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  • Florida lease?

    I had to move due to a physcotic landlord((a theme here in Florida it seems)) mid month. I signed a lease that begins 2 weeks from now The lease is month to month and I've o ly so far paid for a week. For now I am month to month. But this landlord is beginning to set a bunch of tiny rules that has me walking on egg shells. Don't use my laundry, Refrigerator is for me only, Hey don't swim in the pool, Stay in your room living room is not part of the lease. Don't park in the driveway park across the street. Things of this nature, If I don't pay him for the month and walk away from the place before the lease begins am I liable?

    8 AnswersRenting & Real Estate2 months ago
  • Landlord forcing me out for 8 hours.?

    I'm renting a room in Tampa Bay Florida under no lease agreement month to month. The landlord is insisting that I have to leave the property a minimum of 8 hours a day that I cannot be in my room 24/7 I work from home so there's little to no reason for me to leave my room and the hours he is saying I need to be out are the freaking hotest of the day can he do this?

    8 AnswersRenting & Real Estate2 months ago