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  • I have a boyfriend but I'm falling for someone else?

    I've been dating someone for 5 years, and hes starting to talk to me about marriage. I'm 25 and hes 23. I have been playing video games and I have many friends online but I met someone who talks to me so much and is so interesting and seems mature. I feel so wrong to have a connection with someone else. Its getting so intense with me and the other person, I don't know what I want to do, I feel really bad but everything they say seems like gold. Hes also older hes 30.

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  • Can men and women be friends?

    I have a boyfriend for 4 years now. Ever since I've started playing online games for PC and mobile I've made new friends who are most often guys. I feel wierd because sometimes they say things like "I miss you" & such we also tend to get deep into personal conversations in the game. Is this wrong? I just don't want to be unintentionally doing something wrong. Having guys friends feels unnatural to me & I'm not even sure where I stand with one of them who's been talking to me daily on a messenger...

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  • BOUGHT A USED CAR FROM AUTONATION TWO DAYS AGO AND HAS MOTOR mount ISSUES, should I return for my money back or fix?

    I bought a car two days ago checked it with my husband. After a few days driving I realized there is a vibration that keeps bothering me. The motor mounts ended up being the problem. I spent so much money on the deposit for the car that it’s hard for me to fix it at this point. The car has a 5-day money back guarantee. I have mixed feelings, should I fix it for $500 if the car is worth $10,000 based on the inspection. I paid $8,900 but I feel like the dealer should have taken care of it. FYI it’s in FL, the car is a Lexus RX 330 old model 2004. Dealer said I should have purchased the warranty if I wanted them to fix it. But they didn t disclose the information on the motor mounts that was stated in the INSPECTION DOCS I found later in the hood of the car from August of this year. They did not fix them because of the cost. Can they sell a car like that without letting you know? I feel very shady about this whole situation...

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  • issues with fafsa i made an error several years ago is this bad?

    Im still trying to figure out but 3 years ago it seems i may have forgot to put my income because i was not sure how to fill the form out. Now theyre asking for my income tax returns from this year 3 years ago... or no aid. can this get me into trouble

    3 AnswersFinancial Aid1 year ago

    But he literally bought $800 worth of paintball materials for a new hobby. We've been together for 4 years and I'm just tired of excuses and lame prioritizing. He's always been there for me and he's a great boyfriend but if he cant commit what should i do?

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  • Want to go on a cruise to cbua but if i was born there can military hold me?

    I heard rumors of certain people being taken for 2 years to military in cuba its a requirement there. But I moved to USA when I was 4 years old went to visit when I was 7 for a week and never went back. I want to go on a cruise there but dont want to get stuck

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  • IS it normal to be attracted to others while youre in a relationship?

    So I deliver goods to peoples homes and today I got this amazing customer... He came outside and talked to me casually. Im a friendly person, thats just how I am. He then texted my company number after the order and told me he would rate me 5 stars and he wanted to know if he could get me in the future for more deliveries, he said I was the best. And we both seemed so attracted to each other...He could stop smiling at me and staring... it was so wierd! but I have a ring on my finger to avoid people from getting the wrong impression is it bad to be attracted to others

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  • What to do when your boyfriend is too immature?

    My boyfriend is the most kind and loving individual, he truly is. At time though he just counts on others to do so much for him instead of doing it for himself. I am 24 and he is 21 and his grandma and mom do everything for him. He doesnt remember to do homework and simples things like making his apts and taking his meds for his infection for not washing his teeth. And he is a 9/10 personality and I love him but I cant keep being his mom, when can I just be his girlfriend? What should I do?

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  • Can a franchise sue me if...?

    If I quit my preschool teaching position, used all the emails in the childcare email to send babysitting flyers after I quit.

    Can the preschool sue me for using the parents emails?

    We are talking about a rich franchise, is there anything wrong with using their contacts to send flyers?

    Emails usually end up in junk anyways.


    17 AnswersLaw & Ethics3 years ago
  • Boyfriend wants ps4 for christmas should i get it?

    We have been dating for a year and 9 months now and my boyfriend asked me what i wanted. I told him i wanted him to save his money for a car... so he bought me a really expensive gift he is keeping as a surprise and asking me to buy him a ps4....more like hinting. My concern is that the ps4 bundles are all $400-$500 and the ps4 alone is like $300 the CHEAPEST one right now... Therefore, I'd like to know would you get someone a ps4 for xmas??? Additionally I feel like I should just give him money instead for his car, to add to his savings. I feel like the ps4 will be a distraction from our relationship and will push him further away from saving for his car... because he has to buy controller, games, etc. Need advice!

