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    moved to a new climate, fern is struggling now?

    I have a crispy wave fern, which is a type of air plant. it gets a lot of moisture from the environment.  I recently moved from Kentucky (very humid) to Dallas TX (comparatively dry). It has indirect light and lots of air because it's close to a vent but not in the draft.  at home, I only watered it every 2-3 weeks.  I've watered it in smaller amounts twice this week: once to keep it on the normal schedule, then again because I noticed some of the leaves are slightly crispy brown at the edges and the main part is slightly yellow and shriveled.  I did that two days ago, and it only looks worse! there's a tiny bit of white mold on the top of the soil, but it hasn't spread to the plant and looks like it could resolve itself.  what do I do? what am I doing wrong? I love this little plant and don't want it to die! his name is baconator btw.

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  • should I come out to my dad on a road trip?

    My dad and I will be driving down to take me to my first semester of college, 1500 miles away from home.  it's a long drive, and will be just the two of us.  A part of me wants to come out as bisexual to him then, but another part of me says that's a horrible idea.  He's pretty conservative, and won't be happy about it, but I don't think he'll be violent.  There's the part of me that also says that I should never come out until I know I want to marry a woman, because I could ruin my relationship with my parents if I come out.  what do you all think? should I do it?

  • should I ask my long time crush out? any advice welcome!?

    I have had a crush on this girl since our freshman year, and I am still crazy about her.  However, I have never indicated any of that to her because I had previously thought that she was straight, and also our school and families are homophobic.  I got outed to some people my junior year, so I'm pretty sure she knows I am bi.  She has given me a few indications that she might like me, but previously I had brushed them off because I thought she was straight.  Well, we just graduated a couple months ago and she came out a 2 weeks ago on her social media.  We have a lot in common and get along, but we were never really all that close.  Should I ask her out?