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  • Slipknot or Stone Sour?

    Funny story. I've always liked Slipknot...but never really followed the behind the scenes stuff. Anyways, a couple days ago I decided to pick up a CD I found at Target called "Come What(ever) May" by Stone Sour. I listen to it, and am absolutely in love with the band. I think to myself, "Damn, they sound like Slipknot. I mean, their singer could fill in for #8 any night and no one would know." Then I go onto the internet today and look up any other Stone Sour songs, and come across their Wiki page. I almost double over as I read the first paragraph. Corey IS the lead singer. Haha!

    Anyways, which of the two Corey led bands is better in your opinion? It's tough...but I take Stone Sour.

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