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  • I want to send a powerpoint presentation (ppsx file) as a christmas card via email?

    I can obviously send as an attachment, but I want the file to open automatically when the email is open. I am using Office 2010 and Outlook for mail.

    Any ideas as I'm out of them

    THanks in advance

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  • Pond full of Water 'Hoglice'?

    Hiya, I have been moved into my parents house which came complete with garden pond which i know little about. Today i started pulling out some of the pond weed as there is quite a lot,and it is infested with what i believe to be hoglice, the weed is literally running alive with it, it's not something I have ever heard of or come across before, the pond otherwise seems okay, full of tadpoles at the moment and only a couple of fish and some babies which were born in the pond last year. should I just leave these lice? Is there anything I can do to get rid? are they causing harm?

    Hoping someone with pond knowledge will be able to assist on this one as I don't want to completely mess up the ecology of the pond.

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  • speaker cabinet - value?

    hi I have a speaker cabinet, (was used by guitarist) it's produced by Allan Gordon of London, and has 4x12" Celestion speakers... just wondering if anyone has a rough idea of value (can't remember spec of speakers but will check when i go there later and edit if it's not too late)

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  • Basic Astronomy - Help for Cubs?

    Hiya, I did post a question last week but it got lost in all those messages regarding the meteor shower.

    I'm off to camp next week with our Cubs and we're doing the Astronomy Badge as part of our activities, I know very little about astronomy and I think the other leaders know a little too but they're not very good at explaining and things, below are the activities we need to complete for the badge, can anyone help me in simple terms with the less obvious aspects, some good easy to spot constellations (I can find the big dipper lol) and if you have time give me some simple explaination on astronomy as I would like to create a fact sheet and perhaps a quiz for the cubs to do.. I thank you in advance.


    Make a model or draw a simple diagram of the solar system.

    Explain the difference between a planet and a star.

    Identify three constellations.

    Find out about and present some information on the two of the following: Planets, Comets, the Northern Lights, The Sun, Eclipses, Meteorites, Black holes, The Moon, Light years, Space exploration or any other space related subject.

    Observe the moon, if possible using binoculars or a telescope. Describe some of its features.

    Know how to locate and identify the pole star or Southern Star. Know how explorers used it to navigate and plot courses.


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  • Can anyone point me in the direction of a good site for Astronomy for Beginners?

    I'm going camp with the cubs in a couple of weeks and they're doing their Astronomers Badge, I'm looking for a good site that will give me some easy but interesting basic Astronomy facts and some pointers as to what we can look out for in the sky (other than the moon of course.... think even i can find that lol) and if there are any interesting out of the ordinary things happening in the skys over the south east of england the weekend we are away. thanks in advance.

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  • Yellow Lump in Throat?

    My stepgrandson has got a yellow (pusy looking) lump on the side of his throat (not tonsils) it looks fit to burst and very yellow, he has had a swab taken and now referred to oncocology but the appointment is not for 2 weeks, my stepdaughter is besides herself with worry obviously, I was just wondering if anyone medical out there would have an idea what this could be, I've looked up the various throat cancers but no pictures resemble what he has, to me it looks more like a cyst but again I can't find anything that resembles, its' almost like a ball in the to the side at the back of his throat, it's causing no pain or discomfort. I realise no one can diagnose but if there is more info at least we can start preparing (he's 14 i forgot to add)

    thanks in advance.

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  • How can I make myself more employable?

    I've not worked since having my son, i think the trendy name is a 'career break' I've been actively looking for the past couple of years but not found anything suitable or been selected for posts i've been for. In the past 3 months i've been sending my CV out at least half a dozen times a day, and have had a few interviews, one today in which the main topic of conversation was, that they thought because i'd not worked for 'so long' that i wouldn't be able to cope with the workload... ridiculous, any idea's how i can get potential employers to see past the long break since i worked and to see that I do have relevant experience and skills for the jobs I'm applying for, I'm becoming really fed up of it all now, and desperate to start working again. thanks in advance for any advice given :)

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  • Mirror Removal - Stuck with 'No-Nails'?

    Hiya, I'm redecorating one of the bedrooms at the house we're about to move to, and the donut who lived there previously (my dad!) in his wisdome has stuck a mirror (no frame just a big round glass mirror) direct to the wall (over wallpaper) with no nails, any idea's on how to remove it minimising the risk of shattering the mirror?

    Thanks in advance.

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  • how can i get back on track with my diet?

    I joined slimming world (again) last august and done really well, slow but well and by christmas had lost nearly 2 stone, since christmas what with illness lazyitus and lost my whatever it was i had that enabled me to stick to the diet, i have put on most of what i'd lost in 4 months in 6 weeks and that's not with eating lots of what i shouldn't.

    How can i get my mind back in the right place to start again at the moment i have the typical self loathing and can't see the point of going thru all that again, how do you train your brain that 'diet' is how it's going to be forever and to eat 'normal' will make me put on weight... how do people do it and stick to it and manage to keep it off without being obsessive? I don't want food to be my way of life i don't want to think about everything i eat as to it's syn value, i wouldn't mind if i was talking about plates of greasy foods or chocolate, i'm just talking 'normal' dinners... AHHHHH why can't i have the skinny gene from my dad lol

    just wondered how anyone else has got back on track and how they've managed to maintain and how successful it's been? thanks muchly

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  • what is the 'word' for the opposite of nocturnal?

    This is a question from my son when he was six and I've still not found the answer, now we all know that if someone/something sleeps during the day and 'lives' during the night they're nocturnal, but is there a word to describe the rest of us that do the 'normal' sleep at night live by day routine? it's not the meaning, we know that you're either nocturnal or not, but what is the actual word to describe non-nocturnal?

    many thanks

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  • Has anyone any experience as a 'Better Reading Partner'?

    I've just done a course to be a Better Reading Partner at my son's school and the program is due to start in a couple of weeks and i'm now thinking EEEK am I out of my depth here?

    Has anyone done this with kids? is it as daunting as it feels right now... any experiences welcome thanks.

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  • What channels do you get with BT vision?

    I was told by BT that they offer 'more' than just freeview (via broadband connection) and i'm after getting their bronze pack with films and kids channels but i can't find out exactly what i get anywhere.. has anyone got it and what do you think of it... i'm so fed up of having gawd knows how many channels with sky and nothing but poop on it to flick thru and fancied a change.

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  • Has anyone phoned Sky to cancel and been offered a better deal?

    I'm planning on jumping to BT vision and wondered if anyone has phoned to cancel and been offered something too good to turn down? guess i'm kinda hoping they'll throw stuff at me to make me stay. Experiences please :)

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  • what channels do you get with BT vision?

    I was told by BT that they offer 'more' than just freeview (via broadband connection) and i'm after getting their bronze pack with films and kids channels but i can't find out exactly what i get anywhere.. has anyone got it and what do you think of it... i'm so fed up of having gawd knows how many channels with sky and nothing but poop on it to flick thru and fancied a change.

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