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  • How do I keep myself from taking things so personally?

    I know this is a "Dear Abby" question but I would like for someone to help me out the best they can. A month ago I was kicked out of a gaming community. I made one of the leaders upset with me by going over his head. Up until then we were great gamer friends. He started to be very indifferent with me afterwards. That really bugged me. I was dragging one of my friends into our issue which I shouldn't of done. Now I'm the type of person that takes things personally when someone gets mad at me online. I know I should of let it go but it felt like to me that the friend who was mad at me was being mean to me. I tried to talk to him but he didn't want to. I felt he was holding a grudge against me. I'm a very friendship relavant type person when I'm online. I would like to have some advice about not taking things so personally if something ever comes up in the future.

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  • How come I don't see my Xbox screenshot in my Onedrive?

    I took a screenshot on my Xbox One and I shared it on my Onedrive. When I check my Onedrive I don't see my screenshot anywhere.

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  • How do I uninstall programs from Windows 10 that I can't see in my control panel?

    I have some programs that I want to uninstall from my computer. When I go to look for them on the control panel and in the programs they don't appear. I tried to clear my cookies and that doesn't work. I also don't know how to do that fancy stuff to try and locate them.

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  • What is meant by toxic behaver online?

    I was kicked out of a gaming community on Xbox. One of the leaders said that I was kicked out because of toxic behaver. Now when I'm online I do treat people the way I want to be treated. I do like to joke around with people.

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  • How do I cope with my sadness?

    I got kicked out of a gaming community. I was very upset the day it happen that I couldn't sleep at all that night. It was both faults of me and the community that I got kicked out. They didn't communicate that well with me about what I was doing. I still do feel very sad but I did find another gaming community that suites me well.

  • Does Youtube have an email address?

    Every time I watch a video on Youtube I get interrupted with ads in the middle of the video. I want to tell Youtube to put a stop to it.

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  • Would saying bad things about my old gaming community affect their reputation?

    I got kicked out of a gaming community recently. I'm losing a lot of my friends that I used to play with from that community. I'm very angry about that and I want to go to different gaming forums and say negative things about them. Mainly their bad leadership skills. There is a person in the group that holds major grudges too.

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  • Is getting the Xbox One Series X worth it?

    I have a 4K TV and I'm sure it is not 120hz. I'm just wondering if it is still worth getting because I would hate to buy a new TV because I bought my current one right after the Xbox One X came out.

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  • Do I have depression?

    I know this question is hard to answer online but I had a very upsetting experience. Last  week I was kicked out of  a gaming community that I loved and made great friends. After I was kicked out my former friends deleted me and some blocked me. That did  upset me to the point  that it almost felt like depression. I was in the community for almost two years. I did join another community and connected with a new friends which I told him the details of what happened. He was on my side and said that it wasn't my fault. I told another online friends the story and he said the same thing that it wasn't my fault. That did make me feel better but I still feel upset and sad about the former community. I do tend to feel better as I game with my new community.

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  • How do I know if my  TV is a 120 hz TV?

    I'm wondering this because I have a 4K TV and I'm planning on getting an Xbox One Series X.

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  • How long does it take to get over being angry with yourself?

    I was in a gaming community. A few mishaps did happen between me and a few of the other members of that community. I was kicked out for those mishaps. I do think we are both at fault because they didn't communicate those mishaps to me that well. I talked with another online friend about it and he pointed out things I did wrong. I did think about it and now I'm angry with myself because I could of handled the situation differently. Some of the things I did wasn't communicated by my group that well.

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  • Do you think I'm the type of guy that shouldn't be in a gaming community?

    Whenever I join an Xbox community things do go well most of the time. A lot of the time something does happen and I  get kicked out of the community. There was only one that I was happy I left. I had some problems with one of the members that caused me to get kicked from it. After that now I'm feeling very depressed about losing my friends. I did join a new community and they are nice people. I'm just afraid that something is going to happen and I will be sad again.

  • Is there any kind of online support group to help me get over my sadness?

    I was kicked out of a gaming community and I feel I need an online support group. I miss my old friends and I know I won't ever get them back. I need a support group so I can chat with someone who understands.

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  • Is my question too much of a "Dear Abby" question to be answered?

    A few hours ago I asked the question "why am I so depressed about losing online friends." I was hoping I can get an answer so someone can help me online.

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  • How do I remove computer programs that don't appear in my programs folder?

    I have a couple of programs that has been bothering me. They are Mcafee and PC Accerate. I tried to clear my cookies to remove them and they are still there. I want to uninstall them to get rid of them

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  • Why am I so depressed about losing my online friends?

    I'm a heavy Xbox gamer and I belonged to a community that I got kicked out of due to lack of communication. When I make online friends I sometimes develop a friendship with them over time. Sometimes a mishap happens that ruins the friendship. I usually do get  upset over it and take it personally. I did join a new community that I feel is the right one for me. It is so far I can see a friendship oriented community. I'm a very friendship oriented guy even in the online world.

    Friends4 weeks ago
  • How do I remove computer programs that I don't see on the control panel?

    I'm getting spammed with pop ups that my Mcafee term is up and also I'm getting spamming with PC Accelerate pop ups. I'm using Windows 10 and I can't find the programs so I can uninstall them.

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  • Why is Microsoft getting rid of Adobe Flash Player?

    I know that Microsoft is getting rid of Adobe Flash Player at the end of the year. A lot of websites still use it and I think it is a silly idea to get rid of it.

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  • How long will it take to get over my online friends?

    I was in a gaming community that I was recently kicked out of. I feel very sad about it and I know it is from missing my old friends. My old  community didn't communicate that well to me about my mishaps. I do feel a little better than I did during the first couple days. I did join a new community right after being kicked out of the old one. I haven't had a chance to talk to any of my other online friends about it yet which I  know it is a good thing to do. I do take things personally and I'm having a tough time coping with this. I'm just wondering how long will this feeling of sorrow last. I've lost online friends in the past but never felt this sad about it.

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  • How long does cybergrieving last?

    A few days ago I got kicked from a community that I was in for almost two years. I got kicked because of some mishaps in the group. I  develop some good friendships that has been in there before me and good friendships with people that joined after me. I really feel sad about losing my friends. I did join another community and met some new friends. I'm just hoping my cybergrief would end soon and I would like to know how long it can last.

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