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  • Can I be a Social Worker at 42?

    I English and Social Science GCSE grade C and above but not Maths which I only got a D. I do have a BTEC Nat Dip in Social Care and a BA (not hons) in Writing and an MA Writing degree. I also have some experience mentoring school leavers through my current NHS employment.

  • Why do girls blow hot and cold?

    Im a guy btw.

    So me and this colleague have a little history. Were quite close and flirty at one time but things got complicated and things cooled and we drifted apart.

    Earlier this week she was drafted in to work a late shift with me where we were alone in the office. I tried to keep myself to myself and get on with my work but she would always find a way to start a conversation. At one point she stood right before me twirling her hair whilst asking me something, always laughing at my jokes. At one point she said she missed coming in to work and laughing and then as it was my bday the next day asked me how old i was going to be to which i replied i was old enough to be her father (which i am - i'm 15 years older than her). so everything seemed fine between us again.

    the next day was my bday so i was off work. i got no happy bday text from her. the next day at work she passed me without a hello or even a 'how was your birthday'. total freeze.

    why do girls do this? its not like i was hitting on her or anything...all i want is to be friends.

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  • is she being friendly or hitting on me?

    i'm a guy btw.

    so there was this girl at work i really liked. we became good friends which became quite flirtatious.

    things got complicated after i kind of made my feelings known and she backed off. i backed off too and we didn't speak for a while until a drinks do where we kind of drunk too much and had a heated discussion about whose fault it was that things got awkward etc. i later apologised and at a next drinks do after not talking all evening we shook hands and agreed to put it behind us.

    we didnt talk for a couple of weeks after that at work until the other day when she stopped me in the hallway and asked if i was ok. we stood and made small talk for a few minutes.

    during the next few days i refrained from approaching or saying hello until today when again she said hello before talking to other male colleagues by my desk.

    considering what happened between us in the past i thinking it best not to really have too much contact but she seems determined to initiate conversation. what do you think?

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  • Girl not helping my obsession?

    im a 38 year old guy btw.

    so this 23 year old girl at work and i grew quite close. at first it was platonic and then over time our relationship became quite flirtatious in person and by email.

    realising the age gap is too much i pointed out how we had to stop all this because i was developing feelings for her which we did.

    she then started emailing me again by offering cups of hot chocolate but soon we were back to where we were. being flirtatious and teasing etc.

    at one point she started texting me one friday night which became quite flirtatious. again i pointed out how what we were doing was dangerous as someone might get hurt to which she apologised the next morning and said how her head was all over the place and she didnt know how to act around me...

    its difficult having to see her every day but i get the feeling she keeps on finding ways for us to bump into each other.

    at present i am keeping my distance. ill say hello if i pass her in the hallway but thats it. i'm doing the right thing, arent i?

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  • Why is she bringing up the past?

    im a guy btw.

    so an office relationship with a colleague went sour. although she gave indicators of interest and flirted with me she saw me as no more than a friend when i made my feelings known.

    we didnt speak to each other for the next few months until a work do. i approached with the intention of moving on but she started blaming me for making things awkward for her in the office and for teh break up of her bfriend which started an argument between us.

    why would she do this? wouldnt it be better to just forget things? alcohol was involved.

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  • is the 15 year age gap the problem?

    im a guy btw.

    she's 23 and i'm 38.

    so i'm pretty sure this girl at work was into me. we were flirting with each other consistently by email for many months, she got very upset when i said she wasnt my type even though she had a bfriedn at the time. even when i confessed my feelings she still continued to email me and flirt with me by text.

    at one point she said 'her head was all over the place and she didnt know how to act with me' and that she had to 'decide what to do' when i said that doing this was dangerous when she had a bfriend as someone could get hurt. but when she made her decision she said that all she could offer was friends. at one point i asked her if it was the age gap she was afraid of to which she replied - 'no, i have friends older than you, lol'.

    we didnt speak or contact each other at work for a while and things until last week at a work drinks do.

    i approached her to try to put things behind us but she brought up the past saying i made things awkward for her in the office and was the cause of her relationship break down which caused an argument between us and one point she said i was old enough to be her father which is fair enough.

    im confused as to why at first she gave so many indicators of interest for so many months only to now go cold and insist that all those emails and texts were stuff she would say to friends.

    could it be the age gap that is the problem?

