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  • BIENNIAL Flight Review?

    Okay, so let’s say I get my Private Pilot License.

    Although it does not expire, to keep it current and active I need to pass a biennial flight review every 2 years.

    So what happens if I just don’t fly for like 10 years after getting my license (and I never take the biennial review) and then decide I want to start flying again. Do I just take the Biennial exam? 

    Does the biennial exam curriculum change much? Would I probably want to go back to school if I stepped away from flying from ten whole years? 


    3 AnswersAircraft5 months ago
  • BUYING A FRANCHISE: Do you usually act as the manager (physically working in the store) or do you hire a manager to work?

    So if you buy a franchise, say a dog daycare or a fast food place, gym, etc. ...

    Do you as the franchisee also act as the manager and physically work in the building, or do you hire a manager to work for you, or is it an option based on your profit goals?

    3 AnswersSmall Business6 months ago
  • PILATES: Can it shrink your waist (given you are maintaining or losing weight)?

    Okay, so if I eat enough calories to only maintain my weight, can I shrink my waist circumference by doing core Pilates? Does using the core muscles in itself cause your waist to get smaller?

    (I understand that fat and muscle are not interchangeable and that they do not turn into one another.)

    1 AnswerDiet & Fitness6 months ago

    Okay so I’ve seen the Hobbit series many times believe it or not... and yet, I actually accidentally watched the movies out of sequence and did not realize until toward the end.

    I watched: An Unexpected Journey, Battle of Five Armies, and Desolation of Smaug instead 

    Anybody done this?

    I feel so blond right now 

    2 AnswersMovies6 months ago
  • Legit Place Online to Buy USA Lottery Tickets?

    Hi. I live in Alaska and want to purchase Powerball and Megamillions Lottery tickets from states in the lower 48 (ideally Cali or Oregon but anywher is fine).

    Is there a legit honest site where you can buy real lottery tickets from the USA?

    I’ve read online that a lot of them are scams. 


    Gambling6 months ago
  • Lifting Weight/ So Sore I Can Not Straighten Arms?

    Okay so brilliantly I got two suitcases that don’t have roller wheels, so I had to lug about 80lbs through the airport for like an hour.

    The next day my shoulders and arms are so sore that I can’t rven totally straighten my arms and it hurts to even try and rub my own shoulders lol.

    Is this good or bad? (Not that I was doing it for the exercise)

    Diet & Fitness7 months ago
  • Can Someone Inherit a Home if I They are Unemployed?

    Okay, so I am wondering if you must be employed to own the deed of a house? 

    Can someone buy an unemployed person a home as a “gift” and put the deed solely to the unemployed person’s name? Or does the giver have to own the house??

    18 AnswersRenting & Real Estate7 months ago
  • Can I make a living off Airbnb?

    So, if I invested in a house with say 4-5 rooms, do you think it’s feasible I could make an annual profit of 50k off renting each room on Airbnb? Let’s assume this house is in a suburb of Portland or Los Angeles, or on the coast of Oregon (smaller touristy towns with little job openings).

    3 AnswersRenting & Real Estate7 months ago
  • CRUISE ONE AGENT questions?

    How do Cruise One agents find customers?


    Do they have to do all their marketing on their own, or does the franchise market their business?

    How long does it take to start the franchise, once the documents are signed and the franchisee has made all initial payments?

    Is it hard to make a living as a Cruise One agent?

    How many hours do most full-time agents work per week? 

    How much do they make per week?


    Small Business7 months ago
  • Flight Instructor: How can I “Freelance”?

    So obviously most flight instructors are employed by a company or business, but what about freelancing?

    Is there any way I can freelance as a flight instructor if I Do Not own a plane? Ideas?? Thanks. 

    I do not have my license yet but I am highly considering it and exploring the possibilities of its use

    3 AnswersAir Travel7 months ago
  • Car Not Starting After Oil Change?

    Last night I went and got an oil change, and then immediately after I drove around an hour or so. I then parked the car and it sat overnight. 

