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  • I need help?

    Idk if yahoo answers should be the place that I spill all of this info out to, but here goes nothing.I’ve been trying to change every aspect about myself because I’m obsessed with being as special as possible, and as important as possible. Sometimes I have moments where I feel like I’m the most important human being on the planet who is completely capable of changing the world( the only reason why I think that is because I grew up having everyone call me special and smart) but then I have days where I feel like I am the most basic, unintelligent human being who is delusional, but for some reason aware of how delusional he is. I feel like I used to have so much going for me, and I had literally no care in the world. I was aware of how absurd and meaningless life was, but I loved it. But now I’m just so focused on myself and what I’m doing, to the point where I feel like I’ve completely destroyed my personality and have become fake. Even me typing this huge *** ******* paragraph is just me trying to feel special and more important than other people. I expect to get responses telling me about how I am more special than I realize, but this whole thing might not even be how I feel. I’m going insane, I need help. I wanna live life more naturally, and I just want to be able to listen to music and feel it again without thinking about how I perceive music makes me special.

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