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  • Law and appeal (UK) Where to appeal.?

    I was charged under the harassment act 1997 I was convicted and sentenced.

    In my defence I raised S1 (3) (a) but the court got confused with S1(3) (b) as a civil dispute in the courts was ongoing. I was not afforded to "show" the defence

    What had occurred was that police fabricated a crime when I made a complaint about them. the reason I raised the complaint as I had been a victim of false allegations.

    it transpired that they made a crime and signed confession to this which I was not aware of until a year later.

    There had been no crime, there was no evidence and no admissions and police admitted that I have a case against them and they cannot dispute the evidenced 3 years later.

    Further evidence came about that the witnesses had committed perjury and wrote about this ( solicitor letters and other statements) which of course lead to my conviction.

    I had appealed the conviction but due to withholding by the prosecution I had to withdraw at the time.

    I wrote to the magistrate court ( S142) but they refused to deal with the matter. the crown say go to the high court which the high court will only deal with maters from the crown.

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  • Dealing with abuse, Daughther then systematically, What next?

    A few years ago, I found out my daughter was being abused, when I confronted the person they said I wouldn't be able to prove it and then fabricated a story to police leading to my arrest and imprisonment.

    There was no evidence in the case, and within two courts they admitted things in one and not the other. Following jail, the evidence came in showing how the police fabricated the case and how she had set things up. The Child protection followed the police info and never spoke to me.

    The police then give information, which showed the shortcomings of the children's services and their two fabrications (due to them not knowing they were wrong, then covering it up).

    I haven't had any communication with my daughter as we are only now (2.5 years later) going through the court case again using the right information and evidence.

    I feel tremendous guilt for having failed my daughter and I hate the justice system that let me down as well as any authority figures ( police and children's services as well as the courts)

    I feel angry, upset and empty and a mix of emotions. the stress has made me ill and its been a long road to walk. My partner has been really upset by this and so I have tried to keep her out of it all. and the children don't really know whats happened, they think I went away working.

    My business all went down the pan, and more problems were when the police took all my work tools and clients property from me for months, the Police HQ said they shouldn't have done it. I was signed off work by the doctors for distress and anxiety and I went on medication for a few months to help calm me, as it effected my disability.

    I don't know whats been told to my daughter who is still with the abusers, though they have made admission the courts are slow to move due to problems with undoing the wrong orders they have made.

    I have won one appeal, where it was unlawful sentencing, but I should have been cleared but a mistake by my barrister left me with little options. though I fired him before the appeal so I could win.

    Friday I have the pretrial review and the judge is looking at the case history during the trial as I have evidenced the fabrication history and he is taking the submission of perverting the course of justice.

    In July I will be able to see my daughter but don't know what to say and do?

    I know she has been told about the faked crime ( documented) but during the process of gathering evidence she knew things were wrong, but I couldn't do anything to protect her and I feel to blame.

    Clearly I will need therapy and as a therapist I know what should happen and be done, but the stress and contemplation of this 'scares' me.

    My work took me away from her, though we saw each other on a regualr basis, but I fear that as I have been gone for a large part of her life that, she wont remember me or has suffered more abuse which turned her against me. _ sadly the abusers used rape as control, and prior to this she was slapped for wanting to see me, though the Childrens services reports said that shes always told them she wants to see me. though these are over a year out of date now.

    Yes this is the worse type of child abuse, yes they have admitted the allegations ( all but one of the three)I am not sure if Im in shock, suffering with PTSD. Im not depressed, but my emotions are not as they should and my personality has changed.

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  • The whole bag! some pointers please?

    I was ran over and suffered brain damage which left with speech and cognitive disabilities, I was and pretty much am super smart, but it still took me 4 years to get over it and to re learning to speak took a few months as I couldn't put things together in sequence, memory and learning was different and had to be done a different way.

    when i used to get things wrong, it encouraged me to backward track everything that i would say and do just to make sure that I was correct.

    One of the 'problems' is that when I become tired or very distressed my speech and thought path mixed up and things become disorders as I speak the path rather than the result and also where I cross reference things.

    Where Im different ( independently confirmed) is that My memory is mostly like video with all sound and emotions as well as the smells, some of the new memories are more 'text' and I use images like real photos or visual ques to remember them in detail.

