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Hello, I'm Trevor. I really enjoy dogs, my favorite two breeds are German Shepherds and Labs. I believe in using Positive Reinforcement training only for dogs. I do not agree with trainers that use dominance-submission methodology and punitive methods like Cesar Millan does, who try to dominate a dog. I believe that prong collars, shock collars, and choke chains are all abusive, punitive methods that have no place in true dog training.

  • Do I really need to defend myself for this?

    I was eating dinner with my boyfriend's family. I had a glass of wine with dinner. I'm 20 btw. My mom freaked and told me at 20 I don"t need to be drinking. I don't see why it's such a big deal, it's not like I drank the whole bottle and went out driving.

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  • How long should I wait before getting another pet?

    My cat is going into surgery tomorrow to have a leg amputated. Before we found out about the cancer we were thinking about getting another pet, either a small dog or another cat. Since our baby will be needing plenty of time to recover from surgery first, how long do you recommend waiting until we get another pet?

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  • Please explain cisgender to me?

    I've heard it described as anyone who identifies as their biological sex and gender role?

    So a gay man who was born male, and considers himself male would be cisgender despite being homosexual? Is that correct?

    And a woman born in a male body, but considers herself female, would be transgendered despite her sexual orientation.

    Do I understand the concept?

  • What type of wine should I get?

    I'm not a big drinker but my boyfriends birthday is coming up. I like strawberry arbor mist, I also have tried cherry wine before and liked it.

    I don't like a strong alcohol taste, but I also don't want to just drink grape juice! lol

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  • What's with the designer dog crap?

    It seems everybody wants to fall all over the cutesy pseudo-breeds like the Cockapoo, Peka-poo, Labradoodle, etc.

    They will say they want a very low shedding dog, but if that's the case why not just get a poodle, bichon frise, yorkie, etc or an inintended mix from a shelter that has poodle in it?

    People pay hundreds of dollars for mutts with a cutesy name. Nothing against mutts, they are just as lovable as purebred dogs, but they aren't purebred therefore where do people get off paying that kind of price for badly bred mutts?

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  • Getting a Chihuahua puppy?

    My friend is moving and will not be able to take her Chihuahua with her. It's so cute and she asked me if I could take it.

    I've owned dogs before but only German Shepherds and a beagle. Right now I only have 2 cats.

    I'm willing to take the puppy, so any advice?

    I know how to train a dog, I use postive reinforcement training like Victoria Stilwell on It's me or the Dog does.

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  • Can you get drunk of arbor mist?

    I love the strawberry wine arbor mist, but I am the only one that likes it. If I drink the whole bottle myself will I get drunk? Or at least buzzed?

    I don't drink that often...the wine is 6% alcohol.

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  • Why does tea make me tired sometimes?

    I am a regular coffee drinker, but I also like to have a cup of tea every now and then. For some reason when I drink tea I feel more tired. If I have a cup or two of coffee I feel more alert, awake, etc. However when I drink tea I sometimes feel worse, like I am crashing from an all nighter, even if I got enough sleep.

    Why would I have a different reaction when both have caffeine in them?

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  • Sexual morals and capacity to love?

    I've wondered if your sexual morals indicates your ability to fall in love. I'm not judging but my boyfriend and I both feel that sex is a big deal and you should wait until you really care about the person and sex outside of a relationship is wrong. We both have a very low number of sexual partners. We both love each other and it didn't take a long time to fall in love.

    However some of my friends, as well as one of his exes, who have lots of sexual partners, both in and out of relationships, seem to avoid relationships and don't seem to love the person they are having sex with/in a relationship with.

    Do people who wait to have sex with someone tend to love the person more than people who don't wait?

  • Cyst on my cat's paw, will she be okay?

    My cat has a cyst on her paw. It's between her "thumb" and "index" claws. It seems fairly large, but it doesn't seem to interfere with walking and I've put light pressure on it and it doesn't seem to hurt her. I called the vet and she has an appointment in one week. The vet assistant didn't seem too concerned unless it gets bigger or becomes painful then she told me to bring her in sooner.

    Does anybody have an idea on what it could be or the cause? Will she be okay? Do I need to worry about cancer? She's only about 5 or 6 years old.

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  • Should I top or bottom?

