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Hi! I'm a 20 yr old turning 21 who has a blog about singles & dating and other topics. I express my views as well as other knowledge to people who needs the truth, and only but the truth. I will not lie or tell you any different, as this is life. And life is not a game. :) Thanks for visiting!

  • Looking a romantic fantasy book with unicorns/pegasus?

    A fantasy novel, young adult fiction or something involving A female protagonist and a male unicorn/pegasus who are either friends, or possible lovers, with or without human transformations, or they fight evil and such. Any recommendations on that?

    I know about "The last unicorn" but something simular except again (a male unicorn/pegasus this time) Or a urban fantasy where a teenage/young adult woman falls into a fantasy world setting.

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  • A special chinese movie?

    Hi! I'm looking for the name of a chinese movie. I know the plot line and settings, and all, but not the title.

    It takes place in a futuristic Hong Kong, and the hottest thing around is using a power glove for fighting. Now this young man has a sister who can activate her mental/super powers at will without this high tech brain modifyier thing. A old time nemesis of these siblings parents is after these forbidden gloves, and there is two of it's kind. Both mother and father were police officers, the father died, and the mother lived. By the end of the film,this guy is one of the strongest fighter in the city. It's supposed to be inspired by a Japanese video game. Simular to Tekken or something. But I belive it came out in 2005-2008. Can someone help me?

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