    I witnessed the sexual abuse and psychological abuse of my ex and my daughter, I saw the signs and physical things which was more traumatic leading me to pretty much do the denial thing or stupidly the benefit of doubt until there was a psychical cut to my daughter inside.

    because of my disability trying to explain things was really hard I told the police and social workers that I had a brain injury and communication problem, though they ignored this.

    they basically called me mentally ill as my ex is also abusing the child and had made false reports and indicated to police that I was mentally ill and we had not long split up, when in fact we had broken up 4 years ago.

    I have had friends tell me that she has played a real good act, and oddly as the police are sexist and discriminative they have done all sorts of things to me. they haven't looked at the witness statements of proof.

    she told the police that there was no cut and then that there was in a civil statement. Im not sure if the police think Im mental and just making it up, and the social worker said to me " every thing you say is going in one ear and out the other"

    I have the police records, statements and it says were they think im mental and told the social workers than and reading the social workers things it points to that as well. I have tried to get social services to look at my medical records showing my disability but they have refused.

    as you can imagine I am distressed, Im sick most of the time in the mornings, I get panic attacks and my disability gets the better of me so Im pacing, not eating not sleeping..

    Im trying to manage my distress but so many people are lying and discrimination against me its just all getting to much. I have been treated for distress and anxiety for 8 months since this started but Im trying to avoid medication if I can. I have been treated for PTSD on and off since I realized the mistakes I had made and the abuse and mental flicking of my ex as a result of the abuse as I had fatigued myself.

    Im worried about the damage to my brain that all the prolonged Distress and Anxiety and cognitive disability is going to have on me, I want to fight for my daughter, but I am starting to suppress memories and disassociating with her, we had a great relationship and she loves me dearly as I love her. but what good am I going to be or be able to be? I think I have had for stress breakdown in the past 5 months. and to top it off we haven't event started the court case so I will have to go through it again for so much longer. I want to make complaints but that's reliving it again. and I just cant do it.

    Im not depressed or suicidal but I feel hopeless and just cant go on with the case I fear for my sanity but Im the only one that will fight the case. Police and social workers have refused to look at the documents even interview witnesses, one of the crimes is falsley claimed I had done I had to confess to as two officers wouldnt let me have my medication which I was suffering withdrawl from, but they have the evidence to prove it was false, that was 7 months ago. and still nothing was done, they wont provide the video from the interview where the officers bully me into the acceptence.

    whith ongoing issues, they have taken all my work things so I cant work and iver lost £33,000 of work that I know about as a result.

    As you can see everything is getting to me im an emotional wrek with lots of issues and factors. Im lost and unsuported.

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  • Child sexual abuse, when is enough?

    I witnessed my daughter mother being sexually abused by her dad in 2000, it was groping and kissing (with tongues),

    I never saw it again until the birth of our daughter in 2004 when the same comments were used and kisses were attempted by the father to the mother.

    In 2007 the same sexual activity was copied by my daughter on the mother, in 2010 it was copied by my daughter on a friend of my sister (without the kissing).

    Later in 2010 My daughter had a cut to her vagina. It was the final solid proof that my daughter was being sexually abused.

    I asked for my daughter to live with me and her things to be packed, my ex then decided to ring the cops making a false report that I was trying to abduct our daughter and made threats of violence towards her. when I said I was blowing the whistle on the whole families abuse, as her mother emotionally abuses her and my daughter causing psychological damage.

    the police warned me and then arrested me later following a text ( which was not bad in any way shape or form)

    I reported this to social services and they have refused to look at the evidence which I have spent many years gathering.

    I reported this to the police and because of the charges she has against me, they refuse to do anything - I have their storm and ISR records which state that they think im mental and making things up.

    I have seen on this ISR that she denies the cut to the police, they did not take the matter further.

    I have one of her court statements where she admits to the cut.

    In the ISR report, it tells the police not to act!!!

    Nothing has been done at all and My daughter is with her still.

    I have witness statements from one of my staff saying about reports of seeing granddad willy, granddad shouting at her and keeping her awake and night.

    I have my sisters friends statement.

    I have two discharges that I am not mentally ill. ( taken when she started claiming I was mental)

    I am understandably beside myself!!!

    CYPD ( social services) have the same view as the police, I have asked them to look at the documents, (evidence) but one police officers says he has no evidence and cannot provide it, oddly it was the officer who told me he did not want to look at it.

    what the hell am I suppose to do without being arrested, I can't do to the address or remove my daughter from the home (court order)....

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  • Relationship recovery quandary?

