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  • Pregnant and benifits?

    Ok so my friend is 20 weeks pregnant with her forth child while she has not been on any state income due to her partner working full time he is now in prison and has another three months to serve she has had to claim jsa they are telling her to recorded seven things she is doing to find work each week and telling her she needs to go on a training course surley she dos not have to be made to do this she is under alot of stress with her partner being in prison kids and being pregnant ect she will come off any benifit once he is out as they have kept his job open for him and she has told them this any advice i can give to her please

    3 AnswersPregnancy8 years ago
  • Husky x lab puppy with yorkshire terrier?

    I have a four year old female yorkshire terrier and have got a 8 week old male husky x lab. I try and let them spend as much time together when im home and watching them and leave them in seprate rooms when im out they seem to get on fine apart from the fact that my yorkshire terrier snaps at the puppy when he is chasing her or eating treats she wants how can i change this so they get on great

    4 AnswersDogs9 years ago
  • Customer compliance officer 5th visit this year?

    hi all question on behalf of my very stressed friend. She is a single parent of two children whos is on benefit income support/ housing benefit. she has had a letter saying that a query has arisen in her claim and a customer compliance officer is coming to visit next week. This being the 5th time this year. they keep asking her about her ex partner father of her children saying he is living at her address when they know full well he dont as they told her his home address what car he drives where he works ect ect. he pay child support for the two children weekly that is declared and visit the house 2/3 times a week to see his children sometimes he may stay over but he has stayed for two nights in a week when one of the childen were ill. as ive said he dos not live at her address and last time she has a visit the officer more or less told her that her ex should not visit there house so often and that he must never stay over. She is so stressed with all these visits that its making her ill she feel like telling them to shove the money but she would not be able to support her young children let alone keep a roof over there head. Are they allowed to keep harrassing her like this? Should she get a solictor involved?. Her head is all over the place but shes done nothing wrong she has no family near her to turn to or support her. Any advice that i can give her please im getting worried for her as she is so depressed.

    5 AnswersLaw & Ethics9 years ago
  • What is the best building or bridge ever built?

    For my childs homework they need to know what the best bridge and building ever built

    4 AnswersTrivia9 years ago
  • Can i take chicken paste to ireland?

    Im in england uk and love chicken paste and would like to take some back to ireland with me am i allowed as they dont sell it over there. can anyone help it will be in sealed jars and will only be a few jars

    3 AnswersOther - Ireland9 years ago
  • Deed poll change of name for passport?

    hi all my friend has a 8yr old daughter she changed her surname by deed poll when she was two now she wants to get her a passport and just wants to know if she will have to send the deed poll with the passport form and if the passport will be in her new surname or old surname or both. All other names are the same apart from surname she was carly white but now carly matthews what name will be put on her passport?

  • Criminal record check?

    hi im asking on behalf of my sister she is 24 years old and wants to get a job that will need a check and wants to know if a caution for shop lifting by shop staff and not police will show up it was five years ago and was a complete overlook as she paid for all her shopping and forgot about one thing in her childs pram. she offered to pay for it but they refused she had the money to pay and she had just paid £49 for her other shopping they just banned her from the shop will this show up on a criminal record?

    3 AnswersLaw & Ethics9 years ago
  • Im looking for a long petite dress?

    im finding it hard to find a long petite dress in either black, white im only 5ft 2inch's i do not mind maxi dresses but do not like the fact that they are either strapless or have half your cleavage hanging out. im looking for one that covers my boobs and has shoulder straps and that dos not cost a Fortune its for a birthday party any help with links please

    2 AnswersFashion & Accessories10 years ago
  • my nephew is getting adopted?

    My brothers son, my baby nephew is getting adopted in two weeks due to my brother and his girlfriend not being fit enough parents to take care of him. I have asked social services a number of times to have contact with him since he has been i care and they said they wil not allow it as i may become to attached to him. Now he is getting adopted by my brothers girlfriends sister so another auntie will i be able to see him once she gets him he is my only nephew and i was there when he was born i just really want to have some contact any help please

    4 AnswersAdoption10 years ago
  • Cat abcess has burst what do i do?

    my cat came in yesterday and i noticed the side of the face/cheek had swollen up so i made her a appoinment at the vets earlist i could get was weds but today while i was out it has popped and all bloody pus is coming out ive bathed it in warm salt water and cleaned it abit with saline stuff is there anything else i can do shes eating and drinking fine and acting her normal self so im not to worried but will still be taking her to the vet weds.

    9 AnswersCats10 years ago
  • can my childs teacher sign my photo for driving licence?

    im finding it quite hard to find someone to sign my photo for my first licence. Can i ask my child's teacher to sign it for me if she will. If not who else can i ask i know its states police officer ive never been into a police station in my life so they don't know me. im really stuck right now.

    4 AnswersInsurance & Registration1 decade ago
  • benefit investigation fraud help?

    Hi all im a single mother of three children i live own my own with my children and currently claim benefit but i have had a Visit from the fraud people at the social saying they think im a benefit fraud. Someone told them that i my ex partner lives with me six days a week and pays most of the household bills and has done for the past two years none of this is true they came with all my bank statements from the past four years i was up until about 18 months ago i let his car insurance use my account to take out his monthly payments that he would pay into my account for them to take out. he dos NOT live with me nor dos he pay any of my household bills i pay everything my self he only gives me money for child support that i have declared. NONE of his belongings are at my address he receives all mail ect to his own address. only comes to my house to see the kids whenever he feels like it sometimes once or twice a week sometimes every few weeks. he has stayed here a few times like if he was going to take the kids out for the day but this is very few and far between. Im really worried that im going to prison as things ive seen on tv ive told them everything and the truth i do not even have carpet in my house cant afford all the nice this people get can someone please tell me what to expect im so depressed and dont know what to do.

    2 AnswersLaw & Ethics1 decade ago
  • can i visit my nephew in foster care?

    My nephew was taken from his mother just after birth and put into local foster care. My brother his dad and his mother were seeing him 6 times a week in contact centres. they are now both in prison on remand. Just wanted to know if i will be able to have contact with my nephew as he is only 5months old i really want to have regular contact with him not just me my mother and sister would like to see him to. Dos anybody know how i go about this or any advice would be great.

    thank you

    2 AnswersToddler & Preschooler1 decade ago
  • unusual baby boys names beginning with R?

    Im looking for unusual baby boys names begining with R with some kind of meaning to them they dont have to be english names but something cute and not silly i already have three girls Rachel,Rebeckah and Rhyanna

    17 AnswersBaby Names1 decade ago
  • can i remove apps from the samsung wave?

    i have just got the samsung wave mobile phone but want to know if i can remove apps like twitter,im,facebook and social hub. ive had a look through settings but cant find anything

    any help please

    3 AnswersMobile Phones & Plans1 decade ago