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  • What next?

    It's been over 72hrs since I fell and injured my arm during my dance class. We were doing a downward dog to go down into a snake, where we bend our arms to head first then slide to our stomachs. I went to do it and as soon as my arm bent the right one slipped from under me and i hit the ground without time to react. My arm was straight out to the side and upside down, now I'm not sure if I landed on it and rolled off because it happened so quickly but I do know it was immediate pain. usually when I get hurt I just bounce up and get out of the way but I was in this daze, ears ringing for a solid 5 minutes and I actually lost sight for a few seconds. I got ice but couldnt really sit or stand without being dizzy or nauseous so I laid down while icing my arm. The pain has not gone away and has spread from the original spot of my upper arm to my shoulder down to my wrist. Thankfully it isnt dislocated but it's weak. The only time it doesnt hurt is if I lay just right and dont move.

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  • What do I do now?

    So back in the first week of jan. I was having constant pain in my right adbominal and after a week went to the doc but she sent me for a CT scan because of mild symptoms of appendicitis. It came back negative so when the pain got really bad I went to the ER where they ran lots of test but couldn't actually diagnose me, so they assumed it was a UTI and gave me a steroid and a strong antibiotic. I've been fine since until early this morning (march 24) when the pain has come back in the same spot only stronger. I'm not sure what to do since doctors are overflowing with people concerned about covid-19 and them cracking down on this crisis. Should I just stick it out and take an advil?

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  • Should I adopt?

    I am a college student, 20, who has struggled with depression and anxiety since I was in middle school. I first got my emotional support dog when I was 17 and my parents didn't want me taking him to college with me, since he has been bonded to our other dog since he was a 7 weeks old. I'm struggling with my mental health without him and current PTSD symptoms are getting worse(it's likely I have it I'm just afraid to actually confirm it). In all honestly I agree I dont want to remove my ESA from his safe place and him be alone for the first time ever, its a huge change. I have found an adult rescue dog that fits the ESA roll to the T and she's close by, my mom says no but I really believe she could help me and it's a fresh start for both of us, because honestly my current ESA isn't much of one. Im just wondering if I should explain the situation and try to convince both parents. 

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  • Should I see a doctor about abdominal pain or just push through it?

    January 1st I was jolted awake with the need to use the restroom and was in there over an hour thanks to diarrhea and horrible cramps. After the cramps subsided I noticed i was having pains in my right abdomen, I have a high pain tolerance and it caused me to leave the family get together only to be forced to the bathroom again. I spent the rest of the day curled on the couch feeling horrible. over these past few days the cramps have continued and the pain has been constant, some times being harsh and horrible then other times being dull enough I know it's there but nothing I couldn't handle. I've lost my appetite so I'm forcing myself to eat, i've been nauseous at random times and especially after eating, bloating, hard time passing gas and now urinating/constipation, back pain when I lay on my back. I usually just pass it off but i'm not due for my period and this pain has been constant for 5 days now.

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  • Anything I can do to prevent spraining my wrist anymore?

    I am a dancer of 17 years and now a dance teacher of 3 years. Just this year alone I have sprained both my wrists multiple times when teaching tumbling classes. It isn't 100% my fault as it's done when a student moves and I have to take a quick action, usually in an unnatural position. There is no avoiding these situations but I dont want to sprain my wrists anymore. I have weak wrists now due to the amount of times they've been sprained and PT only helped with pain. 

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