    This is a long a complex quandary that I have with regards an ex partner of mine whom we have a child together.

    My daughters mother has been a victim of sexual and emotional abuse and has a mental health disorder due to this.

    We split up as her mother was telling her that I was seeing other women when I was not and this ranting from her mother went on for 3 years, on the flip side the father was sexually abusing her and it was used as punishment when we tried to get back together in 2009.

    She was badly effected emotionally from the break up and then more abuse came from her parents and now she cannot recall any facts.

    A few months after we split up she wanted to get back in a relationship with me and we secretly did as she did not want to tell her parents who hurled abuse at her when they found out (mother).

    the ex flicked from being normal to being very vengful and is unaware of her actions which has caused me a lot of emotional hurt and it has also effected our daughter who is only 6.

    One side of her wants to have a relationship and it has been all agreed, the other side doest want a relationship because I went off with another woman and never worked and I bullied her and try to control her life. ( that's what she believes)

    We had a very good relationship and we have planned on getting married, however her mother still has a great deal of control over her (excessive) and this causes her emotional pain and us problems.

    We are not together currently and have not been so for sometime, At the moment I have been given enough evidence to fully support her abuse and it is shown with her now fantasy life and I am going through court to try to get her the help that she needs in hope that she will be a good mother and to stop the abuse happening to her and our daughter.

    I do not know if she will make a full recovery or if I should even bother to try to help and have the family we both wanted; or should I just let things be and just remove our daughter from her care in my daughters best interest.

    at the moment she will not take an assessment and her disorder has lead to me being arrested, I'm not worried about this as it is clear that its her disorder from the statements that she has made and evidence that she has provided.

    But it is an uphill fight and she is denning everything and even destroying the evidence, however I have more than enough evidence regardless how much she tries to destroy.

    My quandary is simply:

    Do I fight for what is right and deal with what comes of it later?

    Will she make a recovery and want the family life again?

    Will she not make a recovery?

    Should I walk away from it all?

    Should I just take my daughter away from the abuse and leave her to be abused?

    Anyone been through this before and can put some light on the matter?

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  • schizophrenia question regarding seeing things?

    I am aware that in some cases that the patents can have visual and audible hallucinations. but I have not been able to find information where the patent views written documents such as letters and declares the letter to mean something completely different than the content.

    This is linked to someone who has a delusional disorder, but also has a distinct dual personality where they cannot account for the other personality what's so ever and comes confused when presented with factual events of the other persona.

    In one such account, the person seems to believe that there is content which resolves to a stressor and consists leading issues that has caused the delusion disorder.

    it is also part of one of the persona's of the split personalities and their wishes of the persona which is normal as set-out by the patent; prior to the disorder being part of normal life and accepted by the patent..

    Do we count the seeing of text or suggestions within a document that are not there as:


    Part of the delusional disorder

    or other?

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  • Mental health diagnosis when patient refuses assessment?

    I have been a professional psychologist and with the law changes in 2000 and a accident I was unable to qualify and still be called professional. the laws and rules have changed, however I need some help.

    A woman that I know very well has been sexually abused by her father and psychologically abused by her mother. the Mothers illnesses seem to be paranoia over the men in her daughters life just after money and then will leave them or are having affairs. the mother is proactive in conveying her wishes and paranoia's in rants which can last considerable time (years).

    There were also deaths within the family (parental as well as a sister) and around the same time the mother became menopausal.

    The son suffers with Agolia and is withdrawn from the family who are embarrassed about the issue.

    the woman in question has long since wanted a relationship and married the father of her child, the couple had a good relationship which was marred by the mothers ravings.

    The couple split up due to him witnessing the abuse as he wanted the woman to move away from the abuse and though it would speed matters along.

    The couple got back together some months later, as the woman did not believe that they were financially secure, though she was making payments on behalf of the guys business. She would later go on to say that the man was not working, which her mother was not aware that he was working hence her ravings were based on his unknown reason for absence leading to the affair allegations.

    The mother was emotionally abusive toward the woman, telling her her false fantasies which were becoming real to the woman. there is a distortion of reality from the woman and events are not as they would appear in tangible documents marking the events.

    the woman is in the false belief that the man was unfaithful and that is why their relationship ended, the woman does not recall the abuse from her parents.

    The woman seems to be suffering delusional disorder, though she presents a weak schizophrenia case.

    She reads letters and claims they say something different to the content.