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  • is she into me.............?

    i'm a guy btw.

    i had a great relationship with a girl at work who i grew very close to. we would banter and flirt with each other every day by email during work.

    one day i jokingly told her that she wasn't my type and that i didnt need anyone in my life and she got VERY upset. i thought she was going to cry.

    when i asked if she was upset all she could do was nod. i really didnt expect this kind of reaction. as far as i was concerned it was just harmless banter.

    would a girl behave this way if she wasnt really interested? or could she be really insecure?

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  • Did I pass this girl's test?

    I'm a guy buy the way. Hilda is my grandmother's name.

    So me and this work colleague had been flirting for past 6 months. She had a bfriend during this time. After one particularly flirtatious texting session she said she had to make up her mind about what to do. A few days later she said all she could offer was' friends'. Although my gut tells me she is testing me.

    Anyway, she split with her bfriend not long after. I found out from a colleague. I approached her but again I got the 'I can only be friends' response.

    I replied 'That's fine. In fact I'd rather we were just colleagues and do what we're paid to do. Gnite'. She replied 'ok. goodnight'.

    Was this good?

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  • How do you fall out of love with someone you work with?

    So i fell in love with my colleague who is unavailable. Considering I have to see this person every day, five days a week, how do you go about falling out of love with someone you spend so much time in the same room with?

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  • Am I bi-polar? PLease help?

    I am a ten year old male who has been told I may be bi-polar because of my mood swings.

    What are the chances of this being true?

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  • What is wrong with my laptop?

    When I connect to a wireless network it connects but the page says 'Internet Explorer could not display the webpage' or something like that.

    Normally in the library internet works every time but now it doesn't. What could be wrong? I tried deleting temporary files and cookies etc but that doesn't seem to do the trick.

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  • Can I complete my BA degree?

    I completed 340 credits out of a total 360 credits back in 2000. An accident prevented me from completing the degree and after finding work I never got round to completing it.

    Now wanting to finish what I started is it possible to finish this degree?

    The University where I started it say they don't the original degree anymore as it has changed into something else. Can I transfer these credits to another UNiversity? Other than doing another 3 years what can I do?

  • Help with landlord query?

    I agreed to pay a rental increase on condition the landlord redecorated my flat. This was in June.

    When the agent asked where the newly signed contract was I told them the redecs were not done so I hadnt signed. They sent me a new contract with a new date.

    The decorater then told me he would begin works Wednesday just gone and be finished by today. He never showed up nor did he call me to rearrange.

    What can I say to the agents this time? I really didn't want to pay a rent increase which is why I asked for redecs. Do i have a case to say I am not paying a rent increase because they have not fulfiled their part of the bargain?

    How do I say this without getting their backs up as I dont want to lose my home just yet?

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  • Best ingrediants to make a muscle building protein shake?

    What shall I put into my homemade protein shakes? I've heard of whey protein and creatine. Where can I buy these? And are they that important? Can i use egg whites and peanut butter instead?

    Looking for high protein found in average cupboard and low carbs.

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  • What is this pain in my knee?

    I go jogging for 40-45 mins every other day. I'll feel a twinge in my knee at first but it will go away later.

    When relaxed there is a pain just under the knee cap. When I bang lightly on it it there is a tender spot that hurts. What is it and why? It's been there for months now and is not going away.

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  • Why am I getting so many spots?

    I'm a 38 year old man with a face like a teenager. They are all over my face and forehead. Almost every day I get a puss filled whitehead outbreak on my face with are sore. I never touch them. I always leave them to go away by themselves.

    When they die down I am left with large, reddish/purply scars all over my face. I eat fairly well although I like a lot of cheese in my diet or oily foods.

    What can it be?

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  • What kind of creature is in my flat?

    They have brown shell like bodies but move like maggots...wriggly and squidgy with lots of fine, maggots with brown shell-like bodies...what are they?

    i found one on my kitchen work top surface. i threw it out of the window but on the way back from work i found another one crawling up the stairs....don't know if it was the same one...

    i am finding more and more of them in my flat. WHAT THE HELL ARE THEY????

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  • How to negotiate with Landlord?

    The landlord requested a £21 monthly rent increase.

    I didn't want to do this so I thought I would be smart and requested the following:

    1) Flat to be redecorated

    2) damp and mould to be retreated

    3) new curtains

    4) television aerial to be installed

    5) a washing machine (was told by agent one came with flat only to discover after i moved in it didn't)

    the landlord has agreed to point 1-4 but not the fifth - the washing machine.

    Should I agree and pay the rent increase or hold out and say it's all or nothing...

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