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  • My coworker stole my license and credit card?

    Okay so yesterday i slipped my cc and id inside my lunch box going to work because i had a dinner with some other girls after... And i noticed i had been careful during the day keepig my lunch box closed and i didnt take anything out...when i couldn t find my id and cc once i left work.... It was puzzling to me. Also, i felt really bad because my expensive clinique lipstick had disappeared a few weeks ago... I am really disturbed by what might be happening. the coworker that has access to my office always use to go in my lunchbox until i told her to stop...has this happened to anyone else? What should i do? Theres no cameras in there. Its my birthday weekend and i have no id.

    6 AnswersOther - Society & Culture3 years ago
  • If I installed wood panels on all windows in my apt...?

    Does the landlord have to pay me back? He didnt call at all to come for a category hurricane. The apt is his property to protect. I really felt bad that he didnt contact us... And then when communication went down i had to go out and find wood panels ...and pay for installation on the bigger windows because we have trees on each window... Should he pay me back?

    9 AnswersRenting & Real Estate3 years ago
  • Black mold inside ac unit and filter... and cieling?

    This evening, I took out my acs filter and noticed some black spots were not washing away. I started wiping down the ac itself and realized that the ac itself has huge amounts of black dust, and what i think is mold..... the entire ac unit INSIDE is white, but it is completely black with specks....the specks have spread to the bedroom ceiling..... on top of my bed.... and i have asthma, I contacted the landlord but he hasn't responded.... is it alright for me to turn the ac on....the heat is unbearable here but I dont know if itll do harm. I have already been breathing it in for years. I think, my dad sais he always cleans the filter....since i am a student and i work....but i think he hasnt been doing so

    1 AnswerMaintenance & Repairs3 years ago
  • Do I still get salary pay on my check after a hurricane?

    So it's been 5 days since ive worked due to my school closing for several days. My employer sais i get salary pay but does that mean my check wont be deduced? what does salary mean, i started 2 weeks ago so i am unsure...

    4 AnswersLaw & Ethics3 years ago
  • Reggio or Creative preschool?

    Trying to figure out which preschool would be easier for teachers to work at. As a preschool teacher we work so much... Now I'm trying to pick between the two? Which do parents like most?

    2 AnswersPreschool3 years ago
  • Where can i find a cheap place to rent in miami?

    Im living in a one bedroom cramped up apartment for $1100. And im a student. I need to fine something more inexpensive.

    7 AnswersRenting & Real Estate3 years ago
  • Does e matrix laser work in mia?

    Trying ti get rid of acne scarrig

    1 AnswerSkin Conditions3 years ago
  • My boyfriend is so childish?

    My boyfriend and I are both 23. He acts really slow sometimes. I try to balance it out with all the good things he does. But the things he sais sometimes just come out so weird. He acts really weird sometimes. And is very needy. Everytime i talk to him about a problem or just a concern he gets a stomach ache and throws up.... Why cant he just grow up and control himself? His nerves are awful. Ive never had a boyfriend with all these issues...

    1 AnswerSingles & Dating3 years ago
  • Boyfriend and I cruise age requirements?

    My boyfriend and I have been saving for a year now to go on a cruise but each time we look a cruise up theres different age requirements. We live in florida... And are trying to just go around the carribean for 6 or more days... Since im not allowed to take vacation past june or july because im a teacher. If i am 22 and he is 20 is there a problem with us going to a cruise by ourselves? We are both passed 18 and have passports but we are not married yet.

    5 AnswersCruise Travel4 years ago
  • Is it bad to make out if you've only been dating for a week?

    This question is coming from a very conservative girl who respects herself. I just feel weird. I know this guy for a few years but we started dating last Saturday and have gone out every single day since...... he makes time for me and always asks to see me the next day. But he asked me if he could have a kiss last wednesday and once we started kissing things just started getting super hot.... I dont want things to get hot so im thinking about asking him if we can hold off on the kissing for a while more....... Is that wrong of me? I need advice.

    8 AnswersSingles & Dating5 years ago