    She has admitted - "you confused me so, just when I think I have my head sorted"

    and makes the admission of living a double life.

    When presented with the facts, they become distorted when her delusions are challenged and has made false police reports.

    I am concerns also as she is actively destroying evidence which supports the true facts.

    the woman is refusing to take an assessment and is accusing many people of lying, I do not seem to be able to make headway in finding a person that would be able to start the process by reviewing her swarm testimonies, and the documents showing the facts which differ considerably.

    The difference being that the delusions are from what I have noted are the ravings of the woman's mother.

    There are elements of sexual abuse, psychogenic amnesia and a 6 year old child is in distress and there are also signs of sexual abuse of the child.

    I have called mental health and they cannot take my referal and they also cannot take steps based on not seeing the person face to face. Social services have been lulled with a fantasy story which is plausible and are favouring the easy route.

    I have invited them to review the documents on 4 occasions and they have refused.

    What should I do? where can I get a initial review?

    What do I need to do in court to move forward?

    Do I need to section her, and how? I'm bared from doing this and cannot make the referral.

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  • my ex partner is making false police statements?

    Me and My ex have been split up for 3 years roughly and we have a child together.

    On Nov 2010 I asked her if my daughter could live with me due to the distress and abuse that she was giving my daughter. My daughter has asked to live with me part time.

    I believe that my ex is slightly mental (delusional disorder) brought on by her parents abuse to my ex.

    My ex flew off the handle and called the police saying that I was going to abduct our daughter to another country, and that I was going to pin her to the wall by her throat.

    These are untrue.

    I sent a text message asking for my daughter to contact me by phone and she called the police and I was arrested and given a caution. ( I admitted that I had contacted her)

    I then sent a statement of facts to her and again she called the police and I was arrested and now I have to go to court.

    My ex claims that the statement of facts is all lies and this is causing her distress.

    Since my ex's call in November, I have not been able to work and now have to take medication to keep me clam, the police keep coming around when I try to investigate the matter of abuse and to see whats going on.

    The police have said that where I have made reports to agencies that this is also harassment.

    could anyone give me any advice?

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  • legal action with mental people?

    My ex has been abused, I have seen some sexual abuse from her father and psychological abuse from her mother. As a result she has developed psychosis, borderline personality disorder and is delusional.

    We have a child and I have had issues with her:

    She one one side wants a relationship, then doesn't and then cannot account for the relationship we had. (each time we got together and her mother found out she would abuser her more)

    We had contact issues because of this and where my ex was imprisoned by her mother who is also mentally ill (OCD and Paranoia)

    At the moment she believes that I will take our daughter to a different country and not return her, this was after I raised concerns over our daughter. Our daughter was showing signs of sexual abuse and psychological abuse and I wanted her to move in with me and still see her mother.

    Also I want her to get help ( she is in denial of any problem and refuses to see a Dr)

    As a result, I cannot see my daughter, she filed harassment against me from the fantasy she has made (Persecutory Type delusional disorder)

    I need to get her medical help but I walked away about 8 months ago as it was effecting my mental health and it was too much of a roller-coaster for me to deal with.

    I don't know who to deal with the matter, and as we split up for some time I cannot use the mental health act to have her sectioned for her own good, and our daughters.

    It is hard to deal with the issues, as to her things are normal and she is not aware as she flips from one to another and often this is accompanied with psychogenic amnesia.

    I have contacted mental health, they cannot do anything unless she submits to be assessed, I also have spoken to Adult services (social services) and they cannot do anything to help, as she needs to be referred by her GP; My GP is shocked that nothing has been done already and is trying to help out as he has seen some of the evidence; but it would seem that all our hands are tied.

    Im trying to get things fixed thought the courts, but nothing is being done.

    Any advice?

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  • Psychological abuse how to fix things?

    Me and my ex were together from 2001 until 2008

    In 2004 her mother was convinced her sister boyfriend was only after her for her money and house, and basically using her, she had made up this world of bad things about him and even insisted on her dad saying something.. she was very panicked by it even up to the wedding day, she thought it was wrong and against it.

    I believe this is paranoia??

    The brother who is unwell, sits in his room all the time and only comes out to either collect his dinner or go to work, he sleeps on the floor and when the parents are away he comes out of his room.

    I have reason to believe that there is some incest in the house and this is why he is like it, I didn’t mention this to the mother, but in general said It wasn’t right and he needs to see a professional.

    It seems as its taboo as they are a older family.

