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  • Remove the case from Amama PLW6153WM (1995)?

    Amana Commercial Washer is leaking at the spin cycle.  This machine actually has the guts of a Speed Queen, which is why it's going strong at 25.  If the outer tub is leaking, I'd like to patch it.

    3 AnswersCleaning & Laundry3 months ago
  • When the dishwasher drain hose is disconnected should water flow out the disposal inlet?

    I've been trying to fix the draining problem with my dishwasher. When I pull the dishwasher hose off the disposal and run water into the sink, it drains without coming out the dishwasher drain inlet. Could the clog be in there or is that normal? And YES THE PUNCH OUT FOR THE DISHWASHER ON THE DISPOSAL IS LONG GONE. I can't feel any gunk in there either.

    It seems like water should come out the disposal if the dishwasher line is disconnected but it doesn't. 

    It's a newer 1/2 HP Insinkerator. 

    6 AnswersMaintenance & Repairs8 months ago
  • GE dishwasher not draining?


    Two years old 

    Leaving 3" in bottom, overflowing/leaking 

    Last week I put a pot of boiling water and TSP through it several times, and it worked perfectly again for a few days. Then I resumed using Finish Powerball and it stopped draining again. Nothing but a dribble.

    Bad float switch? How would I know? Just a coincidence that it stopped working when I resumed using the Finish soap? Is that damn red powerball jamming something?

    What do I look at next?!  This dishwasher has a built-in disposer (Piranha). I didn't think it would have this issue. Is it the soap?! Or just a coincidence?!

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  • Is Ambit Energy REALLY associated with Amway, another MLM scheme?

    Multi-level marketing scheme (almost a Ponzi scheme). They never pick up their phone, either.

    3 AnswersMarketing & Sales2 years ago
  • Help interpreting B12, MMA and folate?

    Methylmalonic acid: 60 nmol/L (reference 87-318 nmol/L) *LOW*

    B12: 486 pg/ml (reference 200-1100 pg/ml) *LOW NORMAL*

    Folate: 16.9 ng/ml (reference >5.4 ng/ml) *MAYBE HIGH?*

    Anything to be concerned with here?

    2 AnswersMedicine5 years ago
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    Add an outlet to this box?

    Outlet can stay hot, but I'd prefer it to shut off with light switch #1

    The two whites are connected as are the two bare coppers.

    4 AnswersDo It Yourself (DIY)5 years ago
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    How to add an outlet to this box?

    Two gang box, putting the two light switches onto the left with two half switches. Want an outlet to the right that will shut off when switch 1 is shut off.

    6 AnswersDo It Yourself (DIY)5 years ago
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    How to wire an outlet into this box?

    Two gang box, using half switches for the two lights and want an outlet that turns off when light #1 is switched off.

    3 AnswersDo It Yourself (DIY)5 years ago
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    Download apps on IPhone?!?

    Where's the download button?! I click on the App Store icon. Search and find the app I want (flashlight), click on the one I want, go to the page - there are tabs for details, reviews, related but no link no button to download the app. No price, nothing. Can't even add it to the empty wish list. There are also updates listed but clicking on them only takes me to a website. Wtf

    1 AnswerCell Phones & Plans5 years ago
  • Elderly cat dragging her back legs, eating well, very thin...?

    For more than ten years my calico has been losing around a pound a month. She's 17 now, and down to six pounds. No vet has ever been able to figure out why; I suspect IBS. About ten days ago, her back legs became very weak, and she started dragging them. Her blood work was mostly normal, thyroid high normal. She did have a UTI, which is being treated with Clavimox.

    What could be going on? I don't want to drag her in for another ultrasound. If it's lymphoma or IBS, won't it be treated with steroids anyway? I don't know what to do for her.

    1 AnswerCats6 years ago
  • Can you accidentally "pop" a healthy underarm / breast lymph node?

    I was laying on the floor trying to get something out from under the bed and I was really twisted; I was putting pressure on my left underarm/breast area. All of a suudden I felt a pop - not like a joint or anything else I've ever felt. It seriously felt like a small hard balloon popping!

    It's been aching in that area for about a week now.

    Can't find a thing on the web about this. I'm healthy otherwise nothing swollen or likely to "pop" on its own!?

    Is this possible and nothing to worry about or what?

    4 AnswersCancer6 years ago
  • What would you say to this?

    "I wouldn't ask you to do anything you wouldn't want to do, so don't ask me to do things I don't want to do."

    Is this person spoiled, stubborn, an *** or just has no empathy? Is he hopelessly selfish?

    7 AnswersMarriage & Divorce7 years ago
  • Minimum payment is more than balance due; GE Credit sucks anyway.?

    My EBay mastercard statement says my minimum payment due is $45, due 3/17, and my balance is $44.90. I bet if I only paid the $44.90 balance now (before the due date), I'd get a $35 late fee for the 10 cents after the due date. How does this figure out? How can your minimum payment be MORE than your actual balance on a credit card? They can not by law round out any of your balances.

    Out of all the credit card companies, GE credit is the sneakiest and was the very last to comply with the consumer laws. They also do not have automatic payment options, so if you forget...fees fees fees.

    4 AnswersCredit7 years ago
  • 1999 Corolla burning massive oil good compression?

    Here's the facts:

    290K on a 1999 Corolla...

    Good compression, zippy

    Always used Mobil 1

    Was told 200K ago might need valve stem seals. Whatever. Evidently this model was a bit of an oil burner, but a good engine. 290K is pretty good for very little service.