    This will be my first time having sex. my boyfriend and I talked about it and he said the decision was up to me but said he would be willing to bottom (he was usually a bottom in his past relationships) and he wanted it to be enjoyable for me and me "give" him my virginity instead of him "taking" it and felt me topping was the best way to do that but in the end it was still my decision. I really wanted to bottom but now I'm not sure.

  • When is a relationship considered long term?

    is it 6 months? a year? my boyfriend and i have dated 4 months and we consider it a serious relationship but when is it long term?

  • How to adapt a cake recipe?

    i have a vanilla cake recipe that i was able to change into a white cake by using 6 egg whites instead of 4 whole eggs. i want to adapt this same recipe into a yellow cake uusing only egg yolks. how many egg yolks will i need to equal 4 whole eggs?

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  • How do i stop analyzing my bfs past relationships?

    he is my first boyfriend so one thing i have trouble understanding stuff. for example i adore him and have deep feelings for him. i cant imagine feeling any other way about him. so when he talks about his past relationships i have trouble understanding how hes over them. which he is, but how do i understand that? ive tried just not understanding and not thinking about it but i cant.

  • Hannah Montana for a drag show, good or bad idea?

    I would probably do this song:

    Youtube thumbnail

    I know Hannah Montana is for a younger audience, but I grew up on her (I'm going to turn 21 in 6 months) and I thought it'd be fun to do this at the gay bar.

    I don't want to come off as a slut, so I thought I'd do something a little less provocative. :\

    Good idea or bad idea?

  • How popular would this be for a drag show?

    I'm going to be 21 soon, so I want to do drag at my local gay bar. Most of the drag queens are like in their 30s and dress like grandmas and aren't pretty at all.

    I want to do a Hannah Montana skit. Do you think that's too little kiddish? I mean I think I can pull off at least a decent looking drag queen as Hannah Montana.

  • How to keep myself from becoming hateful?

    I am a huge animal lover. I am pretty laid back other than when it comes to animal issues. I can actually get to the point of becoming irrational and hateful when I hear of certain things.

    Like when I heard about Ozzy Osbourne biting off a dove's head, and then doing the same to a bat. I become so full of rage I wish he'd be tortured for what he's done.

    The same will Marilyn Manson, when he had puppies at one of his concerts and said he wouldn't start until all of them were dead and back on the stage. I wish someone would have just shot in the head right then and there.

    I love animals so much and I know I can't save every animal, but when I hear about these things I get so angry I almost become a hateful, bitter person over it.

    I feel the life of a puppy is more important than the life of Ozzy Osbourne, and he should be euthanized over a dog that doesn't a home. I don't care, he's cruel to animals, animals deserve to have better lives than he does.

    Is that wrong of me to think that way?

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  • Does anybody else think my mom is just being lazy?

    My mom got into a bad car accident about 5 years ago. She developed chronic pain and has been to specialists numerous times. She does take pain pills. At first she wasn't able to do much, but as the years have passed she still claims she can't work. My parent's relationship has deteriorated to the point that they are divorcing.

    My dad has moved out until the divorce is final and my mom gets her own place.

    Anyway, she doesn't like to clean, I do my own laundry, do the dishes, etc. My brother does the same. Generally we are left a list of things to do before I go to work.

    If my mom has to do anything she complains that we are taking advantage of her, meanwhile my brother is still in high school and I work 30 hours a week.

    Not that it is a big deal to help around the house, I mean we do live here, but my mom doesn't work, all she wants is to have everything done for her. She even complained to my dad that sitting down to do the bills was too much for her.

    My dad seems to agree with me my mom is just being lazy. She won't work, and even though my parents have already filed for divorce, the money he sends us for food, house payment, etc. She uses for herself. While she will pay the bills, any extra is gone and spent on her and her new boyfriend who also doesn't work. They go out often. So how can she do this but claim she "can't work?"

    Anyone else agree she's lazy?

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  • Is it wrong I don't like to give out my recipes?

    Some of my recipes I've worked very hard to get right. My white cake for example, I failed countless times trying to perfect the recipe, now I have a delicious white cake that always turns out fabulous, and when people ask me for the recipe I don't want to give it to them because I've worked so hard to get it to turn out right, and they don't.

    Is that wrong or selfish?

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  • How to stop guys from trying to hook up with you at bars?

    I really want to know, I am not into one night stands or sex outside of a relationship. But when I turn down a guy at a bar, he starts hitting on me worse and/or won't leave me alone. It's like they get mad I turn them down.

    How can I tell them politely but very firmly no so that they leave me alone?