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  • Car Loan Alternatives to build credit?

    I want to have a car loan to build my credit history and file, however I already got a nice Altima. What kind of other loans can I look for to build my credit history and file (besides student loans)

    3 AnswersCredit5 months ago
  • Do I need a car loan to build credit?

    I’m 19 years old, my credit score is somewhere around the 690 area. I got 5 credit cards, all combined together I have a total credit limit of $6,700. I want to build immaculate credit and going to try to have 5 percent or under credit usage on my credit cards. I know thats already a good step, plus to keep credit over time and pay bills on time, however My father says if I want to build really good credit I need a car loan. I’m not at the point where I need another car, so is my 5 credit cards enough to build a good credit history from? I want to achieve a score above 780 and know it’s gonna take a while, but I’m dedicated to it and doing it for my future for best interest rates, to be able to be approved for apartments, buying a house about ten years from now, etc. Thanks!

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  • Need help getting back into shape (running?

    I never was really muscular, but last year I weighed 20 lbs less, could run 2-4 miles a day (sometimes more if I wanted to) and looked good. Been traveling for a year and fell off the wagon and gain a solid 20. Need to get back into shape but it’s hard for me to run past two miles and I usually last for 1 to 1.5

    Any tips?

    1 AnswerRunning9 months ago
  • Help with Pure OCD? (Counting Numbers in head and avoiding the number 6 constantly)?

    I know this is silly and I wish I got more characters to explain, but I would really appreciate any help whatsoever or advice, even though I have been getting better i in need to eliminate my OCD forever. I got pure OCD, and I guess the thing I fear is I can't stop obsessing over thoughts that end in 6 and I'm not superstitious, it could be any thought and especially bad thoughts or thoughts related to a traumatic episode, and when I try to clear that thought out I'd have to put it on a different number with no affiliation of the number 6 whatsoever. And thoughts pop out of nowhere, mostly intrusive thoughts, saying that I ended my thought or thoughts in the number 6 and i would still have to do a compulsion to make sure that the number 6 is not affiliated in my mind or within my though or though processes (even if the number it says it's on, which is 6, is totally false and just popped up out of nowhere). It's so crazy like if I think of a thought and add other stuff to it like how many times I breathed/stepped/how many fingers I felt on my body while sitting down or how many fingers were on the steering wheel of my car, etc. , and if it ended on 6 I would go on a mental process in mind to erase that thought or whole entire thought process to make sure the number 6 is not affiliated at all

    Anyways I know there's nothing to fear and it's all just one big giant mind game, I just want to better at letting it go and accepting it. Any advice would be heavily appreciated

    2 AnswersMental Health2 years ago