    Went over a pothole a few weeks ago, and the check engine light went on. Cat converter, then Oxegen sensor codes. Then it blew black smoke out the tail pipe for a few days. The bumper was coated. Around and around with mechanics, then it started misfiring. Had it towed, the mechanic changed the plugs and wires, and it ran great. No black smoke. Except now I am blowing through 3 quarts of oil every tank of gas! The check engine light has stayed out except briefly going on, then out before an oil change. That mechanic put in regular (not synthetic) oil and Lucas Oil Treatment. That held the oil in for a little more, but still down a quart in 400 miles.

    Evidently NOT a head coolant in the oil, etc.

    What was up with the black smoke, then the fouled plugs?

    Why can't anyone for sure say it's NOT this or that?

    Good compression = good piston rings?

    Oil consumption maybe stuck oil ring?

    It's running like a two-stroke engine, equal parts oil and gas!


    The Lucas oil just filled up whatever gap there is...maybe then not oil rings? Maybe stem seals?

    The bumper is clean again, no black smoke. Pretty much all this started after the pot hole, but there is no visible leak, NO CRACKS IN THE PAN.

    Yes, 290K is elderly. But if it still has life in it, I want to keep driving the car. The only other thing wrong is a sticky radio set button...

    So, to recap:

    Check engine light came on after bump, brief black smoke episode

    Fouled plugs, misfiring

    New plugs, good compression and idle

    Still burning GREAT QUANTITIES of oil, no leak, coolant clean

    No check engine light now

    Switched from Mobil1 to regular oil against my better judgement. Oh well.

    Oil consumption slowed with Lucas Oil

    I'm thinking the fouled plugs were a symptom of something else, not the actual problem. Although they led to a nasty episode of misfiring.

    Should I change the oil and run AutoRx through it and see what happens? How can you tell for sure it's stem seals, or oil rings, or whatever?

    When is it time to say goodbye? Is 290K too young?

    1 AnswerToyota7 years ago
  • What classic contemporary literature character gets drunk and freezes to death at the end?

    For some reason I thought it was Catcher in the Rye. It's something in that generation/genre, maybe by Fitzgerald or Hemingway or? I remember reading the book in high school. The character was kind of a hood, but that's all I can remember.

    2 AnswersBooks & Authors7 years ago
  • Code split view in CS6 Dreamweaver...Annoying changes HELP?

    I'm working on a webpage, in split vertical code/design view. When I go to the css styles window and change anything, the vertical code view jumps to that css page, and the design view is still my webpage. So I'm looking at my page/design, but not the code that goes with it. I have to continually click Source Code every time I change the css. Older versions of CS didn't do this. Whatever you were looking at in design view is what you were seeing in the code. It's very annoying, because sometimes I'm looking through the css page before I realize it's not the source code the the webpage I'm working on in design view. How do I change this?

    2 AnswersProgramming & Design8 years ago
  • Should I sell my house and buy another now...?

    I recently go married and moved into my husband's house. It needs a ton of work inside and out. He paid $275,000 for it seven years ago. A few years ago it was appraised at $340,000. With real estate prices falling in our area, I've checked lots of comps and it's probably worth about $255,000 now if we're lucky. He owes around $190,000 on it now. He says we can fix it up and expand, but I'm seeing a minimum of $75K in work to bring this house to livable. Wiring, windows, I just hate it all. I don't want to deal with the mess, contractors, etc. I already did that with my house, which will be sold soon.

    Now, my question it a good idea to sell it now, in this bad market, and pick up a better house...something in the $300K range, that's ready to move into? If we borrow $75K to fix up this house, we'll have a $275K mortgage or more. There are some deals out there...lots of really nice empty houses bank owned etc. I was looking at one the other day that sold for $450K a few years ago, and was listed at $301K. I keep trying to make him understand...his house has dropped in value, but so have all the other homes in the area. So we're trading one undervalued home for another better ready to live in undervalued home. And this is a nice area, close to New York, that really won't ever bottom out, so it's worth staying around here.

    3 AnswersRenting & Real Estate8 years ago
  • Child support - who pays for lost wages and mileage for child's doctor app'ts?

    Is my brother responsible for reimbursing his ex for the time she takes off from work to drive their son to the dentist/doctor/swimming lessons, etc? He does pay his son's insurance premiums ($350/month), co-pays, swimming and baseball expenses, and buys all his cloths, toys, etc., as well as child support (which he recently increased on his own). She's asking for 4 hours wages plus the mileage for each appointment or activity, as she doesn't get paid for the time she takes from work.

    PLEASE be sure you have the right, legally correct answer to this question. Her demands have just about doubled his child support payments.

    10 AnswersLaw & Ethics8 years ago
  • How to tell six wires apart when all are BROWN?

    Pulled down a ceiling light (with a wall switch), and can't figure out how to wire up the new light. There are six wires (three pairs) coming in from three flexible conduits, and all are BROWN. AND there are two VERY thin wires coming out of two of the conduits that were kind of wadded up above the box.

    I think I know which pair is the switch loop, but no matter how I wire the other sets (three together and into the light, one from the switch loop into the light, the other two just together), it doesn't work. And what about some kind of ground? Is it further along somewhere in the circuit? To add complications...there's a subpanel with old fashioned glass fuses between this room and the main breaker box (recently upgraded/modern). Not that that matters...I just keep screwing the fuse in and out with each attempt, and once the main breaker blew when I put it back in, but the glass fuse in the subpanel didn't. What does that mean?

    SO...what I need is a better tester to figure out which of those wires of the remaining pairs are "black" and which are "white". Then the three whites go together along with the white from the light, one black to the black on the light (but which one, the switch loop black?), and the remaining two blacks together (two blacks from the two non-switch pairs?).

    RIGHT? So what's the best way to determine (safely) which one of each pair is hot/not, white/black? Is this the right way to wire a ceiling light with a wall switch anyway?

    What I really need is a simple tester that determines hot/neutral wires, and switch loops?

    2 AnswersMaintenance & Repairs8 years ago