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Hi my name is Erica, but I really liked to be called erry. Its a nickname that really just started out of no where, but I am very attached to it. I don't spell it with a capital, because I may be weird, but I think that adding capitals to names overpowers us. To be who we are we don't need to make a statement, and using a lowercase letter for me just states that. I also think it looks neater than if I was using a capital letter. It looks put together and organized. Anywho, enough of my name.. I was on Yahoo Answers a lot when I was around the ages of nine and ten. I am currently fourteen, and I have changed a lot in the short fourteen years I've been alive. I am very grateful for everything I have. I really love music, and I do listen to unusual music that most people do not listen to, but that is just what makes me, me. I love deathcore, hardcore, electronica, dubstep, rock, and anything that has an awesome breakdown in it. I love life. <3 -erry