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  • What could cause sudden suicidal tendencies?

    I am dealing with a person who is not well right now. Yesterday she seemed fine and dandy. This morning, however, I woke up to find out that she was in jail after totalling her vehicle. We are waiting for a blood test from the police department. She is completely out of her mind. She doesn t remember that she totalled her car and thinks she dreamt that she had. She is slightly incoherent and keeps repeating herself. She said that she never drank anything and all she took was her triazepan (don t know if that s what it really is) she takes anti depressants. All she wants to do is get a hold of a vehicle and leave. I can t believe that she would still be this incredibly intoxicated after an entire day. I was thinking maybe a psychotic break because her parents are not doing well and are very sick and losing hope. She is saying things about suicide. Just wondering if it could be a medication she is taking or something. Don t really know how to handle her.

    2 AnswersMental Health3 years ago
  • Weird smelling urine and sick?

    A couple weeks ago I came down with some stomach bug and spent all day vomiting. Tried to drink plenty of fluids but I started to notice that my urine smelled way different, kind of bad, and it went away after a couple of days. Now my significant other has symptoms of strep throat and she has the same smell. Can anyone tell me what the hell is going on and why we both have had the same smell to urine while sick? Can t get her to the doctors yet and this has me a bit confused.

    2 AnswersInfectious Diseases3 years ago
  • Tiny blisters on hands?

    It doesn't happen often but sometimes I get very tiny, itchy blister patches on the back of my hands and in-between my fingers. Sometimes it will even spread to my stomach and face. I never find it anywhere else on my body. Just wondering if someone has an idea of what it could be. They don't stay for very long and it's definitely nothing serious. Just annoying.

    2 AnswersSkin Conditions3 years ago
  • On a scale of 1- homicide how angry would this make you?

    I was recently offered a raise of three dollars for agreeing to work a couple of shifts that I would not work before under any circumstances. I agreed on the condition that I do not work all three shifts within a week. My district manager promised that she would not let that happen. I had to take an eight hour class and take a test for the three extra dollars and this was directly after I worked a ten hour night shift. I was promised to be paid eleven an hour until the test results came back and if I pass I would get the thirteen an hour. So far I have worked five night shifts. My schedule is two night shifts two evening shifts and two morning shifts this week. My district manager obviously wasn't concerned with keeping her promise. Also my store manager said that I took the class just for the eleven an hour which is complete bullshit. There are signs and pamphlets all over the place that go into detail about certifications and raises. I'm pissed and they are treating me like ****.

    2 AnswersLaw & Ethics3 years ago
  • Can someone help identify this part on my celica?

    It is right on top of the top radiator hose near the engine. It has two small hoses coming from it. When I started to take it off it started leaking coolant so it is definitely part of the cooler system

    5 AnswersMaintenance & Repairs3 years ago
  • Street light blinks?

    For years I would drive through this intersection every year and not once noticed that there was a street light. Well, about a month ago it s finally started working or something. But it blinks real oddly. It s very constant. Same amount of time on as time off. Constantly. It hasn t stopped even once that, I know. Why is it happening?

    2 AnswersOther - Cars & Transportation3 years ago
  • Toyota celica air intake hose help?

    Need a new intake hose for my 95 celica GT but I can't find any from the auto parts stores around here and don't want to have to go through the dealership. Was wondering if anybody new of anything compatible that I would be able to get ahold of. Not too many celica around here or I would just buy from a parts car.

    2 AnswersToyota3 years ago
  • How could I teach my dog to not wag her tail so hard?

    My pitbull wags her tail so hard it leaves huge welts on me and sometimes she splits it open on walls and stuff. I just need some advice. She is very energetic and easily excitable.

    6 AnswersDogs3 years ago
  • Say an apocalypse happens. What happens to the internet?

    Like if you were able to create your own energy wth solar panels or wind turbines or something and you had a device capable of using Internet. How long would it still be accessable?

    4 AnswersPolls & Surveys3 years ago
  • Wondering if this poem is decent at least.?

    It's been dark and the clouds are fuzzy.

    Every day it rains glass my face hasn't healed from the last time I looked for the sun.

    Now I keep my head down.