    When we had had our daughter, I was working 120 hours a week and my ex told me that her mother was telling her I was with another woman and she saw me with her.

    She would moan that I wasn’t coming up all the time to see my ex and daughter, She wasn’t aware at the time I was working as the ex thought it was too complicated to explain what I did..

    she would moan and distress my ex about the above and when I would fall asleep..

    There were more allegations about me seeing other women because I had just started a Facebook account and didn’t have the relationship status set..

    there were other issues that I wanted my ex to move out so we had a family home but she is very loyal and has been sexually abused, though she just thinks its messing about.

    I got sick of it so got out of the relationship, thinking that she would move after a short time.

    She asked me not to tell her parents that we had split up, we tired to get back together as I loved her and wanted a family but stuck to my guns about her moving. We broke off twice. About four months later I got with another girl, and she told her parents we had broken up and I had gone off with some woman, a short time after (3 Weeks) I broke it off with her to be with my ex.

    We were doing OK but we were having a secret relationship not telling her parents, and she was looking for a place to move to. One night her mother caught us she was spying and came tearing out telling her to get in the house and if she had anything to do with me she and our daughter will be chucked out of the house. She cowered like a little beaten child would.

    From that point on her mother wouldn’t let her out of sight, When dropping off our daughter she would hide around the corner and shout at her to get back in the car. she would check her phone and want to know everything that she did. We got distanced due to this, but eventually her mother stopped coming down. But she had to play that she hated me in front of her mum and she also used a different telephone name so her mother wouldn’t know about the calls and text we sent to each other.

    Her mother knowing that I wanted to take our daughter on holiday and told my ex this about 3 months in advance.. on the week I called she said her mother was taking her and our daughter to Disneyland so I cant have her.

    Her mother thinks I have no rights and has brain washed my ex into believing that, and the lies she told her parents are very much real to her. She cannot remember us having a relationship, she thinks the year we split up was different ( year earlier) last year my ex and I planned a family holiday together but she was trying to find ways to get away without her mother finding out, my mother not knowing it was a secret announced at the birthday party if my ex was coming for her family holiday and her mother heard.. if looks could kill.

    The ex was again chaperoned by the mother and wasn’t aloud out, when I asked her what had happened and why she was so cold toward me and the sudden change, she didn’t recall anything happening or sudden change of the plans for the holiday. I am suspecting very bad trauma or sexual abuse to cause this to happen. I don’t know what it was all I know it was BIG

    The ex has a split personality, its about every 6 weeks we have problems with access to my daughter and she gets real nasty toward me. It also directly relates to a build up of our closeness and her mother.

    During the start of 2010 the ex and I had talked about getting together when she moved. Her parents were around her place a lot and so she blew cold and then hot and it was a roller-coaster for me so I backed way off. After I had been around there and was chatting and thing were going good. The following weekend her mother caught me there, so rang her, and was asking things like what’s he doing there, get him out of the house I dont want to see him there when I come back around..

    I over heard this on the phone before she walked off, distressed and pleading that we were talking about eve and that I was going soon.

    When she came back tears were in her eyes

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  • I think my ex is sexually abusing our daughter?

    Trying to keep a long story short

    In 2002 I witnessed by ex (female) get asked fro a kiss from her dad, he said well I wont get these now that you got a boyfriend. So she went to kiss him on the cheek and her grabbed her bum pulled her on top of him and stuck his tongue in her mouth. I almost chocked so she noticed I was there and pulled away like nothing had happened.

    When her dad drinks he is always pinching her bum and asking for kisses waging his tongue at her.

    I questioned her about it and she said he was just messing about...

    She lived with me most fo the time not going home that often, just to get changed.

    In 2004 we had a daughter and she returned home as my place didn’t have space for a baby, I spent some time there and noticed the bum pinching continue.

    I think that the family has a history of incest. Which is taboo or all too common.

    Sometimes when I was there late I would fall asleep by my daughters bed and the granddad would come to the door, usually naked when everyone was asleep, I thought that he may be just checking that things were OK. As he didn’t seem to come into the room.

    I asked my ex to move out, and her mum used to ask where I was all the time and started accusing me of seeing other women. I was working 120 hours a week so wasn't around much.

    In 2008 I had a big court case, which she didn’t really support me, I hardly saw my girlfriend, and got new allegations of me being with someone else.

    Her mum is paranoid that men who go out with the daughter are up to no good and just after their money, she tried to stop her sister getting married and it is excessive.