    In the morning I went to start it, and the radio/lights would come on, but the engine would not start. It made a humming sound for several seconds and then shut off completely. 

    I attempted to start it several times again, and it would do the same humming thing, then the last few attempts it would vibrate/thump/shake for a long moment and shut off. 

    The manager of the oil change place came out to check my car, and he was able to help me start it by partially lifting the air filter so that the engine could get more air. (The air filter itself was okay). 

    He has no idea why this is happening but recommended I do not shut it off and go straight to a service station. 

    1 AnswerMaintenance & Repairs7 months ago
  • How Can I Find Out if I Am A Trust Fund Beneficiary WITHOUT contacting the Trustee??

    So my grandparents have a living trust registered with the courthouse and they both have passed away. They told me that I would inherit something. 

    I assume/ am nearly certain my father is the trustee of the trust fund. He and I do not have a good relationship. He never mentioned the trust fund to me, so I asked him if I could have a copy and he told me I am not a beneficiary... but I do NOT trust his word. 

    It does not make sense that my grandparents would lie and say I am inheriting stuff and then for them to not leave me anything (since I have never asked them about the inheritance/ they brought it up on their own and we’re not persuaded)

    How else can I get a copy of the trust??? Can I just ask the courthouse to check the trust and see if I am named as a beneficiary? 

    It’s my understanding that trust funds are never public record

    4 AnswersLaw & Ethics8 months ago

    My grandmother told me herself many times that I would be in her will. However, after her passing I obtained the most recently made will from the courthouse and I was not in it whatsoever.

    My father (who I do not have a good relationship with) is the executor of her estate and recently began the informal probate process. I found this out by searching for my grandmothers name in a Alaska court case search engine.

    Under the docket information for her Estate Case, I see that there is “Will filed” among other things such as “Copy of Death Certificate filed.”

    What I am wondering is if this “will” that was filed recently is the same one that the courthouse already had on record prior to her death, or if it is another one that my grandmother did not give to the courthouse???

    8 AnswersLaw & Ethics1 year ago
  • AUTHORS OF AMAZON KDP (kindle direct publishing)....?


    when you published your book on Amazon via KDP, did you need to market your book to sell substantial copies???

    Is if possible to make thousands without even marketing???

    Just close to publishing my first and getting a little too excited 😂 Thanks

    3 AnswersBooks & Authors3 years ago
  • KPD AMAZON payment?

    Once I publish my ebook thru Amazon KPD, how often will I get paid with direct deposit?


    1 AnswerOther - Entertainment3 years ago
  • EBOOK AUTHORS: How much do you make?

    Hello, I'm trying to take a poll of how much authors make publishing their Ebook. Thanks!

    5 AnswersBooks & Authors3 years ago
  • QUESTIONS FOR FASHION MODELS: I understand these are nosy questions, but I'm trying to get an idea of how much I'll make as a model?

    1. Where do you live? What agency are you signed with? What kind of modeling do you do?

    2. How many auditions do you go to per month on average

    3. How many jobs are you booked for in a month? Average income?

    THANK YOU. I know it varies a lot

    1 AnswerOther - Careers & Employment3 years ago
  • PETITE MODELS/ PRINT MODELS: Do You Make A Living Just from modeling?

    Hello. I'm petite 5'3 with 32-25-34 measurements and I've got interviews with local model agencies.

    Do you make a living working for your local model agency?

    If you don't mind me asking, how much?


    2 AnswersOther - Beauty & Style3 years ago

    What's the difference between a local model agency and an internationally nail one?

    Is it true that you must live in the same city as your agency?

    With an international agency do you have to fly to other cities for auditions and at your own expense?

    It doesn't make sense to me how some are considered local and others international, yet they seem to require you live near their office location.

    2 AnswersOther - Beauty & Style3 years ago