    I don't like eye contact. Everyone's eyes are gone.

    But they smell me.

    They smell the queer

    And they huddle close

    Enough for me to hear

    Whisper something about they hate me,

    I've always mistaken that for love.

    Thats why I always get eaten.

    In a god forsaken hug.

    3 AnswersPoetry3 years ago
  • Can't tell if my truck is carbureted?

    Stupid question and I obviously don't know much about cars. I haven't looked crazy hard but from what I looked at last time I cannot find the fuel injectors on my 89 s10 blazer. I don't know if I'm just stupid or if it's because there is a chance that it is carbureted. It also has a large rubber ball thing sitting in engine bay that I looked up and found might be the vacuum reserve and thought it might be a sign it's carbureted. I don't know. Need help please.

    11 AnswersMaintenance & Repairs4 years ago
  • Why would people treat me like a drug addict when I'm not?

    I just got a new job and everyone makes ambiguous comments to me as if I'm an addict. I don't do drugs. Should I tell them to drug test me or should I just ignore it?

    2 AnswersFriends4 years ago
  • My new dog acts stressed around my wife?

    We recently are fostering a 3 year old dog. the first couple of days i thought he was stressed from the change and that i was allowing him adequate exercise so i started walking him three times a day. after another day i noticed that he would calm down dramatically after my wife left for work. He chases his tail constanly, whines, and barks like he is stressed when she is home. She treats him no differently than i do but i have had to correct her with a couple of things when he was stressed out. Any one know why or have any advice for my wife and I so that we can fix this issue?

    2 AnswersDogs4 years ago
  • Is it really fear that is powerful and not god?

    Why does god rely on fear and trickery like the bible says in genesis 12 13-20 and genesis 20 2-12

    7 AnswersReligion & Spirituality4 years ago
  • 89 s10 blazer 4wd clicking noises?

    Just had rear brakes, brake hardware, and axle seal replaced on this. When driving for the first time again it started randomly making a ticking noise that coincided with acceleration. Faster i go the more ticks and vice versa. It doesnt do it all the time. It will randomly start while driving and randomly stop so in other words its pretty inconsistent. Was wondering if anyone could give me some ideas on what it could be. Thanks

    1 AnswerMaintenance & Repairs4 years ago
  • Can my employer take money from my chech for a drawer shortage if i was in a position that never touches drawer?

    Servers work the cash register and i cook. Cooks are never suppose to touch the drawer so i dont. Is it legal for my boss to take money from my check even though i never touch the drawer.

    8 AnswersLaw & Ethics4 years ago
  • How can i tell if i need to replace my oil pump and not just the oil pump gasket?

    Oil is leaking from oil pump and i need to know how i can tell if i need to replace the oil pump or if i can just replace the gasket

    2 AnswersMaintenance & Repairs4 years ago
  • Payroll error and over heard corporate manager say that i was bitching about my paycheck?

    First off, this all started with an investigation about a vacation check that i did not recieve. It has been a few weeks since and today i noticed that some of my hours were paid as a different position Aww Qthan i actually worked and the position is paid less. So i was "cheated" a few bucks. I brought it to one of my corporate managers attention and he through a fit over it as if i was just being a pain in the ***. Later on i over heard another corporate manager on the phone and he was talking so loudly that i really couldnt help but hear him say "she was bitching about her paycheck" now i know that none of this is illegal especially since i was compensated the difference. I just want to know what other people think about the situation and if putting in my two weeks isnt overdramatic. It could be, but for now i am very upset and feel like my bosses dont feel like i should be paid what i have earned. Also does anybody think that this could be a recurring issue or maybe retaliatuon for having complained about not recievinh my vacationg check.

    1 AnswerLaw & Ethics4 years ago
  • Two cables coming from positve battery cable?

    Im trying to identify this cable. One goes from the positve battery cable and to the starter and the other one goes underneath the engine. I need to know what the one that goes under the engine is called. Thank you

    9 AnswersMaintenance & Repairs4 years ago
  • is there anyone that has owned or does own a pitbull and thinks they are dangerous and aggressive killer dogs?

    Or is it the people who have never owned one that claim to know just how murdery they are?

    66 AnswersDogs5 years ago