    The bother locks him self away in his room and is anti social, the mother is embarrassed about him.

    Our daughter said that she was seeing granddad's willy quite a lot and I assumed that this was going in and out of the shower, and the ex said that as well.

    I grew suspicious and told the ex to move out giving her a list of reasons and that I thought something was wrong. (nov 2008)

    In 2009 my ex had not moved and I had bankruptcy and court case and due to problems at Xmas and other times with her turning up if at all I was more angry with the current situation so had forgotten the sexual abuse thing. Our daughter wasn’t always eating all days, and someday s ate lots.

    My daughter then began some adult areas tickling, talked about willies a lot and kept grabbing her mother breasts in play, She also started day-wetting.

    In 2010 she lead on top of me when I was in bed just pretending to go to sleep and tried to kiss me.

    Other time she was trying to force her hands inside my underwear and thought of it as a game.

    She reported to me that granddad's had been shouting at her for crying, when I asked why she just said that she wanted her mummy.

    She has also said a few times that she doesn’t like nanny and granddad looking after her.

    Recently she has become quiet, fearful to an extent where she cant take her self to the toilet and let go of my hand, she never strays far when we are at the park and she just seems a little down.

    A few weeks ago she had a cut inside her vagina but neither the ex or daughter could explain what had happened.

    The ex is certified in childcare, yet has not reported the day wetting, body dysmorphic, or eating issues to our daughters doctor, our daughter has had a number of urinary tract infections.

    I have asked my ex if I can have our daughter live with me, and she keeps telling me that I havent got the right and no I cant, Our daughter who is 6 has said that she wants to live part time with me but my ex wont let her.

    After the conversation, I had the police come and file a notice of harassment. Her statement to the cops was that I was going to kick down the door and pin her to the wall and take our child. She also said that I was going to take her away to a different country.

    I haven’t been able to contact my daughter to check on her well being, it was my birthday and I text'ed the ex to allow our daughter to ring me and I was arrested.

    Shortly after, my dad who is a ex psyc nurse said he thought there was some sexual going on with the uncle, and then I remembered what I had filed to the ex.

    I have been looking up signs of sexual abuse and think this is the case.

    I thought it was the granddad, but now looking back at the 'play' our our daughter and the mother and I am very worried.

    I have told social services but they think I am being malicious because I’m an ex in a custody battle.

    The police think the same thing.. I know I’m no lying and the effects of the day-wetting with the infections is very real.

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  • what do you think of this stock photography website?

    Hi, My names Rory and I started a business a few years ago called National Photographer. The business model was for photography by photographers to cut out the middle men who get paid lots of money and also ensure quality photographers.

    Essentally it was an agency of freelancers with a directory and sub sites that photographers could work from. Its been hard work, but it is working Slowly!

    One of the more recent topics was stock photography, with £0.17 being paid by some stock companies there was not any margin for the photographer and also the quality in general is pretty poor.

    Was set up a few weeks ago to allow quality UK photographer to sell there stock images at real prices, It is also more social with forums and groups as well as a blog come twitter UI.

    What I would like to know is:

    Do you like the site? (and why)

    Do you think the site has potential?

    Would you use the site?


    Since then

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  • Robbery at the post office by staff? Short changed?

    Ok this is a bit of an odd one..

    Friend comes over to the UK from Ireland and they get their money changed in the post office, the guy is old(ish) and we will say a little slow when it comes to the modern world.

    On the 26th of July 2010 they arrived in England and on the 27th they went to the post office to change the Euros that they took out of the bank before coming over.

    Last night on the 2nd we were talking about some things that he had bought and the conversation turned to the exchange and how they had spent all their money, another friend ask how much money they had spent and it was replied on how bad the exchange rate was, being fairly up on exchange rates, I asked how much they had gotten and new right way that it was wrong.

    He produced a receipt from the post office and I had a quick look at it and saw the math and then I noticed that they had done the conversion on USD (us dollars) and not the Euros. I did a quick caluc on the difference which was £267.60.

    We went to the post office this morning and spoke to the manager Bob Taylor, he told us within taking a second breath that the tills were cashed up on the Wednesday (28th) and there was no difference.

    We agreed that with the £850 euro transaction that the difference would show up clearly, being that the USD would be under and the Euros would be over and being a sizable amount, you couldn't really miss it. I then asked him if one of the staff were fiddling, to which he replied " are you making an accusation that the staff are stealing?" I replied, I think you are, if you have said the tills were correct but he hasn't been paid the correct money, then something is wrong, So I think that is what you are saying." he then told me to go to the police if I think that is the case.

