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  • How many movies and TV series on DVD or Bluray do you have in your private collection?

    I was just curious to know if anyone has more than 100 or more movies on DVD in their collection.

    Have you updated most of them to Bluray?

    How many TV shows do you have on DVD or Bluray?

    I have over 200 movies on SD DVD and most have been updated to Bluray. Some I have and will update them to BD but not all of them because some movies are not worth updating. They are good enough quality on SD DVD. It all depends on the price too.

    The only BD I have on TV series are all the Star Trek series and movies that have been released on BD.

    The movies I am waiting for them to be released on BD are The Court Jester (1955), Forbidden Planet in R4, The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai, Showboat 1936 and 1951, Oklahoma, Invasion Of The Body Snatchers 1955, It Came From Outer Space, Outland, Key Largo (1947), Mildred Pierce, The Man With The X ray Eyes, and many more.

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  • How do I download photos from my Samsung 2 smart phone?

    I have a USB cable connected to my smart phone but I cannot download the photos from the mobile phone. They are all plugged in the USB port to my laptop. But what exactly is the process of getting the photos downloaded onto a file in my documents.

    What do I need to do on the phone?

    What do I need to do on my laptop and where do I go?

    Could someone please help me with the step by step process. Much appreciated.

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  • What's it like really like in New Mexico?

    I have watched all the 62 episodes of Breaking Bad online. I have noticed this about the state where the series takes place too. I don't know much about the state of New Mexico other than from westerns and a few tv series like Breaking Bad.

    Is it really hot, arid, and a desert?

    Then why do the characters/actors where jackets, trousers and long-sleeve shirts?

    How did the emergency fire department detect and alert a fire engine truck to a small fire in the middle of a desert? This was in the pilot episode. Did someone call the fire station?

    Did they detect it by satellite?

    How is it that no one is around to detect illegal activity such as when someone is killed and buried, or goes on a killing spree, has a RV cooking meth in it in the middle of nowhere?

    Does every dinner place sell Mexican takeaway food?

    Where are the KFCs, McDonalds and Pizza Hut places?

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  • Why have they changed YA platform again?

    I was just beginning to get use to the last one as it was much easier to peruse, scan and more readable.

    Is that what the geeks and nerds do with their spare time at YA HQs and at their workstations all day long? Maybe the new CEO cracked the whip and yanked their chained to get more work online.

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  • Why do I have problems with my hotmail email address?

    I am aware that Microsoft is changing the hotmail platform into Outlook but why is it that I am inable to access my main email address?

    If I do get logged on it still takes longer to check all my emails and sometimes it freezes or nothing happens even after constantly refreshing.

    Why are they doing this to those who have hotmail and live email accounts?

    And, yes I have sent them an email to restore the email addresses only after signing up for another Outlook account. Damn annoying.

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  • Which tv series have you watched on DVD in its entirety?

    I have watched all these on DVD.

    Star Trek TOS, TNG,DS9,Voyager, Enterprise,Stargate SG1,Big Love,JAG,The West Wing,The Twilight Zone(original),Rome,Get Smart.

    There are some series that I have yet to completely watch as I have not purchased the rest of the seasons. Some I will watch later when I have decided if it's worth buying on DVD or wait till it is repeated on FTA TV.

    Can you watch a whole series one after the other or do you prefer to watch only a few at a time everyday or when you have the time?

    I can only watch four hour long episodes at a time. My brain gets an overload and needs rest or recreation.

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  • Has anyone attended the services to any of these two off shoot churches/religions?

    I am curious to know if anyone who is either a member or has attended any of these two churches that where off shoots from World Wide Church Of God?

    I am aware of the United Church Of God and Living Church Of God as they were once part of Herbert Armstrong's World Wide Church Of God and they had a very informative magazine titled; The Plain Truth.

    I use to subscribe to that defunct religious magazine during the 1980s and 1990s.

    I have been receiving church literature from both churches and found them very informative and relied on them for religious knowledge. However, I have found that the Living Church Of God has been my main interest as I have found them to have the same beliefs in doctrine and acceptable Bible references.

    Is there anyone who, lives here in Australia in the Queensland area, have either attended or are attending their services, and/or become members of these churches?

    What are your opinions,experiences, obligations and do you enjoy going to their services as Christians on the true Sabbath?

    Thank you for your spiritual input.

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  • How do you I download photos from your mobile phone?

    I have a smart phone but I cannot download my photos onto my laptop.

    Could someone give me instructions and details step by step on how to get them on my files in my email address site?

    Any help appreciated. Thanks.

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  • Why was Jesus Christ drawn to a man with a withered hand?

    Why was Jesus Christ drawn to man with a withered hand in the synagogue?

    And I believe in Jesus Christ and I say that very same Jesus is present in this room here.

    Right now! Right now!

    And what's wrong with a withered hand?

    I believe that very same Jesus Christ is present in this room through the power of the holy spirit? .I believe it! Right here in this room.

    Why would Jesus heal a man with a withered hand who was in the synagogue?

    I believe in Jesus Christ is present here to heal a man with a withered hand in the synagogue.

    Right now. Right now!

    Why would Jesus be drawn to a man with a withered hand?

    A man who is in the synagogue.

    And I believe that very same Jesus healed a man with a withered hand who was in the synagogue.

    What's wrong with a withered hand?

    I believe that Jesus Christ not only healed a man with a withered hand in the synagogue but that very same story has a message for you and me. Right now here in this room.

    Why would Jesus be drawn to a man with a withered hand in the synagogue?

    A withered hand can't hold onto anything.

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  • Is your household always having visitors coming over regularly or do you prefer a quiet place ...?

    Do you have people coming to visit everyday or at a regular time to the point that it gets crowded?

    Or do you prefer to have a quiet place with no one visiting (or intruding on your space) only on special occasions,holidays, and family gatherings?

    Maybe you do not like having people visiting at all. There are some people who don't like having visitors regardless of their social standing in the community.

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  • Why not abolish politicians and select certain members of our society who have worked hard...?

    In any industry to sit on a council or a quorum to make realistic changes without bureaucracy and make creative decisions for the good of the people. Each member could be either selected from all backgrounds and work environments. This is a better idea than paying a high salary to morons who talk a lot but do absolutely nothing.

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  • Will they release the entire four seasons of Blake's 7 on Blu ray soon?

    I have been watching the remastered and new enhanced effects series on YouTube. Does this mean that they will eventually release all the seasons on Blu ray?

    I hope they do because I am a big fan of the series. I did have all the episodes on VHS tape back in the 1980s.

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  • What is your religion?

    Just curious. Please give some details and if you still go to church or not.

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