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I'm currently 22. I live in Wisconsin and I am a large automotive enthusiast. Friends call me a gearhead and I get a lot of calls for help pertaining to engines and mechanical ordeals. I work for an automotive tool warehouse and I am an account representative/customer service employee. I spend my entire days dealing with nothing but car tools and car problems... I may be considered 'young', but I have a lot of experience already. I gain more and more with each day. I used to do a lot of autocross and snowmobile racing, hopefully more autocross in the near future. I lost my autocross/race vehicle to an accident but I am working on building my WRX up for the task right now then it'll be off to Road America once again!! If you ever have question feel free to ask!

  • Have they not instituted a review system in the MLB yet?

    I thought I watched a seminar on how the new review system works in the MLB. How come I watched the worse line call of my life on 5/1/09 at Miller Park and no review was made? The ball left a dent foul and the line umpire called it fair when it was CLEARLY foul. This is unjust when a review process can be instituted in every other league. Has anyone else wondered this? And how come it was not utilized??

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