    The police cant help as it is a civil matter.

    Anyway I have a receipt which shows the USD exchange, I have the travel passes showing they came from ireland and I have also (to be sent) the bank statement where they with-drew the money from the bank.

    AS you can see 'we' have reasonable proof that we did what we said and a receipt stating USD were exchanged, the problem now resolves to how:

    The post office exchanged for USD not EUR (as shown in receipt)

    How the tills were no different and balanced? (according to the manager)

    How do you get back the £267.60 that he was short changed?

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  • am I Bipolar II can you give advice?

    About ten years ago I was ran over in a hit and run and had to go on drugs to try to get me working again as I spilt most of the content of my head up the road.

    about 7 years before this I had really bad depression after a relationship broke up and never took meds for this but sorted myself out over a short period of time.

    I am fine at the moment, but for the past 3-5 weeks I have been in a bad mood and pretty down, sometimes thinking a end of a shot gun would be great, but thinking it was really becoming a great thought, but something that I wouldn't consider becoming real, if that makes sense?

    Two years ago I was made bankrupt by a company who I took to court for not paying there bill and it was really stressful as they lied in court and it was hard to prove they were. then the court made a unlawful judgement and it cost me everything, I even finished the relationship with my partner for 9 years and we also have a child together.

    My brain constantly races thoughts and often I have sleepless nights, because of this and my sleep pattern has been around 4 hours a night for many years.( since the birth of my daughter)

    I tried to quite smoking about 7 years ago and went on zyban, this made me manic and also short fused and irresponsible, I have heard this can be an effect for bipolar people.

    I keep forgetting things, even what year or day it is and quite a lot of my life in general,

    I think this is because of where I was ran over as I couldn't speak correctly for a few months after.

    I suffered with depression coming to terms with the effects of being ran over for around 5 years, before this I was clever with an IQ of 176, a few weeks after I was down to 60 and because of the way I functioned before I had lots of problems dealing with how to learn and what people would call normal (as I didn't work normally).

    I get mood spikes where I can be depressed for long amounts of time and then hyper or in a good mood for a very short time, as in seconds and then a depressed state.

    I cannot remember the last time I was happy or ecstatic, even at the birth of my daughter.



    Grandeur ( I do know more than most people so cannot find the balance here)

    Depressed state for long periods

    Not remembering being happy

    Very few normal moods ( don't know what normal is)

    Suicide thoughts ( though fully understanding of it, and is more emotional response)

    Feeling the world is against me (court being one, and everything going wrong for me, being ran over)

    Going hyper on anti depressants (and somewhat violent)

    Anti social not mixing with people, very few friends (though with drink I am fine and make friends)

    Little sleep pattern, and sometimes sleep for days on end.

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  • Suing your own clients for loss and damages?

    A client contacted me just over a year ago for their wedding photography. a few weeks later we held a meeting and went over the details of where and when.

    The wedding was about a week ago.

    The bride had given the wrong time for the wedding, and was a full hour wrong, I happened to turn up early by 45 minutes, so that I could set up the cameras and go through things with my assistant for the day.

    When we arrived, it was just coming to the end of the wedding.

    We got a general comment from the guests was oh the wedding photographers late, whys he turning up and this time and not much point in bothering..

    The farther of the bride grabbed my assistant to one side (who had most of my kit with her) and gave her a public ear bashing and threatened legal action for turning up late to the wedding and how disgusted he was, in a clear voice for everyone to hear.

    My contact was for the wedding photo's though to the reception cake cutting.

    Clearly I had to start before the time of the contract, missed the wedding and therefore there is a breach of the contract.

    I was recently contacted by the bride and I had stated the wedding booking had the wrong time, she denied this, so I sent a copy of the booking form and I also offered to send over her email which she had sent which also details this wrong time.

    She has refused to apologise, and admit her mistake.

    she wont give her dads details so that he can write an apology to my staff for his abusive manner and of course to me for his slanderous comments.

    I am embarrassed about this as wedding photography is very much based on reputation which has been destroyed by the brides mistake.

    She wants 33% of the photo's for her album, which was shot out side of the booked time.

    I also don't want to put my name to a half book of wedding photos, that would also look bad on me if anyone saw the book.

