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  • Reputable Car Dealership sold a car but 2 days later wants it back?

    (All paperwork is signed and Cash Down given, as well as DMV Paperwork being sent in) They talked with him, and said They made an error, and sent the info thru based on my Husbands Credit Report.Now what the Car Dealership Finance Dept wants is to Charge him a Higher Interest Rate. He has a nothing on his Credit Report, no previous credit, good or bad, nothing. They used my Son's Soc Sec but my Husbands Credit.Hubby Signed Nothing. So they Sold a Car using a different person's Credit Report.

    Son is not home til late on Friday Nite...soonest we can try to resolve this is Saturday. That means we have a Really Nice Car in our Driveway that might or might not get to live here....Is this Fraudulent use of Credit History, or a Scam, or did they make a really big mistake?? My Son has a really good job, is paid well, an he has worked really hard at saving money. His Cash Down was $5,300.00, on a $29,000 sticker, just what they asked for. Oh and there was never any discussion about a Co Signer when he was buying the Car. Today they wanted him to have a Co Signer. They made a big mistake is what we think. WHAT DO WE DO NOW??? This is a San Diego Ford Dealer.

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