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    Is My Rat Having Separation Anxiety? ?

    R1(Rat 1)

    R2(Rat 2)


    A while back I got R1 and I had her for a couple months before I got R2.

    When I got R2 she was malnourished had/has signs/scars of/from abuse and was in a cage full of other rats.

    When I brought her home, I quarantined her just Incase she was sick, however I couldn’t keep her away from R1. R2 managed to escape every time, so despite my efforts I decided to introduce them to each other. They bonded and have been buddies ever since.

    (Current situation)

     R2 has an mysterious injury to her tail so until Monday when I can take her to the vet, I have her quarantined for her safety  but she was freaking out and now she’s been grooming for 15-20 minuets now and is still going. 

    Does she have separation anxiety, and should I let them remain together?

    (Photo of them sleeping 😭😭😭)

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