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Right now, I live in Ohio, but I like to travel a lot and see the world, so I don't know where I might one day end up, nor even really if I'll stay in that place. The Church will tell you that I am not Christian, and I'll have to say that I agree with that, because - as the Church defines Christianity - I am not. But I live my life as if I were one, because I believe what the BIBLE has to say about it. According to the Bible, Christianity is a way of life; it's the Church that has made it into a religion. Jesus would be very shocked and saddened if he could see what the Church has made of his name. But read the Bible yourself, and let it say what it says, rather than what the Church has "interpreted" it to mean, because it's the Church's interpretations, and not the Bible itself, that are full of contradictions.

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