    Im very displeased but don't know what to do as I am the person that's suffering at this point.

    Can I sue for loss of enjoyment, breach of contract, and the slanderous comments that were made?

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  • Legal, Sales and contract, pricing and agreement?

    This is a bit of an odd one and Im due in court in a few days with a claim against me from one of my clients.

    The claim is that in july 2007 I had some services offered on my web site, These services changed and a client who had viewed the site in July 07 booked in February 2008 (not checking for updates?)

    He is taking me to court on the basis that he believed that he was getting the package that was advertised in July 2007 and wants a certain part of the service which was removed shortly after he viewed the site.

    The website states refer to the pricing page for up to date and accurate details, It also stated that quotes are valid for a period of 24 hours, and his booking form (order) also contained that this part of the service was not included.

    Im not sure how to argue the case as it seems just to be common sense and I cannot find reference to anything like this to help me.

    Does any one have any advice?

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  • Wedding photography, what would you have?

    I am a wedding Photographer from the UK and I work for wedding elegance by national photographer.

    I have always wanted to do a little more at weddings as people seem to catch just a small part of their wedding (the day its self) and miss ff all the planning and parties.

    What I have done is offered a complete package that mixes photo and video, from the complete events.

    with two photographers ( one male and one female) we cover the stag and hen nights ( with select images)

    give posing lesions so that the photography on the day is easier and the couple look better.

    we also cover the rehearsal, wedding day. receptions and first dance and some of the night.

    I have been asked a few times by couple if I would come of honeymoon with them to shoot the romantic times and fun that they are having ( not the bedroom, but you know what I mean)

    Do you think its a good idea to offer a complete package that covers everything?

    I think that as my style of photography is unique to me, and that I can put together all the photos in to the albums as required and not have a mix. Also that honeymoon photos you would only really get one person from the couple in at any one time rather than them together doing things.

    Have your say

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  • How does a gearbox effect mass and energy?

    We know that 1Kg = 1KW per meter per second.

    how do we work out the effect of a gear box will have on the KW's

    - What Im doing-

    a 1200kg car travels for 60 miles. 60 miles are 96.65km it therefore uses 15,98,000,000 watts

    where am I going wrong there and could I have some examples of gear boxes and how they would effect this agaisnt the weight for the adjustment.

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  • Wedding Photography - UK?

    I am a professional award winning wedding Photographer and I have been trying to find some happy medium with prices and the services that I offer, so that I don't work at a loss all the time.

    I want to give a lot, but I also need to have a life as well, Each wedding is around 3 weeks work and I do mostly enjoy my work.

    So My question is:

    How much would you pay for your wedding photography and what would you expect to have for it?

    To give you an idea, wedding photography consists of

    Insurance, marketing and advertising, website updates and equipment.

    A wedding typically consists of:

    2-3 Meetings

    several hours of emails and telephone calls

    A day preparing my kit

    The wedding day (12 hours)

    4 Hours downloading and backing up the photos/video

    A week of photo editing

    Three days building a per view website and albums

    Two days album and image editing (as client requires)

    4-8 hours making a slide show

    2 hours ordering

    shipping packing and checking the albums when they arrive.

    A typical package would be

    a day shooting a wedding, all the digital negatives, a 70 page album with 70 pictures and a DVD slide show set to music.

    Thanks in advance - this is a UK only question

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  • That someone special - and I mean real special?

    This is a question about love & soul mates

    Whats the difference and is what im going to say a bit weird to anyone.

    I have been out with lots of ladies and females in my life and I have felt love, that being, like them being around, miss them but the I class soul mates as a lot different. its all the love thing but its the connection that makes it that much more special.

    Ive been with two girls that I can hear what they are thinking, like a telepathic link between us and we can talk to each other, be inside each others heads and imply thoughts on each other no matter where we are.

    More recently in one relationship the hearing of the voice was so real I stopped what I was doing (it weren't talking shall we say) to check, and I asked later and she said she didn't say anything but only though it .. never the less she was a bit distressed about this, but soon warmed to playing games with each other.

    Then the other day I saw someone as I walked through town and I was thinking the Joe (off friends type hello) and I was making Eye contact and clearly heard a Hi back.. which kinda freaked me as I don't get it with people until I have been with them for a little while or at least has sex with them.

    So anyone else get this sort of link with their partner? is this what im supposed to be looking for in a relationship? is this 'truelove' 'soul mates'

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