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  • If you have a question on divorce, custody, visitation, support PLEASE READ!?

    I have been here only two days and have found 99% of the questions regarding divorce, property settlements, pre-nups, child custody, support and visitation, and probate have the same issues. a lack of factual data on which to offer a valid opinion.

    That's why I am wasting a question to try and help those of you BEFORE posting.

    If you have a question regarding one of these issues then please do yourself and those who may try to help you a favor and supply the following:

    Were the two of you married?

    In what state was the custody, visitation, divorce and/or property settlement issued (court order)

    If pertaining to a child, and unmarried, did the father sign an affidavit of paternity?

    If pertaining to a child and married, was the child born within 6 months of being married or divorced?

    If visitation, what does your order state regarding the issue?

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  • In response to Sweet Belly "Can a father go back to court for full custody"?

    The answer is yes and no. It depends entirely on the state in which the original order was issued and the 'significant change in circumstances' that have occurred since the initial order was issued. If nothing else, he can most likely file for a change in custody to shared legal and residential custody but and it's a very big but, if there was a reason the court ordered full custody to the mother, it's very likely that the reason will be part of the court's decision on the new motion so it had better be resolved.

    Also, any issue of a divorce except the property settlement and, in some cases, alimony, can be revisited through petition.

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  • In answer to Kristi S "kids want to see me"?

    You need to inform us whether or not your ex received court permission to relocate the children or if there is any language in the custody order allowing the move.

    If not, then you need to camp at your attorney's office door until such time as an emergency petition for temporary restraining order can be filed.

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  • Are you qualified to answer some of the questions posted here?

    I have only joined today and in only one section of this forum (Marriage and Divorce) I have come upon 16 totally incorrect postings of legal and medical fact.

    First, you cannot diagonsis a medical condition from words on a forum. it is a disservice to the poster and to the community at large.

    Second, unless you are an attorney, you cannot and should not be giving out legal advice.

    For example, one repsponse told the poster that Yes, an IRA is split 50/50 during divorce and another said positively NO. The correct answer is, there is no way of knowning until we know the state in which the divorce decree was issued (whether it is Equitable Distribution or Community Property state.)

    Another respondent claimed the poster's husband was bi-polar from smoking weed. That post needs to be deleted for obvious reasons.

    So, back to my question. How many people on here who give advice are actually qualified to do so in the subject areas where they post?

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