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  • How do I stop feeling broody? ?

    The feeling of being broody is taking over my life. I think about babies all day and cry for days after I get my period each month. However babies is not my boyfriends plan right now, we have a house and together earn a good wage but we’re both too young. But the feeling to want a baby is killing me, we’ve been together two years and never used protection (only withdrawal) and no baby. I know we are obviously not trying but it still scares me that one of us (or both) could be infertile as withdrawal isn’t the safest. That mixed in with the longing for a baby is making me very depressed. I managed to overcome depression I’d dealt with for 3 years about 1.5 years ago but it’s all coming back and is getting to hard to cope. We’ve spoken about this all and he still says he’s not ready for one and we could try next year however he also told me at the start of this year we could start trying in September but has now gone off that idea. Which is making me think he will just keep pushing it back. I know were young and we should wait a few years but it’s affecting my mental health now. How do I stop these feelings? 

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