Now ive been feeling bloated and as if my period is due to come on any minute and have felt that for the past few days. Ive felt a bit crampy but theyve been mild and unlike my usual painful menstrual cramps. And also 'heavy' in my stomach as if my uterus is full, i dont know if that makes sense to you! Im not really what other signs to look for? Obviously ive googled it and its popped up with the usual 10 early signs. But from women with experience - does what im feeling sound familiar? Ive also been extremely snappy! Lol could this be pregnancy?

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  • weather in late april in rhodes?

    i'm going on holiday on the 23rd april to rhodes in greece :) i was just wondering what the weather is usually like out there to pack for my suitcase.

    i've googled it but it come up with varied answers.

    just wondering if anybody knew from personal experience or someone they knew had been

    thanks :D

    3 AnswersGreece10 years ago
  • are these night sweats normal? and how do I prevent them?

    I'm just recovering from the flu, all the symptoms such as fever aches and chills have gone all I'm left with is cough, cold, sore throat and that's it. One thing that is really bothering me is when ever I go to sleep with about 2 hours I wake up completely drenched in sweat to the point I have to get up, change my clothes, covers etc.

    I was wondering is this normal? and how can I prevent it? its really affecting my sleep badly. I've tried sleeping with a window open, drinking plenty of fluid, paracetamol, ibuprofen. Nothing seems to work. I really need this to go it's horrible.

    before people ask I highly doubt its something like hot flushes due to the menopause as I'm only 18 lol.

    Any help or advice would be appreciated.


    1 AnswerInfectious Diseases10 years ago
  • could this be pregnancy or something else?

    I'm a little confused at the moment. I am late for my period by 8/9 days which is very unusual for me as they're pretty regular and usually come every 28 days. I admit to stupidly having unprotected sex several times last month with my boyfriend.

    Also I have an ridiculously insatiable appetite at the moment I can eat a full meal, then twenty minutes later my tummy will be rumbling again! And I cannot get enough of crisps I can eat packets and packets. Although I thought it was unusual to get cravings this early if i was pregnant. I'm also getting tummy cramps as if my period were about to start but then never happens... this has been for about 2 days. But they're much less painful than my usual menstrual cramps. I'm strangely thirsty and always tired - I can sleep for 12 hours then find myself falling asleep at my desk! This is also unusual. And am having a few dizzy spells.

    The confusing part is... I took a pregnancy test 1 day after my missed/late period and was negative. I read the box and it said over 90% accurate (it was a very cheap 1.49 over-the-counter test). I'm unsure of what to do... The obvious, do another test, but if its negative, why are these strange things happening? What could be another cause? I'm usually pretty healthy.

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  • does anyone know what film this is?

    I watched a film on sky movies a few months back and cant remember what its called.. I don't think that any one in it was particularly famous but I do know that it had been released in the past few years.

    Its a horror and theres a group of college kids that bus breaks down down in the middle of the desert in like and old western setting and it looks like its deserted but then weird things start happening.. the college like teacher principal person gets buried alive another teacher person gets hung and the mechanic trying to fix the bus gets set on fire by ghosts... ummm theres like 4 main ghosts and they need to get these wiccan crosses with blessings on to the different corner to make a pentagram to get rid of these ghosts. the more the ghost kill the stronger they get....

    there are other murders in it does anyone know what this film is called?

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  • Can puppies drink cow's milk?

    me and my boyfriend have just got a puppy she's female half jack russell half patter dale terrier. I always thought that it was ok to give puppies milk but when i went into the pet shop to get food the shop owner (has no vet training or anything) said it was bad to give puppies milk. She's 10 weeks old and very healthy but doesn't like drinking water that much...

    19 AnswersDogs1 decade ago
  • What's happened to my dog?

    my dog was laying on the sofa asleep she woke up suddenly seemed to be making a heaving noise as if she were to vomit so i went to pick her up to remove her incase she was sick on the furniture but she went all limp so placed he back down.. she the sat up so i picked her up and moved her to the kitchen she stood for a while not doing anything now she is acting normal. what couldve happened?

    8 AnswersDogs1 decade ago
  • why does bankruptcy and debt affect joining the police force?

    i'm writing a college essay on entry requirments for the british police force and why they are them. i've come across that you cannot join if you've declared bankrupt or you are in major debt. why is this?

    8 AnswersLaw Enforcement & Police1 decade ago